Guild Wars 2 – perfect pvp matches?

Guild Wars 2 - perfect pvp matches? Matchmaking is going to be revamped.

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Wouldn't be great if you will always play sPvP against enemies of the same skills and the match will be fun and even for both sides? That is exactly what ArenaNet is trying to achieve.

Matchmaking was optimized:

To accomplish this, we decided to move to a score-based search method that takes into consideration several metrics that we believe are important for a match to be fun. We chose a score-based system over other methods because we found that it’s a good compromise between the often competing goals of match quality and short queue times.

And similar things has happened to Ratings, Rank, Party (party size now matters). Even Ladder Ranking was remade. 

Ladder ranking is now based on points which are awarded by how well you play the game and how challenging that game was.

To read it all just click at the link below.


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