Honkai: Star Rail | How to Level Up Fast and the Best Ways to Get Trailblaze EXP

This guide will show you the best methods for obtaining Trailblaze EXP and the quickest method for levelling up fast in Honkai: Star Rail. Having a high Trailblaze level is very important for several aspects of Star Rail, from character progression to the story and more. There are plenty of ways to get EXP but some are better and more reasonable than others.

Honkai: Star Rail | How to Level Up Fast and the Best Ways to Get Trailblaze EXP

Just like many other gacha games, Honkai: Star Rail has an overall account level known as your Trailblaze Level. This is a very important number and one you will continually feed EXP through completing a wide variety of activities around the universe, predominately completing daily missions and spending Trailblaze Power. Even though it is extremely early in the game’s life cycle, reaching higher Trailblaze levels is a goal shared by many players, particularly because how your level impacts several aspects of the game progression.

For example. the higher your Trailblaze Level, the higher you can Ascend your characters. This allows you to increase their individual character level and Trace levels, letting you take on tougher challenges and the end game much sooner. Additionally, the main story will sometimes bar your progress until you reach a specific level: starting and stopping, again and again, can grow tiresome if you just want to blitz through.

So, with that in mind, here’s how to level up fast in Honkai: Star Rail, as well as an explanation of the best methods for obtaining Trailblaze EXP. 

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Best Ways of Obtaining Trailblaze EXP

There are a wide variety of ways to obtain Trailblaze EXP in Honkai: Star Rail, ranging from limited-time sources to constantly refreshing pools that will give you levels. The time investment and EXP payout for each method vary, with some being lucrative in return for being restrictive or limited in nature. 

An important notice regarding EXP is that outside of Warp Trotter battles (which count as a treasure) fighting enemies in the world will not give you EXP.  Battling enemies is a good source of resources for synthesizing or Trace levelling, but you will earn zero Trailblaze experience through battling. 

So, what are the best methods to get a lot of EXP in Star Rail?

Using Trailblaze Power

The simplest, and most common, way of obtaining Trailblaze EXP is to spend Trailblaze Power. This is the stand-in for Resin or stamina in Honkai: Star Rail and it is used for a massive variety of activities around the game: gathering level-up materials, Trace materials, Relics and more all fall under the jurisdiction of Trailblaze Power.

No matter where you spend it, you’ll always receive 50 EXP per 10 Power spent. Gold and Crimson Calyx each give 50 EXP per run, whereas the Caverns of Corrosion give 200 EXP when you spend 40 Power. Trailblaze Power regenerates at a rate of 10 per hour, giving you a maximum of 240 Power per day naturally. This can net you around 1200 Trailblaze EXP if you use all of it, making it a focal point if you want to level quickly. 

There is also the addition of Fuel, HSR’s version of Fragile Resin. This resource will automatically give you 60 Power upon use and there are a wide variety of these around the game. They most commonly come from Pom-Pom’s Level Up rewards, though, and you’ll want to be using them whenever you get them if reaching high levels is your goal. Alternatively, 60 Power can also be acquired by spending Stellar Jade, with 8 exchanges available per day. 

Completing Missions

Another good, if limited, way of obtaining Trailblaze EXP is to complete Missions. Each Mission type – Trailblaze Missions, Companion Missions and Adventure Missions – has a variety of different EXP values that it can grant.

  • Trailblaze Missions will often award anywhere from 300 EXP to 1000 EXP upon completion.
  • Companion Missions will always award 350 EXP per quest.
  • Adventure Missions are rather random in how much they give, but it ranges from between 100 EXP to 300 EXP depending on the complexity of the quest. 

Because of the large discrepancy in EXP values, it’s hard to judge how many levels you’ll obtain by doing the missions. However, completing missions whenever they pop up and keeping up to date with the main story is a surefire way to get a good amount of EXP.

Astral Express Crew

Astral Express Crew

The Simulated Universe 

One of the only other ways to get a lot of Trailblaze EXP in Honkai: Star Rail without spending Power is through the Simulated Universe. 

There are two things to note regarding earning EXP in the SU. The first is that, upon beating each of the 6 Worlds for the first time, you’ll receive a fixed one-time reward of 600 EXP. Complete all 6 Worlds and you’ll net yourself 3600 EXP.

The other thing is that, upon reaching the higher Worlds and Equilibrium levels, Worlds 3 to 6 will gain several difficulty modes. These increase the base level of all the enemies within each World and increase the chance of obtaining 5 Star Relics from the Immersion Devices. Completing these additional difficulty levels will instead award 200 EXP.

Like with missions, you will eventually run out of Simulated Universe Worlds and difficulty levels to chase. However, considering that the Simulated Universe is one of Star Rail’s main forms of end-game content, it is likely the thing you’re grinding levels for. Just be sure to go and give the latest World or difficulty a try if you need some instant EXP to cross the line to the level. 

Simulated Universe Gives 600 EXP Per World

Simulated Universe Gives 600 EXP Per World

Daily Training

Daily Training is perhaps the most lucrative way of obtaining Trailblaze EXP and will be responsible for your consistent increases in level. 

Once the daily reset hits, you’ll be given a new set of activities to complete in the Daily Training section of the Interastral Guide. The goal of these activities ranges from clearing a certain activity, completing a Daily Mission, synthesizing a consumable, breaking consistent enemies and other combat challenges. Each activity will provide a set amount of activity score upon completion, netting you a small number of rewards per 100 score achieved including Stellar Jade, Credits and some EXP. 

Complete enough activities to earn 500 activity points and you can guarantee 1450 Trailblaze EXP per day. This is an incredibly high amount and one that can easily allow you to hit new levels at a way faster pace, making it a priority alongside using all of your available Trailblaze Power per day. 

Daily Training Offers a Lot of EXP

Daily Training Offers a Lot of EXP

How to Quickly Level Up Your Trailblaze Level

The best way to level up quickly in Honkai: Star Rail is to use all of your available Trailblaze Power and Fuel in service of levelling up your core set of characters for the Simulated Universe. You should do this in tandem with the Daily Training missions to maximise your level of output. 

The reason why your primary focus should be Ascension Materials and not other things like Relics is how useful they’ll end up being in the long term. Trailblaze Power is limited per day and there are only a select few sources of Fuel to go around: as such, spending them on a gamble like Relics at lower levels will usually end up being a waste. By pumping the majority of your Power into Trace Materials, you can get what you need right now and stockpile things for the future (as you upgrade lower rarity materials into higher ones), allowing faster progress in later Equilibrium Levels.

Each run of the Crimson Calyx or Gold Calyx will give you 50 Trailblaze EXP per run. This means that, if you use all of your available Trailblaze Power and Fuel, you should quickly rise through the ranks. Doing this alongside the Daily Training (which awards 1450 EXP) is a surefire way to level up fast. 

This is all in service of helping you beat the Simulated Universe. While there are a limited number of Worlds and difficulties in the Simulated Universe, it is the only other place to award high amounts of Trailblaze EXP without needing to spend Power. As a source of free 5-Star Light Cones, Stellar Jade and more, it should certainly be your focus and the Power you spend on Trace materials should only make conquering the SU a more achievable feat. 

Shooting Through the Stars

Shooting Through the Stars

Quick Level-Up Breakdown

  1. Remember to log in several times a day to spend as much naturally regenerating Trailblaze Power as you can. You can get a maximum of 240 per day, letting you earn 1200 EXP.
  2. Use up your Fuel whenever you get some. This is an automatic 300 EXP whenever you use one and spend the corresponding Power.
  3. Do your daily activities in Daily Training. Reaching a score of 500 will get you a small amount of Jade as well as 1450 EXP.
  4. Use the materials earned with your Trailblaze Power to make your characters powerful enough to take on the Simulated Universe. Each completed World will get you 600 EXP, and each additional difficulty on previous Worlds will yield 200 EXP.
  5. If you’re willing, you can also spend Stellar Jade to obtain 8 Power refreshes a day.

This is the best way to maximise your levelling process. The amount of Fuel you have and the number of available Simulated Universe Worlds are finite, so you will eventually run out of those methods. Even then, remember to spend all of your available Power and complete those daily activities as doing both will earn you up to 2650 EXP per day. 

F2P Daily EXP Earnings

F2P Daily EXP Earnings

That was how to quickly level up your Trailblaze Level in Honkai: Star Rail

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