Honkai: Star Rail Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae Build Guide | Dan Heng IL Best Light Cone, Relics and Teams

Learn how you can create the best Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae build in Honkai Star Rail with this guide that delves into his kit as well as his best Light Cones, Relics, team compositions, Traces and more. As HSR's first Imaginary Destruction character, Dan Heng IL is a supremely powerful unit and one of the strongest main DPS the game has seen so far, if a bit unwieldy.

Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae Build Guide | Dan Heng IL Best Light Cone, Relics and Teams

After a fabulous and majestic transformation sequence in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2, the transformed form of Dan Heng – known as Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae – has finally joined the roster as a playable character. In a big departure from his original role and Path, Dan Heng’s new form is a 5-star Imaginary character belonging to the Path of Destruction, making him the first real main DPS of the Imaginary element. As a unit, Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae is one of the strongest main DPS characters in the game with some absurd DMG and ATK multipliers that benefit from some very generous Traces and stat boosts, while admittedly being a bit complicated to control. This character is a real monster and one worthy of all the fanfare he received in the main story. 

Here’s how you can make the best Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae build in Honkai Star Rail. This guide will include a breakdown of Dan Heng IL’s entire kit and Traces as well as an in-depth look at his best Light Cones, teams, Relic sets and more. 

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Animated Short: Ichor of Two Dragons | Honkai: Star Rail

Dan Heng IL Materials

To reach maximum Ascension with Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae, you’ll need to collect the following materials from around Honkai: Star Rail

  • 5x Immortal Scionette / 15x Immortal Aeroblossom / 15x Immortal Lumintwig (Enemy Drops)
  • 65x Suppressing Edict (Stagnant Shadow Drops)
  • 300,000 Credits

The first set of materials that Dan Heng requires is the Immortal series of enemy drops. You can plunder these from the bodies of Mara-Struck aboard the Xianzhou Luofu, with any manner of Mara-Struck being capable of dropping any type of Immortal series item. If you’ve already cleansed the Alchemy Commission or Cloudford of their local Mara-Struck populations, a more reliable source of Immortal drops is the Simulated Universe where you can continually battle Mara-Struck in Worlds 5, 6 and 7. You can also use the Omni-Synthesizer to exchange other enemy drops into Immortal items or transform lower rarity materials into higher ones using the same method.

Aside from the Immortal materials, you’ll need to collect a lot of Suppressing Edicts. This is the Stagnant Shadow drop from one of the new Shadows added in Honkai: Star Rail 1.3, the Shape of Puppetry. You’ll find this Shadow in the Artisanship Commission on the Xianzhou Luofu. Each Stagnant Shadow attempt costs 30 Trailblaze Power, with the hardest difficulty guaranteeing 5 Suppressing Edict drops per run. The main boss of this Shadow is an Aurumaton Gatekeeper, one of the most annoying enemies in the entire game, with the main shared Weaknesses being Lightning, Wind and Quantum.

While you’re collecting Immortal drops and Suppressing Edicts, you’ll also want to pick up some materials to level Dan Heng IL’s Traces. You’ll need all three rarities of the Path of Destruction material (Shattered Blade, Lifeless Blade and Worldbreaker Blade) and a few Regret of Infinite Ochema, the material dropped by the Phantyllia Echo of War. This is, of course, alongside necessary Immortal materials, so be sure to grab a whole lot of those.

Awaken My Masters

Awaken My Masters

Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae Kit and Abilities

Basic Attack: Beneficent Lotus

We’ll begin with Imbibitor Lunae’s Basic ATK, Beneficent Lotus, which is… interesting. Ordinarily, this attack deals minor Imaginary DMG to a single target with a two-hit attack. 

On the surface, this isn’t very impressive. However, things get more interesting when you introduce Dan Heng IL’s Skill which will enhance and change his Basic ATK. There are actually four different versions of his Basic ATK depending on how many Skill Points or Squama Sacrosancta stacks you spend before using the Basic Attack. We’ll go into more detail on each of the different Enhanced Basic ATKs in a moment.

It is important to note that, like Blade and Luka, Dan Heng IL’s Basic ATK is responsible for improving the damage and viability of his Enhanced Basic ATKs. If you want to make them stronger, you’ll need to invest resources and levels into the Basic ATK rather than the Skill. 

Enhanced Basic ATK

Enhanced Basic ATK

Skill: Dracore Libre

Dracore Libre is, arguably, Dan Heng IL’s most important ability as it facilitates the majority of his damage. When activated, this Skill will enhance Imbibitor Lunae’s Basic ATK. In a single turn, you can spend up to 3 Skill Points to alter your Basic ATK, which changes based on how many points you’ve spent. Using this Skill does not end the turn and Dan Heng IL can attack with that Enhanced Basic ATK immediately afterwards. 

  • Transcendence (1 Skill Point): Uses a 3-hit attack and deals high Imaginary DMG to a single target.
  • Divine Spear (2 Skill Points): Uses a 5-hit attack and deals high Imaginary DMG to a single target. From the fourth hit onward, simultaneously deals very minor Imaginary DMG to adjacent targets.
  • Fulgurant Leap (3 Skill Points): Uses a 7-hit attack and deals very high Imaginary DMG to a single enemy target. From the fourth hit onward, simultaneously deals moderate Imaginary DMG to adjacent targets.

In addition to this, whenever you use either Divine Spear or Fulgurant Leap, you will gain 1 stack of Outroar for every hit you land after the fourth hit in the combo. Outroar stacks increase Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae’s CRIT DMG by 6% up to a total of 4 stacks which last until the end of the turn.

Once you gain Squama Sacrosancta stacks, you can use Dan Heng IL's Skill without SP |HSR Imbibitor Lunae Build

Squama Sacrosanct

Ultimate: Azure’s Aqua Ablutes All

Thankfully a bit easier to understand is Dan Heng IL’s Ultimate, Azure’s Aqua Ablutes All. This is a 3-hit attack that deals massive Imaginary DMG to a single enemy and moderate Imaginary DMG to any adjacent targets. Additionally, Dan Heng IL will then gain 2 Squama Sacrosancta stacks once the Ultimate ends. These Squama Sacrosancta stacks are used instead of Skill Points when enhancing his Basic ATK via Dracobre Libre and Dan Heng IL can hold 3 stacks at any one time.

The high damage of this Ultimate already makes it very good for a main DPS but the bonus effect is the more interesting thing here. If you manage to consistently get Dan Heng IL’s Ultimate, you can reap the benefits of his ridiculously strong level 3 Enhanced Basic for only a single Skill Point (as two of the necessary Skill Points you’d need to spend would be replaced with the Sacrosancta stacks). 

Azure's Aqua Ablutes All

Azure’s Aqua Ablutes All

Talent: Righteous Heart

Next, we have Dan Heng IL’s Talent, Righteous Heart. After each hit dealt during an attack, Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae will gain 1 stack of Righteous Heart which increases his DMG by 5%. This effect stacks up to 6 times for a 30% DMG boost and the stacks last until the end of his turn.

While extremely limited and time-sensitive, this buff is one of the strongest DMG boosts in the entirety of Honkai: Star Rail. You can very quickly build up Righteous Heart stacks using his Enhanced Basic ATKs as all of them deal multiple hits to a target: if you manage to get a level 4 Enhanced Basic ATK, your final blow will be 30% stronger. Learning to master this Talent and know when you should be popping your Ultimate, either before or after the turn, is key to maximising your damage potential with Dan Heng IL. 

Serpent Born of the Sea

Serpent Born of the Sea

Technique: Heaven-Quelling Prismadrakon

Finally, we have Heaven-Quelling Prismadrakon. When activated, this uses up one Technique Point and causes Dan Heng IL to enter the Leaping Dragon state for 20 seconds. While in this state, attacking makes him move forward rapidly, attacking all enemies he touches during that movement. After entering combat while in the Leaping Dragon state, Dan Heng Imbibitor Luane deals high Imaginary DMG to all enemies and gains 1 stack of Squama Sacrosancta. 

This Technique, like the rest of Dan Heng IL’s kit, is packed and adds yet another to keep track of. Fortunately, it is a very good Technique, especially when paired with other enhancing Techniques that you can set up the battle in your favour. Thanks to the additional effects, it’s great at mopping up stray junk-tier enemies or taking on an Elite boss. 

Let the Dragon Loose

Let the Dragon Loose

Dan Heng IL Traces

The majority of Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae’s Traces are focused on simply making him a stronger, more efficient unit in terms of raw DPS. Beginning with the minor Traces, you can add the following stat boosts from Dan Heng IL’s Trace tree: 

  • 22.4% Imaginary DMG Bonus
  • 12% CRIT Rate Boost
  • 10% HP Boost
Dan Heng IL's Traces

Dan Heng IL’s Traces

Dan Heng IL’s first Major Trace is his Ascension 2 Trace, Star Veil. At the start of a battle, Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae will immediately regenerate 15 Energy. While simple, it acts as a perfect compliment to the rest of his kit, as you want to be getting his Ultimate as often as you can so you can save Skill Points and deal massive damage consistently. 

His Ascension 4 Trace, meanwhile, is Aqua Reign. This Trace increases the chance for Dan Heng IL to resist Crowd Control debuffs by 35%. While not super squishy, Imbibitor Lunae is no Preservation unit and you’ll want to keep him fit and fighting so that he can continue to wipe out the enemy: if he gets caught in any unlucky Imprisonment, you’re in trouble. As such, having higher Crowd Control RES isn’t actually too bad, even if it is a little less flashy than the rest of his kit. 

Lastly, Dan Heng IL’s Ascension 6 Trace is Jolt Anew. When dealing damage to enemies with an Imaginary Weakness, this Trace increases Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae’s CRIT DMG by a massive 24%. Getting free damage for simply attacking an Imaginary Weak target is a huge boon and will raise Dan Heng IL’s damage output against certain bosses and Elites dramatically: This also makes mono-Imaginary – backed up by Silver Wolf – a much more attractive pick for him when it comes to teams. 

Stand Before Destruction

Stand Before Destruction

Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae Trace Priority

  1. Beneficent Lotus (Basic ATK)
  2. Azure’s Aqua Ablutes All (Ultimate)
  3. Righteous Heart (Talent)
  4. Dracore Libre (Skill)

At the top of the priority list is Imbibitor Lunae’s Basic ATK for the simple reason that it is your main source of damage: no matter what level of Enhanced Basic ATK you’ll be using, you want it to hit hard and that requires investing in the Basic ATK. Below that we have his Ultimate for a similar reason. It’s a big chunk of instant damage that, when levelled, gets even stronger and deals even more damage, with no strings attached. With the Talent, the Righteous Heart DMG buff is very strong and only gets better with each level, but is slightly held back by how clunky and complicated it can be to reliably activate at times. 

In dead last we have Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae’s Skill, which shares the same fate as Blade’s Skill. While it may be the key to his entire playstyle, levelling and investing resources into it just… doesn’t boost that much. The only thing levelling up the Skill will do is increase the CRIT DMG bonus you get from the Outroar Stacks and you gain absolutely nothing towards the Enhanced Basic ATKs, which are covered by levelling the Basic ATK itself. While having more CRIT DMG is never going to be a bad thing, the small supplemental increases level-on-level and the vast potential of the rest of his kit makes his Skill a very low priority when it comes to levelling. 

High Elder of a Past Age

High Elder of a Past Age

Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae Eidolons

Next, let’s showcase Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae’s Eidolons. The only way to get a character’s Eidolons is to get lucky and pull multiple copies of them from Warping. For Dan Heng IL specifically, you’ll need to get additional copies of him from “Epochal Spectrum”, Imbibitor Luane’s Character Event Warp. 

  1. Tethered to Sky: Increases the stackable Righteous Heart count by 4, and gains 1 extra stack of Righteous Heart for each hit during an attack.
  2. Imperium on Cloud Nine: After using his Ultimate, Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae’s action is Advanced Forward by 100% and gains 1 extra Squama Sacrosancta.
  3. Clothed in Clouds: Skill Lv. +2 and Basic ATK Lv. +1.
  4. Zephyr’s Bliss: The buff effect granted by Outroar lasts until the end of this character’s next turn.
  5. Fall is the Pride: Ultimate Lv. +2 and Talent Lv. +2.
  6. Reign, Returned: After any other ally uses their Ultimate, the Imaginary RES Penetration of Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae’s next Fulgurant Leap attack increases by 20%. This effect can stack up to 3 times.
In the Light of the Moon

In the Light of the Moon

Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae Best Light Cones

Best in Slot: Brighter Than the Sun

Undeniably, Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae’s best in slot Light Cone is Brighter Than the Sun (Path of Destruction). This is his signature Light Cone – meaning that it is running on the “Brilliant Fixation” Light Cone Event Warp while Dan Heng’s IL Character Event is active – and is built to specifically improve the skills and abilities of the Imbibitor Lunae above all other Destruction characters. Unsurprisingly, it’s very good and will drastically boost Dan Heng’s damage output when you have it equipped.

At level 80, Brighter Than the Sun gives the wielder 1058 HP, a massive 635 ATK and 396 DEF alongside the Light Cone effect Defiant Till Death. This effect increases the wearer’s CRIT Rate by 18% and will cause them to gain 1 stack of Dragon’s Call whenever they use their Basic ATK. Each stack lasts for 2 turns and increases the wearer’s ATK by 18% and Energy Regeneration Rate by 6%, with the ability to hold two Dragon’s Call stacks at one time. 

So much of Imbibitor Lunae’s kit is about giving him high amounts of CRIT Rate so he can dominate more effectively and consistently with his powerful Enhanced Basic ATKs and Brighter Than the Sun is just another handy piece in that puzzle. Additionally, the bonus ATK is a very nice boost and the extra Energy Regeneration will allow you to get more Squama stacks at a much more rapid pace, letting you essentially ignore Skill Points for Dan Heng altogether. At the end of the day, almost every part of Dan Heng IL’s kit is touched on in this Light Cone. 

If you’re willing to part with some precious Jade and are looking to strengthen your already strong High Elder, you can’t go wrong with trying to pick up Brighter Than the Sun for your Imbibitor Lunae build in Honkai Star Rail

Brighter Than the Sun

Brighter Than the Sun

Replacement Dan Heng IL Light Cones

Unfortunately, Brighter Than the Sun will be completely unreachable for some Trailblazers – whether they’re broken from trying to pull Dan Heng himself or just looking to save their Jade. However, on the bright side, it should be comforting to know that Imbibitor Lunae has plenty of other choices when it comes to Destruction Light Cones, allowing basically anyone a chance to create a superb Dan Heng Imibibior Lunae build.

Before we continue, though, just know that (almost) all of our recommendations will be 4-star in rarity. We only really recommend Light Cones that most players can realistically get their hands on in some way or another and 5-star Destruction LCs like Something Irreplaceable definitely aren’t easy to get. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a 5-star Light Cone, give it a try on Dan Heng before committing to a lower-tier option as higher rarity choices tend to have higher stats and more powerful effects. 

The replacement Light Cones we recommend for Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae include Under the Blue Sky, The Moles Welcome You and On the Fall of an Aeon.

Under the Blue Sky

Under the Blue Sky

First up is Under the Blue Sky, a gacha Light Cone you can only get from Wishing. At level 80, this LC provides 952 HP, 476 ATK and 330 DEF as well as the ability Rye Under the Sun. This simply increases the user’s ATK by 16% and increases their CRIT Rate by 12% for 3 turns whenever they defeat an enemy. More ATK is never a bad thing for Imbibitor Lunae and the CRIT Rate bonus is very nice as well, especially if you plan on using a certain Relic set we’ll discuss in a moment. This Light Cone is very strong, especially in the hands of a high-damage unit like Dan Heng IL. 

The Moles Welcome You is up next. This Light Cone can also be acquired by getting lucky during a Wish and, at level 80, it will give 1058 HP, 476 ATK and 264 DEF. Fantastic Adventure is the ability on the Light Cone and it simply gives the wielder one stack of Mischievous whenever they use their Basic ATK, Skill or Burst, with each stack granting 12% ATK. Considering that a large part of Dan Heng IL’s kit is repeatedly using his Skill multiple times in a single turn, you can quickly ramp up Mischievous stacks and gain a bunch of easy ATK boosts. 

Lastly, we have our only 5-star recommendation for Dan Heng IL, which is On the Fall of an Aeon. You can pick up this powerful Light Cone for completely free for 8 Herta Credits at the Herta Store in the Simulated Universe. Extra credits can also be used to purchase materials to superimpose this LC. At level 80, this Light Cones provides 1058 HP, 592 ATK and 396 DEF with the effect of Moth to Flames. This effect increases the wearer’s ATK by 8% whenever they attack a target, up to 4 times for a total of 32%, while also increasing their DMG by 12% on a Weakness Break. Considering that Dan Heng IL is all about dealing damage and dealing a lot of it, this Light Cone pairs perfectly and will drastically boost your damage and potential. 

On the Fall of an Aeon

On the Fall of an Aeon

Dan Heng IL Best Relics and Planar Ornaments 

Relics and Planar Ornaments are where players can get hands-on when building their units. Depending on the Relic sets you to choose and what stats you roll on them, your versions of a character may be drastically different to another Trailblazer’s build: based on what Relics you run, your HSR Imbibitor Lunae build may be very different and achieve different things to someone else’s. Fortunately, as a main DPS unit, Dan Heng IL has a lot of choice when it comes to Relics and Planar Ornaments as many different sets will greatly benefit him. Having said that, there is one main choice (at least in terms of Relics) that comes out on top for the Imbibitor Lunae. 

The best Relic and Planar Ornament combination for Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae is 4-piece Wastelander of Banditry Desert paired with either 2-piece Space Sealing Station or 2-piece Rutilant Arena. Wasterlander of Banditry Desert provides Imbibitor Lunae with a 10% Imaginary DMG Bonus. It also increases his CRIT Rate by 10% against debuffed targets and his CRIT DMG by 20% against Imprisoned enemies. Meanwhile, Space Sealing Station is an ATK-focused Planar Ornament set that provides upwards of 24% extra ATK should you reach the SPD threshold, whereas Rutilant Arena is CRIT Rate focused and will boost the wielder’s Basic ATK and Skill DMG if they reach a high enough amount of CRIT Rate. 

The Old Tales

The Old Tales

The bonuses inherent from the Banditry Relic set are obvious – more Imaginary DMG is always going to be good, as is more CRIT – but the choice between Planar Ornament sets is much more significant. It mainly comes down to your Relics and stat allocation.

Out of the two, Rutilant Arena is the better set when compared with Space Sealing Station as it directly contributes to one of Dan Heng IL’s most important stats and enhances Basic ATK DMG significantly. However, the 70% CRIT Rate requirement is very steep – Dan Heng will get 25% CRIT Rate naturally from his Traces while Rutilant Arena is equipped – meaning that you’ll have to rely on additional sources of CRIT Rate such as the Wastelander 4-piece bonus to consistently reach it. This means keeping track of a lot of different moving parts and pieces to gain those additional benefits.

Meanwhile, Space Sealing Station, on the other hand, is far more straightforward. Dan Heng IL is always going to appreciate more ATK as a main DPS who stacks off of ATK. Additionally, reaching 120 is far easier to do than reaching 70% CRIT Rate and you’ll have to comprise far less to reliably reach that number. So, while Space Sealing Station isn’t as flashy or as powerful, it is far more consistent and easier to build around than Rutilant Arena. At the end of the day, the choice is yours and both sets work remarkably on Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae. 

Imbibitor Lunae's Best Relics

Imbibitor Lunae’s Best Relics

Most Important Stats and Substats for Dan Heng IL

Of course, if you want to make the best Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae build in HSR, you’ll need some top-tier Relics. As such, here’s what to look for in terms of main stats on your Relics:

  • Body: CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG
  • Feet: SPD%
  • Planar Sphere: Imaginary DMG Bonus\
  • Link Rope: ATK%

Additionally, here are the substats you should be keeping an eye out for when picking up new Relics for Dan Heng IL:

  1. CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG
  2. ATK%
  3. SPD%
  4. Break Effect
An Imagined Saviour

An Imagined Saviour

Best Teams for Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae in HSR

Premium Dan Heng IL Team

To get the most out of Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae, you want a team specifically made to make him shine. As the team’s primary DPS, you’ll want to forego any sub-DPS units in favour of those who can directly increase Dan Heng’s damage output – either by directly boosting his ATK or lowering the DEF of the enemy – to ensure that he remains a potent and capable force on every battlefield. You’ll also want a team that doesn’t use a lot of Skill Points so that Imbibitor Lunae can hoard them to repeatedly use his Skill.

The recommended premium team for Imbibitor Lunae includes the ever-reliable Tingyun, Luocha and Silver Wolf.

Dan Heng IL Premium Team

Dan Heng IL Premium Team

Starting with our most reliable unit, we have Luocha. Honestly, if you’re lacking the sneaky, suspicious Luofu merchant, he can be replaced with other Abundance characters like Natasha, Bailu or the upcoming Lynx as you just need someone to keep Dan Heng and your buffers alive: Fortunately, Luocha is the best healer in the entire game. With his Skill, Luocha will instantly heal any ally who falls below 50% HP and his Ultimate is great at Imprisoning and stripping targets of their buffs. This isn’t even mentioning the Healing Field from his Talent which lets anyone, including Dan Heng IL, become a psuedo-healer for the entire team. Luocha is stupidly good and you should use him in this team if you have him.

Next is Silver Wolf. While she is mainly used to facilitate mono-type teams, this Stellaron Hunter hacker is good in pretty much any composition. Her Skill implants Weaknesses into targets – for this team, the odds will be heavily stacked in the favour of Imaginary which massively benefits Dan Heng IL – but her regular Basic ATKs are similarly great because they can be used to consistently implant Bugs from her Talent: these Bugs lower everything from ATK to DEF to SPD. Additionally, her Ultimate is nearly guaranteed to inflict DEF-drop on a single target, allowing you to soften up Elite or boss targets and ready them from the Imbibitor Lunae’s wrath. 

Then we have the woman who needs no introduction: Tingyun. If you’re lucky enough to have her, you’ll how strong and how potent Tingyun is for supporting and enabling main DPS characters, including the Imbibitor Lunae. Her Skill grants an absurdly high ATK buff to a single target whereas her own damage from her Talent and Basic ATK are surprisingly competitive. The reason why she works so well with Dan Heng IL, though, is her Ultimate. This gives Ultimate Energy and a significant ATK boost to a selected ally, which will allow the Imbibior Lunae to more consistently gain Squama stacks and just deal more great damage over a sustained period. 

Tingyun the Harmony Queen

Tingyun the Harmony Queen

Premium Mono-Imaginary Dan Heng IL Team

However, if you find the prospect of a mono-Imaginary team a bit more exciting, there’s another route you can down. Using the base of the original premium Imbibior Lunae team we recommended, we can make a powerful mono-Imaginary team that allows Dan Heng IL to always hit for Weakness to maximise his damage. This version of the team still features Luocha and Silver Wolf but rotates out Tingyun in favour of Yukong. 

While Tingyun is a much better fit for Imbibitor Lunae on a pure kit basis, the other playable Foxian is just as good in this team for a different reason. Yukong is another Harmony character and, while she’s excellent at buffing ATK and CRIT Rate, she has a place primarily thanks to her Imaginary typing. If you replace Tingyun with Yukong, this version of the team becomes a mono-imaginary team thanks to the influence of Silver Wolf. This works excellently for everyone as Yukong has great Break potential whereas Luocha is absurdly good at Imprisoning multiple enemies at once. Of course, the one who benefits the most will be Dan Heng as he’ll be hitting Imaginary Weakness constantly, dealing massive damage to any target. 

Mono-Imaginary is very strong and has high potential in the hands of Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae. If you have every part necessary to make this composition, give it a whirl and see what you think.

Best Dan Heng IL Mono-Imaginary Team

Best Dan Heng IL Mono-Imaginary Team

F2P Dan Heng IL Team

Of course, having Dan Heng IL, Silver Wolf and Luocha is a tough sell for many and more than a few Trailblazers likely have a much leaner library of characters to choose from. Well, fear not as there is a similarly competent team that you can build from completely free-to-play units: this team functions in a very similar way to the two premium teams, acting as buffers for Dan Heng so he can squeeze out as much potential damage as possible.

The best F2P Imbibitor Lunae team in Honkai Star Rail includes Asta, Natasha and Yukong. 

Best Dan Heng IL F2P Team

Best Dan Heng IL F2P Team

Once again, we’ll start with the healer. In this F2P team, that role belongs to Natasha, the doctor from Belobog’s underground. As Star Rail’s only free Abundance character (as of version 1.3) Natasha gets a lot of work in a myriad of different teams. Fortunately, despite being the only free-to-play healer, Natahsa is so good at her job that she can confidently cruise in any premium team. Her Skill and Ultimate are her primary sources of healing, with the former also having access to a cleanse and the latter being a team-wide heal to stave off any unfortunate damage you’ll surely receive. Additionally, when not healing, she’s a great SP battery for Dan Heng IL.

Natasha’s usual partner in crime also makes her way into this team as one of our two main buffers for Imbibitor Lunae. Asta is great for many reasons, namely her strong ATK and SPD buffs which she can grant from her Talent and Ultimate, respectively: For a main DPS like Dan Heng IL, having both of these stats in abundance is extremely important, already making Asta superb for this team. In addition to that, though, her Fire alignment makes her a decent sub-DPS and Breaker when she needs to be and her Basic ATK has a chance to Burn the target. In short, Asta is just a great asset to any team and Dan Heng IL will be very happy to have her by his side. 

Everything we said about Yukong in the premium section still applies here. As a Harmony unit, Yukong has great potential in increasing the ATK of the entire team with her Skill: Of course, it needs to be managed and regulated a lot more than, say, Tingyun’s buff does thanks to the much shorter duration (with the Rising Bowstrings buff only lasting 2 allied rounds after being cast). Speaking of, if you have the Bowstrings buff active while you use her Ultimate, it will grant the whole team a big boost to CRIT Rate, which is a massive boon to Dan Heng IL. Lastly, Yukong is surprisingly good as an Imaginary Breaker and comes in clutch whenever you need to quickly Imprison a target. 

CRIT and ATK Master, Yukong

CRIT and ATK Master, Yukong

That was how to make the best Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae build in Honkai: Star Rail

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