The first details of the game Far Cry: Primal

The action of the new game Far Cry: Primal takes place in 10,000 BC and you will be fighting for your life versus mammoths and other threats.

Far Cry Primal – Official Reveal Trailer [EUROPE]

The action of the new game Far Cry: Primal takes place in 10,000 BC

Players will take the role of Thakkar, tempered hunter and the last who survived in the group. Being in the magical and wild land Oros players will be led by a single purpose – to survive in a world where people are prey. For gamers there will be a chance to try yourself in the role of the first people who dared to tame the dangers of the wild.

We have to produce our own food, light a fire, fend off ferocious predators, create new weapons and tools from bones of the dead animals, and face wild tribes and enslave Oros.

"The interesting thing about the series Far Cry – its flexibility. When the team has offered to engage seriously in the idea of making the game in the Stone Age, we immediately decided to listen to what the developers have come up with. And the more we hear, the more I realize how much this is a great idea, "- said Dan Hay, the executive producer of Ubisoft.

Stone Age – a perfect setting for Far Cry. Players are usually placed into the known worlds, beautiful, untamed and wild worlds. Stone Age – the first milestone for all humanity – a time when people are have thrust in the ground a stick and declared it as their own. This is the time when we started to climb up the food chain. This is a conflict with other people and nature.

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Release date of Far Cry: Primal is scheduled for February 23, 2016.

In winter, the game will appear on the platforms Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The owners of PC will have to wait until March 2016.

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