Far Cry Primal: Survival Tip – Fire Safety

Smells like a hot wing in here! Watch the new trailer.

Fire is not such a very good skin treatmeantBack here again with another survival tip and this time it’s about fire safety. This video starts off with the main protagonist as he changes the arrow of his bow to a fire one to begin his assault on some unsuspecting huts. He begins with burning the huts one by one to I guess make the enemy come out or to clear some land. As the video progresses we come across a burning field where the main protagonist walks through the field of fire, eventually catching on fire and having to shake the fire away. As it turns out, fire is not so good for the skin. As always the video is accompanied with a commentator to put some joy in an ever so dangerous game.

Check out the video if you want to keep up with the latest fire safety tips for Far Cry: Primal. Far Cry: Primal comes out world wide February 23rd, of this year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and world wide March, 1st on PC. As always stay Keen with KeenGamer for the latest news!

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