Far Cry Primal: Survival Tip – Mammoth Hunting

Be prepared to take down Mammoths. And fighting only with spears...

Dead Mammoth
Another survival tip in store for you guys and this time it’s about hunting down that big hairy mammoth of a Mammoth. In this video you see the main protagonist hunting down a Mammoth with only the use of his spear. The main protagonist takes a beating, but perseveres in killing the Mammoth. With two well placed shots he takes down the Mammoth and with it, all that fur and meat on those  bones. Of course along with the video is accompanied by some funny commentary that is always welcome to mask the viciousness that is in Far Cry: Primal.

Click the video above if you want to see some good ol’ Mammoth hunting. If you want to hunt some Mammoths yourself you can do that world wide on February, 23rd of this year on your console of choice between the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One, and on PC it comes world wide on March, 1st of this year. As always stay Keen with KeenGamer for some more news! 

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