Guild Wars 2 – now free to play!

Great news for all mmorpg fans! One of the most popular fantasy games Guild Wars 2 is finally after three years free to play for everyone!

It's not a joke. Dream became true. With upcoming release of first expansion„ Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns“ (release date – October 23) the whole core Guild Wars 2 became free to play recently.

This almost three years old sequel from ArenaNet developers is open world mmorpg with a dynamic world and unique and randomly generated quests. At the start the game was in „pay to play model“. It means that you only bought the full game and that was all. The whole game was yours without any other transaction (except of some packs, skins and other bonus content from the gem store) or monthly fees.Image title

But now you can play completely free without any payment or monthly fees and everything you need is only your account. Of course there are some small limitations compared to the full version of the game like fewer character slots, some chat and economy restrictions etc. But in fact I've played the game for a few hours and it wasn‘t a problem for me. I have still enjoyed the full atmosphere of this great and large fantasy world. However one really annoying thing I found is the impossibility to change your world (server) after you select one. The only possible way how to change your world or transfer your character is paying for a full version or starting a new account.

In my opinion, becoming free to play is really great move and I’ve been waiting for this moment so long. This can make a population on servers even bigger than now and still can make money from the upcoming expansion without any problems. Because, as I already said, only the core game is for free and if you want to play pre-purchased version of Heart of Thorns you must pay 44,99 € for standard, 74,99   for deluxe and 99,99 € for ultimate edition.

Play Guild Wars 2 For Free

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