Honkai: Star Rail | The Seven Errors of Cycranes Guide (All Missing Cyrcrane Locations)

Learn where you can find all seven sentient cycranes required for the Seven Errors of Cycrane secret questline in Honkai: Star Rail in this guide, including the exact location of each crane and how to start the process. Finding all seven of these missing cranes will award with achievements that grant Stellar Jade, making them a worthwhile venture for any Trailblazer.

Honkai: Star Rail | The Seven Errors of Cycranes Guide (All Missing Cycrane Locations)

One of the most interesting parts about Honkai: Star Rail is all the hidden interactions and little moments that you can get into by exploring the environment. Whether it’s making up elaborate stories about trash cans and garbage in Belobog or finding some hidden clues to unlock a secret authentication door in the Herta Space Station, there are plenty of these small events to find around the world. Often, these events will award achievements and Stellar Jade, making them a worthwhile part of the exploration. 

The Seven Errors of Cycranes is one such chain of secret events aboard the Zianzhou Luofu. If you manage to locate seven missing cycranes who have gone rogue aboard the Luofu, you’ll be awarded 8 achievements and a good deal of Stellar Jade, as well as some other rewards and funny character moments. This is a good way to get to know the latest areas and get some laughs while you earn a bit of pull currency. 

Here’s where to find all of the missing cycranes for the Seven Errors of Cycranes questline in Honkai: Star Rail

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Starting Point

To begin this small chain of linked achievements, you need to have reached the Xianzhou Luofu location. This becomes available via the main story, but you’ll need to reach Trailblaze Level 29 to progress far enough.

The first part of this hidden quest is in the Central Starskiff Haven, a location you visit early on in your journey through the Luofu. Nearby where you first enter with Tingyun, there’s a small bridge outlooking the beautiful cloud-covered environment of the massive starship and there’ll be a strange-looking cycrane perched on the edge. 

Speaking to this Resentful Cycrane will reveal that it has actually gained sentience and, with this newfound enlightenment, wishes to plunge itself into the cloudy sea below. Its internal processors and safety mechanisms won’t allow that, though. You’re able to give some heartfelt advice to the bird, who finds themselves uplifted by the conversation. 

It will eventually end up returning to its owner, a Heron Express agent called Ziqiao, offering you some instructions to find her in the Starksiff Haven for some form of reward. This will earn you the achievement of The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Sloth, the first of eight achievements tied to this questline. 

As for where Ziqiao is, she’s not far from where you found the Slothful Crane. From the bridge, head straight to the left and keep going until you see a woman surrounded by cardboard boxes and accompanied by two cycranes. This is the Hero Express expert and speaking to her will reveal that, alongside the Slothful Crane who returned earlier, 6 other cycranes seem to have gained sentience and wandered off.

She asks you for your aid in the matter, setting you off on your journey to find all 7 deadly cycranes in Honkai: Star Rail. It should be noted that this does not begin an actual mission: there will be no map markers or waypoints pointing out where the cranes are located, meaning that you’ll have to scout them out yourself. 

The Heron Express

The Heron Express

Cycrane Locations


The first missing cycrane you can find in Honkai: Star Rail is also lounging around the Central Starskiff Haven. You’ll find it sitting on the edge of a flowerbed near the inn where Tingyun takes you and your companions during the main Trailblazer Missions. 

This is the Envious Crane, and it seems particularly annoyed at… something. To make it return to Ziqiao you’ll need to play a little game of hide-and-seek. The cycrane will give you a small map of where it will be hiding but, almost predictably, it isn’t telling the whole truth: to find its hiding place, you’ll have to travel through the gardens to the south of this area, outside of the zone says it will be hiding.

Once you’ve found the cycrane again it will agree to return to the Heron Express. This’ll earn you The Seven Errors of Cycrane: Envy


There’s one more cycrane hiding about the Central Starkskiff Haven. This one is being quite sneaky, pretending to be part of a merchant’s wares. Said merchant can be found across the bridge from the Strale World Currency vendor.

The Gluttony Crane is currently partway through a bet with the owner of the shop: if nobody found out that the crane was sentient in three days, it would’ve won this bet… if you hadn’t found it, of course. The conversation you have with it is amusing but the options don’t matter.

Close up your conversation with the crane and it’ll agree to go back to Ziqiao. In return, you’ll net yourself The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Gluttony


For the next two cycranes, you’ll need to go to the Cloudford area of the map. Unlike the Starskiff Haven, this area is filled with enemies to fight, so be careful. The first cycrane can be found close to the initial entrance, in a small side alley next to one of the Hexanexus cube puzzles. 

The Greed Crane is actually asleep when you find it. Your Trailblazer will make up some elaborate story about the cycrane, pretending it to be a mighty dragon that you steal from. Whatever you try, the crane will eventually wake up and your fantasy will break. 

The “dragon” will then fly back home to the Heron Express and you’ll get yourself the achievement of The Seven Errors of Cycrane: Greed


The other Cloudford cycrane is found far to the south. You simply need to teleport to the southmost Star Anchor and you’ll basically be right on top of where you need to go. A shrill voice will call out to you, complimenting you while attempting to beckon you over.

This is the Lustful Crane. While overtop and a bit flirtatious, the cycrane simply wants you to retrieve a photobook from another area of Cloudford. This involves escorting the cycrane through the winding corridors of crates and storage containers, defeating any enemies who block your path. 

Upon finding this strange picture book, you’ll be accosted by a Cloudknight and have to flee. Fortunately, you and the cycrane have formed a strong bond and it will escape back to the Heron Express, earning you The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Lust


To locate the penultimate cycrane, go to the Stargazer Navalia. The crane in question is near the dead centre of the area, surrounded by containers, crates and the like. The easiest way to get here is to teleport to the Ship Nursery – The Burgeoning Star Anchor.

The Wrathful Crane is huddled in a corner, currently engaged in a duel with one of the many clockwork creatures that roam the Luofu. As you can probably expect, it doesn’t go too well and you have to step in to stop the poor helpless robot from being decimated.

After a rousing speech, the brave cycrane will return home. This’ll earn you The Seven Errors of Cycrane: Wrath


Finally, the last cycrane you need to find is in the Exalted Sanctum. Down the stairs from the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery is a small area where you can find two children huddled around a small cycrane.

The Prideful Cycrane is going by the moniker Stonker and has claimed ownership of this area of town, taking these children on as its lackeys. To make it go back to Ziqiao, it asks you to answer a riddle regarding work and how much strale you would earn from doing that work. The answer doesn’t matter (if you want to be correct, the answer is 5 strale) but the resulting conversation is a humorous one, to say the least. 

After promising to return shortly, the Stonker will go back to the Heron Express. This final cycrane will net you The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Pride

Returning All 7 Cranes

Once you’ve found all 7 of the cycranes, you need to head to Ziqiao at the Central Starskiff Haven. She’s been sending you reports and texts as you’ve been collecting the cycranes and now it’s time to collect your reward.

The main benefit is that, now that you’ve found all seven, you will get yourself the Seven Birds in the Hand Is Worth A Thousand in the Bush achievement. Altogether, you’ll earn about 40 Stellar Jade from finding all of the sentient cranes. 

The story isn’t over yet, though. The day after speaking to Ziqiao, someone will contact you via text claiming they are the ones who altered the cycranes and gave them sentience. Conversing with them will reveal the exact reason why they did what they did, and they’ll close by telling you that Ziqiao has some rewards waiting for you back in Starskiff Haven. Speaking to her once again will award you the Thundering Chariot song to play back in the Astral Express.

A Job Well Done

A Job Well Done

That was where to find all seven sentient cycranes in Honkai: Star Rail

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