Improvements and Patches

Continued Improvements to the Megaserver System and many patches to come

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In September new patch is going to be released. There will be new improvements to the megaserver usability. But there is going to be more!

1. Global Guilds (New to North America and Europe) –  Instead of having a separate guild chapter on each world, everything in your guild—your bank, merits, influence, and upgrades—is now global and shared across all worlds. 

2. Guild Missions Improvement – The megaserver system will be extended with a reservation system that is automatically enabled whenever a guild member joins a map to do a guild mission, which will prioritize adding guild members to that map. But there will be more than just this.

3. Finding Allies in Different Map Copies – when certain maps instances will have to be closed, you are going to be notified about it and able to choose where to move.

4. Language in Europe – you're going to stay on one map not only with your language speaking friends so the map will be more populated

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