The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Analysis

We can’t be the only ones who cried tears of joy at the new Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer. While we really didn’t get long to satisfy our Zelda obsession in the short trailer, there was still plenty to sink our teeth into. Here’s everything we learned in the latest trailer.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Analysis

Tears of joy were wept by many Zelda fans when the heavily anticipated Breath of the Wild sequel got not only a new trailer but also a name reveal and release date during the September Nintendo Direct. The heavily anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is currently scheduled for release on the Nintendo Switch on 12 May 2023.

The trailer was only approximately 1 and a half minutes in length, but provided us Zelda fans with plenty of details to painstakingly go over while we wait for the real thing to be released next year. In this The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom analysis, we will be taking a deep dive into everything that was revealed in the latest trailer.

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The Cave Drawings

The Tears of the Kingdom trailer opened with stone carvings illuminated by torchlight. The flickering firelight and embers indicate that they may be carved in the underground tunnels we saw Link and Zelda exploring in previous trailers.

These carvings help set up the games events, telling the tale of a battle as Hylian soldiers as fought hoards of moblins, bokoblins, and malice. This could be the battle from the events leading up to the first game or a far more ancient battle we haven’t learned about yet.

A Mysterious Figure

The first shot we see is a carving of an important-looking new character on a floating platform. There are many theories as to whether the mysterious character is a depiction of Goddess Hylia or a Zonai God. Several clues within the carving hint as to who it might be.

The character appears to be dressed in some sort of heavy armor or ceremonial garb. The grandness of the clothing, coupled with the fact that the game’s logo is displayed over this very carving in the closing shot of the trailer, makes it clear that it is a heavily influential character that will play a big part in the game.

The figure seen in the cave drawing seems very familiar…

The figure seen in the cave drawing seems very familiar…

The figure’s long arms and ornate jewelry bear a striking resemblance to the glowing green hand that we saw in the first trailer. The jewelry is especially similar, looking almost identical. These similarities have led many to believe that the character in the carving is the owner of the hand that held Ganondorf under it’s spell.

The Seven Sage Medallions?

The image of this new mysterious character is surrounded by seven circular symbols. These symbols are reminiscent of the Seven Sage medallions from Ocarina of Time, where each represented a temple challenge.

Could we see temples in Tears of the Kingdom?

Could we see temples in Tears of the Kingdom?

In a previous trailer, we were also given a glimpse of an area that looked suspiciously like the entrance to a temple, lending more credence to the temple theory. While it isn’t confirmed, the link to the Seven Sages could indicate a return to a more classic style Zelda game, featuring temples instead of shrines.

Zelda or Ganondorf?

The rock carvings also show another character suspended in the air. Many people have drawn parallels between this particular carving and the arched figure of Ganondorf, leading them to believe that the figure depicted is Ganondorf himself.

While this carving is reminiscent of Ganondorf’s tortured position, the character is seen in another shot where it becomes clear that it is not Ganondorf.

The two figures depicted above are identical, and much prettier than Ganondorf.

The two figures depicted above are identical, and much prettier than Ganondorf.

The later carving more closely resembles Zelda and shows her holding hands with someone. It is once again not clear who this second person is, but the size of the hand and the jewelry looks like they could belong to the mystery character from the first shot.

Open Sesame

The first shot of Link in the latest trailer shows him opening a huge set of doors emblazoned with what looks like the Sheikah symbol and the twin dragons from the game’s logo.

It is unclear whether the dragons in the game’s logo are two new dragons, or the dragons from the first game.

The doors bear the same emblem as the games logo.

The doors bear the same emblem as the games logo.

Glowing Vials

When Link runs out of the massive stone doors, we see glowing vials attached to his belt where he once held the Sheikah slate. We have already established that the Sheikah Slate will not be appearing in this game, as it has been replaced by his fancy glowing arm. But their position on his belt does suggest that they may be some sort of power source for his new appendage.

Could these vials power Link’s magic arm?

Could these vials power Link’s magic arm?

They are the same color as his glowing arm, after all. There are also concept drawings in the Creating a Champion book that showed the team was considering using power-ups for the Sheikah Slate. This concept didn’t make it to the final game, but the Sheikah Slate ‘battery packs’ were glowing vials of liquid that look very similar to the ones we see here in the latest trailer.

Concept designs showing vials of ancient Sheikah energy

Concept designs showing vials of ancient Sheikah energy

This concept of having to power up the Sheikah arm harkens back to the older games where you had to refill your magic meter. This is yet another indication that some past Zelda mechanics could be making their way into the latest adventure.

Falling in Reverse

The following scene is perhaps one of the most interesting shots in the trailer, and could provide an answer to the question many people have been asking. How does Link get up to the floating islands?

In one of the previous trailers, we saw Link using his right arm to reverse the trajectory of a giant spiky ball of hurt that was flying towards him. Using his brand-new Sheikah powers, he sent the deadly projectile back in time, hurtling right back up the hill and taking several enemies with it.

When he sent the ball back in time, it took on the same glowing yellow aura the Sheikah slate Stasis rune did in the first game, indicating the manipulation of time.

Link riding a rock to the Sky Islands

Link riding a rock to the Sky Islands

In the latest trailer, we see Link jumping onto a rock emitting the same yellow aura and riding it up into the sunset. This is a huge clue as to how Link reaches the sky islands. By using Reverse Stasis on rocks and debris that have fallen off the islands to Hyrule below, Link can hop on and hitch a ride as they fly straight back up to the Skyward Sword-like world above.

A New Hairstyle?

The next shot shows Link climbing a root up a slick rock face. This scene doesn’t seem important at first, but the length of Link’s hair has sparkled twitter many theories, some even suggesting that it might actually be Ganondorf in the shot. While his hair does seem longer there, it’s far more probable that it is just another hairstyle. Equipping different gear did change Link’s hairstyle in Breath of the Wild and it isn’t a stretch to think the same could happen in the sequel.

Another theory, however, could be that his long hair indicates a time jump that takes place in the game’s story, but there isn’t enough evidence to back up this theory yet.

Gliding in Style

During the final shots of the trailer, we see Link riding a giant hover glider over Hyrule. While the futuristic hover glider is undoubtedly epic, there are several more interesting features in this shot. These are found on the surface of Hyrule.

Soaring the skies of Hyrule

Soaring the skies of Hyrule

Link glides over several massive Nazca-like images which are carved into the land with a glowing blue light. If you turn one of them upside down, you can see that a figure is depicted in the massive artwork. We will have to wait to discover who it could be.

What do you hope to see in the Breath of the Wild sequel?

Hopefully you learned something from our Tears of the Kingdom trailer analysis. While the latest trailer was shorter than we had hoped it would be, it was definitely sweet and choc-full of hints as to what we can expect from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We can’t help but feel hungry for more information about Links next adventure!

Thankfully, there are many more games out there with similar Breath of the Wild energy to tide you over while you’re waiting for May 2023.