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Historie série Far Cry

Jsi fanoušek legendární herní série Far Cry? Nebo o ní slyšíš poprvé? V obou případech máš právě teď jedinečnou příležitost zopakovat si ty nejlepší momenty celé série a třeba se o ní dozvědět i něco ...

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Far Cry Primal. Ubisoft released new patch for all platforms

Recently, Ubisoft Montreal has released a new patch. The patch is packed with tons of new features. There is one that is exclusive to PC - 4k textures that can be downloaded separately Recently, Ubiso...

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Far Cry Primal: Survival Tip – Defending Food Sources

If you don't drop that meat, I'm calling the police! I need to eat! Guess… just guess. Yeah that’s right, another survival tip. With all these videos coming out I know I would definitely b...

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Far Cry Primal: Survival Tip – Badger Handling

No one messes with my badger! There is a new survival tip for new Far Cry game. If you thought you had all the tips, well… you are dead wrong. Here is another survival tip to add to your surviva...

Far Cry Primal: Survival Tip – Mammoth Hunting

Be prepared to take down Mammoths. And fighting only with spears... Another survival tip in store for you guys and this time it’s about hunting down that big hairy mammoth of a Mammoth. In this ...

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Far Cry Primal: Survival Tip – Fire Safety

Smells like a hot wing in here! Watch the new trailer. Back here again with another survival tip and this time it’s about fire safety. This video starts off with the main protagonist as he chang...

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Far Cry Primal: Survival Tip – Sabre Tooth Defence

How to use your sabre tooth tiger to survive? Watch the video! In this video we see our main protagonist sending a Sabre tooth tiger to attack a bear in his tunnel of vision. Once commanded the Sabre ...

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How to become a mammoth in Far Cry: Primal

How to become a mammoth in Far Cry: Primal? Check out the trailer! The developers of Far Cry: Primal released a new trailer for their game, which told the story of an unusual life of a mammoth. Theref...

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New Farcry Primal 101 trailer will keep you alive!

From stone clubs to mauling bears, this trailer will show you everything in your Farcry Primal arsenal! How will you win? Throwing bee-bombs to disorient your enemies? Send a mammoth to trample them? ...

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