The Next Guild Wars 2 Expansion Is End Of Dragons

Guild Wars 2’s upcoming expansion is titled End of Dragons, and will drop in 2021. ArenaNet had briefly teased that they were working on something big way back in March, and it was finally confirmed with a teaser trailer and blog post on their website.

Guild Wars 2 Announces Third Expansion

After months of fan speculation, the third Guild Wars 2 expansion has been given a name, theme and release window. It seems that End of Dragons will be taking players back to Cantha, the Eastern Asia-inspired continent last visited in Guild Wars Factions. All of this comes with the celebration of the game’s eighth anniversary, along with other big announcements.

The game’s last expansion, Path of Fire, introduced mounts into the game, along with a whole new set of elite specializations for every class. We can expect End of Dragons to also introduce game-changing mechanics, so there’s definitely exciting to be had. 

Along with the expansion news, ArenaNet’s latest blog post also included some minor announcements. Until recently, if you wanted to play the game you would have to download their own client. Starting this November, Guild Wars 2 is coming to Steam! They did specify that game accounts cannot be converted into Steam accounts or vice versa. Players will still be able to adventure together in the same servers and instances, so all-around a positive change for the game.

End of Dragons – Guild Wars 2 Third Expansion Teaser

To wrap things up, ArenaNet is having a 50% off sale on both expansions from August 25 to September 4. Check out our Path of Fire review if you want to know what to expect from the last expansion. Are you excited for the future of Guild Wars 2? I know I am!

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