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Far Cry Primal Story Details!

Ancient beasts, mysterious tribes, and a brand new open world to explore. That is what Far Cry Primal plans to bring to players in its February release.

Takkar, the playable character in Far Cry Primal.

A new Far Cry. A new age. Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal, takes place in the ancient, post-Ice Age land of Oros, where the player takes control of the character Takkar, the last surviving member of his hunting group. As Takkar, players will unite back with their tribe, the Wenjas, to try and take control of Oros against the other two tribes, the cannibalistic Udam, and the fire worshippers of the Izila.

New animal interactions and cooperation are possible in Far Cry Primal!

Inside the game is beautiful scenery, a massive environment, and a fully-fledged, interactive single-player experience that will surely create some new memories for fans of the Far Cry series. Far Cry Primal will launch on February 23rd for Xbox One and PS4 players, while a March 1st release is scheduled for PC.

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