Guild Wars 2 – Living World continues with Episode 4

The White Mantle's Traitorous Scheme is Unveiled in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns as Living World Season 3 Continues with "The Head of the Snake". Episode 4 now live accompanied by new raid wing "Bastion of the Penitent"; 50% off sale lasts through tomorrow for Heart of Thorns.

Guild Wars 2 - Living World Season 3 continues with Episode 4
Treachery is afoot in the world of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns and now it’s time for the next chapter of Living World Season 3 to uncover the mysteries of The White Mantle’s betrayal. Living World continues today with Episode 4, “The Head of the Snake,” which is now live. Caudecus Beetlestone’s depraved White Mantle faction continues its efforts to bring Kryta to heel. Her Royal Majesty, Queen Jennah of Kryta, requests players’ presence in Divinity’s Reach — help her root out corruption in the Ministry before crisis strikes.

The trailer for Living World Season 3 Episode 4 in Guild Wars 2:

Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 3 Episode 4: The Head of the Snake

Along with “The Head of the Snake” will come the brand-new raid wing “Bastion of the Penitent”. The cataclysmic explosion at Bloodstone Fen has exposed a mysterious portal, and Priory Scholar Glenna has ventured inside to investigate. Players will be invited to join Glenna and journey with her to explore a forsaken place – and help uncover the mysteries that lie within.

In addition there are several other tweaks and improvements to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns that will be bundled with today’s launch; a full list of these changes can be seen here on the official forum.

Guild Wars 2 - Living World Season 3 continues with Episode 4
ArenaNet is currently holding a 50% off sale for the Heart of Thorns expansion through tomorrow, February 8. The base game is free of charge, and a stream of new content is frequently added via the Living World seasons, so there’s always something new to uncover in keeping with our stated 2-3 month release cadence. To access new Living World episodes players must own Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns; by simply logging in they can unlock episodes for free to play later. They don’t need to have completed the main Heart of Thorns storyline in the expansion to enjoy Season 3.

Season 3 content is intended for level-80 characters. Every purchase of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns comes with a Level-80 Boost, which will boost one character to max level and get them equipped to enjoy all the content available in Guild Wars 2, including Season 3.

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