New content have appeared in Gem Store

Ironclad Appearance Pack and Bunny Ears are available in the Gem Store!

Guild Wars 2
Three new items have been added to the Guild Wars 2 shop. In Gem Store, you can now find Ironclad Appearance Pack and Bunny Ears! Here is what the developers say about their fresh addition to the Gem Store:

“Ironclad Outfit and Ironclad Glider

These metal monstrosities maintain ample mobility. Careful, the glider is known to get glowing hot and start smoking when it’s in the air for long periods of time!

Bunny Ears Return

By popular demand, the Black Lion Trading Company has retrieved a lost box of these floppy costume ears from deep within the vault."

Here is how new Appearance pack, Ironclad Outfit and Ironclad Glider, look like:

Ironclad Outfit and Ironclad Glider
For more info as well as official news release use this link.

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