Gw2 Living World Ep.3 arrives this June 26!

"The living world" is one of the main attributes Guild Wars 2 offers as an MMO, bringing big updates to the game every few months, and more importantly, further writing the unique story it has developed. Now, with 'Long Live The Lich' said story enter its third episode by the hand of quite a few surprises!

Gw2 Living World Ep.3 arrives this June 26!


Joko has earnt a place in my heart, and probably in everyone's too, being as an almighty god worth worshipping, or as a guy you just can't wait to kill. In any case, episode 3 seems to be focused on him, which makes me wonder if we'll finally get the chance to do either of those, preferably the latter.

But the trailer doesn't just stop at hyping us players with new story content and a new map (The Domain of Kourna), but it also brings some very interesting surprises -a new Legendary Warhorn called Verdarach, a new Fractal dungeon called Deepstone, and a new mount I found to be awesome: The Roller Beetle. 
Yes, a new mount. Ever wanted to ride a motorcycle around? exactly.

Objectively speaking, and from the trailer alone, seems like the extra wait they put us through will pay off… but will it?

We'll have to wait until June 26 to find out.

Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4 Episode 3 Long Live the Lich Trailer

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