Far Cry Primal: Survival Tip – Sabre Tooth Defence

How to use your sabre tooth tiger to survive? Watch the video!

Sabre tooth tiger attacking a bear
In this video we see our main protagonist sending a Sabre tooth tiger to attack a bear in his tunnel of vision. Once commanded the Sabre tooth begins to viciously maul the bear eventually draining the life out of the bear.Once the job is done the protagonist treats the Sabre tooth tiger with raw meat. Along with the gameplay is some funny commentary to lighten up the brutality.

Far Cry Primal: Survival Tip - Sabre Tooth Defence
Check out the video above, if you want to see one of the many survival tips that are being posted out. Far Cry Primal releases world wide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February, 23rd of this year, and coming to PC world wide on March, 1 of this year. As always stay Keen with KeenGamer!

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