How to become a mammoth in Far Cry: Primal

How to become a mammoth in Far Cry: Primal? Check out the trailer!

The developers of Far Cry: Primal released a new trailer for their game, which told the story of an unusual life of a mammoth. Therefore, the players will be able to get into the skin of a mammoth.

In the new part of the series will be several special missions in which players can control the prehistoric mammoth. Therefore, you can turn into the animal by using special shamanic potions. Gamers will be able to enjoy the strength of huge animal, throwing and trampling their enemies.

Missions called "Legend of the mammoth" will appear as a bonus for players who dare to pre-order the game. In the third mission gamers will defend their flock from attacks of people and wild animals. Typically, such bonus missions after some time are produced in the form of supplements, so probably all gamers could try themselves in the skin of mammoth.

Far Cry Primal – Legend of the Mammoth Trailer [EUROPE]

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