Guild Wars 2 Announces Third Expansion

The Next Guild Wars 2 Expansion Is End Of Dragons

Guild Wars 2’s upcoming expansion is titled End of Dragons, and will drop in 2021. ArenaNet had briefly teased that they were working on something big way back in March, and it was finally confirmed with a teaser trailer and blog post on th...

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Gw2 Living World Ep.3 arrives this June 26!

"The living world" is one of the main attributes Guild Wars 2 offers as an MMO, bringing big updates to the game every few months, and more importantly, further writing the unique story it has developed. Now, with 'Long Live The Lich' said ...

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Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire Announced

Looking for more to add to your gaming backlog? Guild Wars 2 is adding a brand new expansion which allows for mounts and offers a bunch of new areas to explore. Don't miss this chance to jump back into Guild Wars 2. Ever feel like your imme...

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Guild Wars 2 – Living World continues with Episode 4

The White Mantle's Traitorous Scheme is Unveiled in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns as Living World Season 3 Continues with "The Head of the Snake". Episode 4 now live accompanied by new raid wing "Bastion of the Penitent"; 50% off sale lasts...

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New content have appeared in Gem Store

Ironclad Appearance Pack and Bunny Ears are available in the Gem Store! Three new items have been added to the Guild Wars 2 shop. In Gem Store, you can now find Ironclad Appearance Pack and Bunny Ears! Here is what the developers say about ...

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Guild Wars 2 – now free to play!

Great news for all mmorpg fans! One of the most popular fantasy games Guild Wars 2 is finally after three years free to play for everyone! It's not a joke. Dream became true. With upcoming release of first expansion„ Guild Wars 2...

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Guild Wars 2 – Hear of Thorns expansion announced

Guild Wars 2 - Hear of Thorns expansion announced. See the details. ArenaNet finally announced the first expansion pack for one of the most popular MMORPG. It was done at PAX South in San Antonio, Texas. You should visit Maguuma Jungle, kil...

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Guild Wars 2 – new expansion in Q3 2015?

Guild Wars 2 - new expansion in Q3 2015? It's quite possible. According to Korean investment firm Daewoo Securities, NCsoft should release an expansion for Guild Wars 2 in Q3 this year. It's still a speculation but Daewoo Securities ar...

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Guild Wars 2 – what’s in Tangled Paths?

Guild Wars 2 - what's in Tangled Paths? After the end of episode five you can follow the heroes of Tyria on they path to war against the Elder Dragon Mordremoth. But before they can find him and defeat him another obstacle has appeared. Dra...

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Improvements and Patches

Continued Improvements to the Megaserver System and many patches to come In September new patch is going to be released. There will be new improvements to the megaserver usability. But there is going to be more! 1. Global Guilds (New to Nor...

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New trailer – Part 2

You can enjoy second part of trailer and see what's about to come in The Dragon's Reach.

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