First 4 Figures Announces Champions Series BotW Figures

Well known figurine company, First 4 Figures, has announced the new Champion Series of Breath of the Wild figures. A short trailer showing a prototype of the first figure has been shown off, the aerial Rito champion Revali. Many fans will be excited that First 4 Figures is expanding their Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild line with this new series of PVC figures.

First 4 Figures Champions Series BotW Figures Announced

First 4 Figures is a company well known for creating high quality figurines, and this is certainly not the first time they’ve made ones modelling characters from The Legend of Zelda. The first PVC figure in the upcoming First 4 Figures Champions Series has been revealed, along with the existence of the series itself. That first figure in the upcoming series is the Rito champion Revali, and a short trailer was released showing a physical prototype. They say that the new series of figures is coming soon, but no release date has been announced yet.

Of the four upcoming statues in this new series, the Revali figure is currently in the physical stage of development. The images First 4 Figures has shown of him recently are a painted, physical prototype. Alongside their announcement on multiple social media feeds, they put out a short teaser trailer:


If you want to make sure you stay updated on future announcements, you can sign up for the First 4 Figures news letter. If you prefer more exclusive behind-the-scenes type of content, then you can head over and join their Official Collector’s Club as well. It’s a private Facebook group where you can hang out with fans and collectors for discussions and sneak peaks. There are some official First 4 Figures employees you may see there as well, according to the about page.

Revali is the aerial champion of the Rito tribe, and will no doubt make a very nice addition to many gamers’ collections. However, no announcements have been made regarding the other three figures in the First 4 Figures Champions Series. They are the Gerudo ruler Urbosa, Mipha the Zora Princess, and the Goron warrior Daruk, in no particular order.

Breath of the Wild‘s champions are memorable characters, each with their own unique abilities, which they used as they fought alongside Link to save Hyrule. The figures in this new series will likely all turn out pretty well. [wpdiscuz-feedback id=”o3rtln63lh” question=”So which of the First 4 Figures Champion Series statues do you want the most?” opened=”1″]So which of the First 4 Figures Champion Series statues do you want the most?[/wpdiscuz-feedback]

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