First 4 Figures Opens Zelda Hylian Shield Figurine Pre-Orders

First 4 Figures has opened pre-orders for the next PVC statue, the Zelda Hylian Shield figurine, in their Breath of the Wild series. The well-known figurine company also dropped a trailer showing off the new figurine and its magnetic, LED light-up display stand.

First 4 Figures Opens Zelda Hylian Shield Figurine Pre-Orders

The well-known high-quality figurine company, First 4 Figures, has started taking pre-orders for the upcoming Zelda Hylian Shield Figurine. It is a new limited-availability addition to their line of detailed Breath of the Wild PVC figures. This includes some of the game’s characters, such as Revali. This latest figure also includes a magnetic base that lights up.

It is planned to launch in the first quarter of 2022. Meanwhile, those who pre-order it by the end of 2021 can nab the exclusive edition for $99.99 USD instead of $109.99 (plus tax & shipping). That purchase also nets you 500 F4F Reward Points on the First 4 Figures website. However, pre-orders won’t end until February 9th, 2022 for the standard and collector’s editions on

F4F Presents The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild – Hylian Shield PVC Statue

The Zelda Hylian Shield Figurine standard edition comes with the figurine itself, the magnetic LED light-up stand, and a First 4 Figurines leaflet. Including the base, the figurine is 8″ x 5″ and stands 11.5″ tall. If you happen to have a bit more money burning a hole in your pocket, the exclusive edition includes the following:

  • Hylian Shield PVC statue
  • Magnetic display stand
  • Comes with LED functionality
  • Premium Deluxe Box
  • Limited edition numbering
  • Authentication card

“The hero of Hyrule, Link, has tons of weapons, armor sets, and shields at his disposal when exploring the vast kingdom of Hyrule, but one of his most iconic pieces of equipment in the entire The Legend of Zelda™ series is the Hylian Shield. The blue front with silver borders, the Triforce symbol, and Hyrule’s crest are staples in its classic design, and this particular statue was inspired by the design from The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild.”

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