New Farcry Primal 101 trailer will keep you alive!

From stone clubs to mauling bears, this trailer will show you everything in your Farcry Primal arsenal! How will you win? Throwing bee-bombs to disorient your enemies? Send a mammoth to trample them? It's all up to you and it's all here!

Far Cry Primal Trailer - 101 [NA]

If you are a fan of the previous Farcry games, or if you keep up with gaming news… really as long as you have not been living under a rock, you have heard of Farcry Primal. Farcry Primal is the latest entry in the Farcry series and it looks as ambitious as it does beautiful. By beautiful I mean you will see every detail of being ripped apart by sabretooth tigers, stepped on my mammoths or gutted by rival tribes. This is an inevitability unless you know how to defend yourself in the stone-age. Lucky for us Ubisoft has released a Farcry Primal 101 trailer showing you how to conquer in the primal world!

Ubisoft does a great job in showing off the game’s weapons and abilities, as well as getting us pumped for tribal warfare! You are a beastmaster, a human at the bottom of the food chain. Using an assortment of clubs, spears, bows and arrows, bombs and tamed wildlife you will save your tribe and yourself from extinction. For a game taking place in the stone-age the gameplay is very fast paced, making you hesitant to jump into battle unprepared. One of the most interesting and potentially amazing things about Farcry Primal will be taming the wildlife to use in battle or to ride off into the sunset.

Along with various primal weapons, you will tame wildlife to aid you in battle

There are no guns in Farcry primal which is a far cry from the previous games. Get it? While the previous games did call you to be resourceful it’s nothing like what we see here. On top of getting caught in the middle of warring tribes and taming giant cats, you also need to find time to gather resources for weapons and shelters for your tribe. It’s a dangerous world, but at least now you stand a chance.

Ubisoft has put any worries that Farcry Primal won’t keep up with the popular series to bedrock. It’s different but exciting and we eagerly anticipate Farcry Primal’s release later this month.

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