Honkai: Star Rail Huohuo Build Guide | Huohuo Best Light Cones, Relics and Teams

Learn how to make the best Huohuo build in this easy guide for Honkai Star Rail which includes a look at what her best Relics and Light Cones are, what order you should level her Traces in and what F2P and premium teams she best fits into. Huohuo is HSR's second limited Abundance character with a few Harmony-aligned abilities up her sleeve.

Honkai: Star Rail Huohuo Build Guide | Huohuo Best Light Cones, Relics and Teams

Version 1.5 of Honkai: Star Rail is bringing with it a new Wind 5-Star in the form of Huohuo. Said to be the unluckiest girl on the Xianzhou Luofu, Huohuo is one of the Ten Judges and she’s forever accompanied by a fearsome spirit who lives in her tail. As our second limited Abundance character, Huohuo has a lot to live up to if she hopes to compete with Luocha, the best healer in the whole game. Fortunately, Huohuo seems to have done just that by incorporating a lot of buffing and support elements outside of just pure healing: in fact, in a lot of ways, Huohuo can be seen as a sort of hybrid Abundance-Harmony unit, capable of healing and buffing in equal measure. Despite her meek and fearful demeanour, Huohuo has the potential to be one of the best units in Honkai: Star Rail.

Here’s how to make the best Huohuo build in Honkai: Star Rail, including a breakdown of her kit and abilities as well as tips for her best Relic and Planar Ornament sets, which order you should prioritise levelling her Traces in, what Light Cones you should be running on her and what F2P or premium team compositions Huohuo belongs in. 

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Huohuo Ascension Materials

Let’s start by going over Huohuo’s ascension materials in Star Rail. Reaching the maximum Ascension level in HSR is a lot more important than it is in Genshin Impact, mainly because it unlocks access to the unit’s final major Trace and two massively impactful stat boosts alongside the obvious increases to HP, ATK and DEF. For Huouo, you’ll need to collect the following materials if you want to take our fearful Foxian up to the max level: 

  • 15x Immortal Scionette / 15x Immortal Aeroblossom / 15x Immortal Lumintwig (Enemy Drops)
  • 65x Ascendant Debris (Stagnant Shadow Drops)
  • 308,000 Credits

The first set of materials you’ll need to be aware of is the Immortal series, which consists of the Immortal Scionette (Green), Immortal Aeroblossom (Blue) and Immortal Lumintwig (Purple) drops. These materials drop exclusively from the Mara-Struck of the Xianzhou Luofu, the poor souls that have succumbed to the corrupting influence of the Abundance and become monsters. Any kind of Mara-Struck is capable of dropping these materials but, if you want to know the best place to hunt for them, head to either the Alchemy Commission or Cloudford locations of the Luofu. Aside from that, you can continually farm Immortal drops by killing Mara-Struck inside of Worlds 5, 6 and 7 of the Simulated Universe.

Alongside the enemy drops, you’ll also need to farm up a significant amount of Ascendant Debris. This Stagnant Shadow drop was introduced in version 1.4 and comes from the Shape of Celestial Stagnant Shadow in the Alchemy Commission. In it, you’ll be butting heads with The Ascended, a witch-like Mara-Struck who can cap your character’s health bars, stopping you from healing effectively. The Ascended is primarily weak to Physical, Lightning and Ice DMG and higher difficulty runs of the Shape of Celestial will give you more Ascendant Debris drops, with the highest difficulty dropping 5 per 40 Trailbalze Power.

Finally, it is worth bringing up the materials you’ll need to collect to raise Huohuo’s Trace levels. The most important set of materials in this process are the Abundance upgrade materials –  namely the Seed of Abundance, Sprout of Life and Flower of Eternity – which you can grab from the Backwater Pass Crimson Calyx. Additionally, you’ll want to stock up on Infinite Ochema from the Phantyllia Echo of War as you’ll need a lot of them to unlock Huohuo’s major Traces and reach the higher levels of her core Traces. 

Stormy Skies in the Luofu

Stormy Skies in the Luofu

Honkai Star Rail Huohuo Kit and Ability Overview

Getting into the meat of Huohuo’s kit, we have her Basic Attack, Banner: Stormcaller. This causes Huohuo to rush forward and deal minor Wind DMG to a single target. 

Considering that Huohuo is a healer and support unit first and foremost, this ability is going to see very little usage from you. There’s nothing in any of Huohuo’s Traces or passives which buffs or alters her Basic ATK in any way, confidently putting it in dead last as the least important part of her kit. Like any healer, you’ll probably end up using this when everyone is rather healthy to help with Skill Point generation but, outside of that, don’t expect to be sending Huohuo to the frontlines very often. 

Huohuo's Basic ATK

Huohuo’s Basic ATK

Talisman: Protection (Skill)

What you will be using a lot is Huohuo’s Skill, Talisman: Protection, which is her main source of healing. This ability targets one ally and when cast, it will dispel 1 debuff from them and their HP equal to an amount based on Huohuo’s Max HP. At the same time, she’ll also restore HP for any allies adjacent to her target, with the amount once again being based on her Max HP. 

Even separated from the rest of her kit, this is already one of the strongest heals Abundance has to offer. It can cleanse debuffs like Luocha or Natasha while retaining the Blast heal of someone like Bailu, only with a more precise ability to control who is getting healed. In short, it lets you do basically everything you want a healer to do in a single move. If you stack HP as you should, this Skill can be incredibly potent, healing a massive amount of damage from any injured ally. 

Huohuo’s Skill is also intertwined with many other parts of her kit – namely, her Talent – making it a staple part of her playstyle. You’ll always want to be on the lookout for when you can use this to prime for other abilities or aspects of Huohuo down the line. Talisman: Protection is sure to keep your teams alive and well into even the deepest pits of the Star Rail endgame. 

Talisman: Protection

Talisman: Protection

Tail: Spiritual Dominion (Ultimate)

Up to now, Huohuo has fit the mould of a traditional Abundance unit fairly well but, with the addition of her Ultimate, Tail: Spiritual Dominion, the lines are a bit more blurred. When cast, Huohuo will regenerate a significant amount of Energy for all allies (excluding herself), while also massively increasing their ATK stat for 2 turns. 

With this ability, Huohuo starts to ride the line as a hybrid Abundance-Harmony character. With the ability to heal and deliver consistent ATK and Energy buffs, Huohuo can, realistically, fulfil the role of both healer and buffer in a single character, freeing up a slot in your team compositions for whatever kind of character you want. This is an extremely important thing for Honkai Star Rails endgame as having characters who can fulfil multiple roles will make things significantly easier.

One of the reasons why Luocha is so deified as a healer is that he’s multifaceted: he has amazing healing potential, he deals huge damage thanks to his ATK scaling, he cleanses, he removes enemy buffs and so much more. With this Ultimate, Huohuo gains the same kind of status, becoming a top-tier Abundance character because she has utility alongside potent heals. With a Blast heal Skill paired with an ATK and Energy buff on her Ultimate, Huohuo is quickly going to become a vital member of many player’s endgame compositions. 

Huohuo's Ultimate

Huohuo’s Ultimate

Possession: Ethereal Metaflow (Talent)

After using her Skill, Huohuo will gain the Divine Provision effect for 2 turns. If she still has Divine Provision when an ally’s turn starts or when an ally uses their Ultimate, she will restore HP for that ally by an amount based on her Max HP. At the same time, every ally with 50% or lower HP will also be healed once and Divine Provision will dispel one debuff from an ally whenever it is triggered.

As a secondary part of Huohuo’s Skill, her Talent continues to raise her status as an excellent healer. While it isn’t as automatic or as seamless as Luocha’s Field, the ability to consistently heal over several turns or whenever an ally attacks is vital for keeping your team nice and healthy against tougher targets. It isn’t hard to gain stacks either and you’ll reset all of the effects upon casting Huohuo’s Skill again, giving you an easy way to reliably keep your whole team healed. 

One thing that may end up getting overlooked is Huohuo’s ability to continually remove debuffs using Divine Provision. Up to 6 times, Divine Provision will remove a debuff from an ally when it heals them: this can include the heal from when an ally starts their turn, uses an Ultimate or from the room-wide heal. In essence, this gives Huohuo a continuous cleanse which can strip everything from Burn to Bleed to DEF Reduction without needing to proactively heal a target. Compared to other cleansers in Honkai Star Rail, this is super strong and will surely save more than a few runs of Memory of Chaos or Simulated Universe. 

Hide Away

Hide Away

(Fiend: Impeachment of Evil) Technique

Finally, the last trick up Huohuo’s sleeve is Fiend: Impeachment of Evil. When cast, this Technique uses up one Technique Point to terrorize surrounding enemies, afflicting them with Horror-Struck. Enemies in the Horror-Struck state will flee away from Huohuo for 10 seconds and, if you enter battle with a Horror-Struck enemy, there is a high chance of applying ATK reduction to the affected targets. 

On one hand, this Technique is fairly strong and will either allow you to get the upper hand as soon as you enter a fight or ignore it entirely. However, on the other, it can be difficult to stack with other Enhancement Techniques because of how it makes the enemy flee. This Technique will likely see a lot of use in places with fixed bosses such as the Simulated Universe because they cannot flee, allowing you to effectively set up without fear of running out of time. In terms of flavour, though, this is an excellent Technique which fits Huohuo and Tail perfectly. 

Lead By The Tail

Lead By The Tail

Huohuo’s Traces

With Huohuo’s core Traces and abilities out of the way, the next thing on the list is her major and minor Traces. Taking Huohuo’s entire Trace tree into account, her major and minor Traces both serve to make her a much more reliable support at all times, whether that be on an offensive or defensive level. Firstly, let’s go over the stat bonuses you will get from snatching up all of Huohuo’s minor Traces: 

  • 28% Max HP
  • 18% Effect RES
  • 5% SPD
Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat

Huohuo’s Character Ascension 2 Trace is Fearful to Act. When the battle starts, Huohuo will gain one stack of Divine Provision from her Talent, which lasts for a single turn. This Trace is really nice for giving your team a safety net early in the fight, especially if you need to spend Skill Points on setting up other units’ abilities. If you happen to get attacked before Huohuo can generate a full Divine Provision stack using her Skill, she’ll still be able to heal whoever’s injured effectively. 

Then, after that, is The Cursed One, Huohuo’s Ascension 4 Trace. This simply increases Huohuo’s chance to resist Crowd Control Debuffs by 35%. CC debuffs include everything from Freeze to Imprisonment and you’ll want your healer to be as resistant to these effects as possible – it’s one of the main reasons why we’ll recommend a surplus of Effect RES on her later on. If Huohuo gets caught by an unlucky Freeze and is taken out of the fight, you may find yourself in big trouble if someone needs healing desperately: this Trace helps you get ahead of that issue.

Lastly, her final Ascension 6 Trace is Stress Reaction to Horror. Whenever Huohuo’s Talent triggers to heal allies, Huohuo will regenerate 1 Energy for herself. While it may not seem like a lot, this small amount of Energy can quickly build in the right circumstances, giving Huohuo an additional avenue for Energy that she can use to quickly and efficiently earn back her Ultimate. This will, in turn, leather increase the Energy gains of her allies, making the fight a much easier time as she fulfils her role. 

Taking a look at Huohuo’s Traces as a whole, there isn’t anything too transformative. Instead, all of her Traces are intended to make her the most consistent and reliable support as she can be: whether it’s shrugging off potent Crowd Control effects or slowly ramping up her own Ultimate as she heals her allies, Huohuo’s Traces are there to try and smooth out her flaws rather than introducing massive, game-changing new aspects to her kit. They’re simple and feed nicely into her already existing gameplay loop, making them all very worthy of your upgrade materials. 

Into the Wee Hours

Into the Wee Hours

Huohuo’s Trace Priority in Honkai: Star Rail

  1. Possession: Ethereal Metaflow (Talent)
  2. Tail: Spiritual Dominion (Ultimate)
  3. Talisman: Protection (Skill)
  4. Banner: Stormcaller (Basic ATK)

Figuring out which of Huohuo’s Traces to focus on can be a tricky thing, especially when so many of them are interlinked. However, we recommend prioritising her Talent in terms of resources at first. Even though Divine Provision can only be sourced from using her Skill, you’ll likely notice more consistent healing coming from it in moment-to-moment combat. While the actual amount of healing isn’t incredible in terms of multiples, the rate at which you’ll heal your allies with Divine Provision is crazy, especially if you’re taking advantage of the vast amounts of Energy Recharge at your disposal. For that reason, we recommend focusing on it so you can make it as strong and consistent as possible. 

After that, you have a tough choice between Huohuo’s Skill and Ultimate. While it’s true that her Skill is her most direct and reliable form of healing, you’ll likely end up noticing more healing coming from her Talent and, even if that’s not the case, the base multipliers on her Skill are fairly good in terms of healing. Meanwhile, if you focus on levelling her Ultimate, the ATK and Energy gains you’ll provide your allies jump significantly – for example, the ATK bonus goes from 24% at level 1 to a staggering 40% at level 10. With that in mind, we recommend focusing more on her Ultimate as it will allow her to play a more significant support role but don’t neglect her Skill. 

Then, in dead last, we have Banner: Stormcaller. Simply put, Huohuo is not going to be using her Basic ATK unless your team is completely out of Skill Points or nobody needs healing: in every single other situation, you’re better off spending an SP to use her Talisman: Protection and set up the next Divine Provision. As such, it would be a waste of resources to invest any significant levels into her Basic ATK until you’ve completely levelled up all three of her other Traces. 

The Cursed One, Huohuo

The Cursed One, Huohuo

Huohuo Eidolons in Honkai: Star Rail

Next, we’ll take a look at all of Huohuo’s available Eidolons. When getting a duplicate copy of a character you’ve already gotten before, you’ll instead receive their Eidolons which can used to obtain additional abilities and effects for that character. If you want Huohuo’s Eidolons, you’ll have to get lucky enough to roll her multiple times on her Limited Character Warp, Bloom in Gloom and, if you don’t manage to get her again before the banner ends, you’ll need to wait for her to rerun to get another chance at obtaining her Eidolons.

  1. Anchored to Vessel, Specters Nestled: The duration of Divine Provision produced by the Talent is extended by 1 turn. When Huohuo possesses Divine Provision, all allies’ SPD increases by 12%
  2. Sealed in Tail, Wraith Subdued: If Huohuo possesses Divine Provision when an ally is struck by a killing blow, the ally will not be knocked down, and their HP will immediately be restored by an amount equal to 50% of their Max HP. This reduces the duration of Divine Provision by 1 turn. This effect can only be triggered 2 times per battle.
  3. Cursed by Fate, Moths to Flame: Ultimate Lv. +2 and Talent Lv. +2. 
  4. Tied in Life, Bound to Strife: When healing a target ally via Skill or Talent, the less HP the target ally currently has, the higher the amount of healing they will receive. The maximum increase in healing provided by Huohuo is 80%.
  5. Mandated by Edict, Evils Evicted: Skill Lv. +2 and Basic ATK Lv. +1. 
  6. Woven Together, Cohere Forever: When healing a target ally, increase the target ally’s DMG dealt by 50% for 2 turns.

If you’re wondering which of Huohuo’s Eidolons are the best to go for, her E1 is a very attractive pick which gives her the ability to consistently boost SPD alongside her already excellent healing and Energy Recharge capabilities. Aside from that, her E2 allows Huohuo to borrow Bailu’s biggest strength – a free revive for an ally – and her E6 allows her Skill to become a second DMG booster alongside her Ultimate. Overall, her Eidolons are really solid and will make Huouho an excellent healer-support hybrid if you’re willing to invest the Jade needed to get her there.

Standing Before Evil

Standing Before Evil

Best Light Cones for Huohuo in Honkai: Star Rail

Huohuo’s Best in Slot Light Cone: Night of Fright

Without a doubt, Huohuo’s best in slot Light Cone in Honkai Star Rail is her signature Light Cone, Night of Fright (Path of Abundance). As her signature weapon, Night of Fright is an Abundance Light Cone built with Huohuo’s abilities and skills in mind so, while it is going to be useful on other healers, it will be most effective on the Judge herself. If you want it for yourself, you can pick it up from the Brilliant Fixation Light Cone Event Warp while Huohuo’s character banner, Bloom in Gloom, is still active. As for what it does, it gives Huohuo a massive boost in both her utility and healing capabilities, allowing her to keep everyone alive and buffed with little issue.

At level 80, Night of Fright gives the wearer 1164 HP, 476 ATK and 529 DEF as well as access to the Deep, Deep Breaths ability. Firstly, this boosts the wearer’s Energy Recharge Rate by 12%, allowing them to regenerate their Ultimate at a faster pace. Additionally, whenever anybody on your team uses an Ultimate, the wearer will restore HP for the ally currently with the lowest HP percentage by an amount equal to 10% of the healed ally’s Max HP. And if that wasn’t all, whenever the wearer heals an ally, you’ll also increase the ally’s ATK by 2.4%, which can stack up to 5 times and lasts for turns.

In short, this is one of the most stacked Abundance Light Cones out there and a perfect fit for Huohuo. Extra Energy Recharge rate means more Ultimates for Huohuo – which translates to more Ultimates and DMG buffs for the rest of the team – whereas the ability to heal on Ultimate usage will make her healing compared to someone like Luocha, who is easily the best healer in the game right now. The ATK buff she can provide an ally via healing is just the cherry on top of these already incredible effects, turning Huohuo into a bonafide Harmony unit. In fact, if you have Huohuo at E1 with her LC, she’s capable of healing as well as buffing ATK, SPD and Energy Recharge, which is just insane. 

Even without E1, this Light Cone is simply too good to pass up on. It improves so much of Huohuo’s kit, specifically boosting her utility and support capabilities. If you want to ensure that your Huohuo is the best she can be and are okay with parting with some Stellar Jade, we highly recommend pulling for Night of Fright for Huohuo. 

Huohuo's Signature Light Cone is Night of Fright, a new 5-star Abundance LC | Huohuo Build

Night of Fright, Huohuo’s Signature Light Cone

Recommended Replacement Light Cones for Huohuo

However, not all Trailblazers are going to be lucky (or rich) enough to get Night of Fright for their Huohuo: whether they’re saving for a future character like Ruan Mei or are simply skint from spending everything they had on our little Foxian friend, there are numerous reasons why players may turn to alternative Abundance Light Cones. Well, fortunately for them, Abundance is one of the more consistent Paths in terms of Light Cone quality, giving Huohuo plenty to choose from when it comes to replacement options for Night of Fright.

Before we proceed, though, we do need to mention that all recommendations are going to strictly be 4-star in rarity. Unquestionably, 5-star Abundance Light Cones such as Time Waits for No One are going to be a better fit for Huohuo than most 4-star options: however, because of their rarity, most players are going to have an easier time getting their hands on 4-star options. However, if you’re lucky enough to have Bailu’s signature LC on hand, give it a go on Huohuo before committing to a lesser option, especially because 5-star Light Cones tend to have stronger effects and bigger stat boosts. 

Without further ado, the best replacement 4-star Abundance Light Cones for Huohuo in Honkai Star Rail are Post-Op Conversation, Quid Pro Quo and Hey, Over Here.

Post-Op Conversation

Post-Op Conversation

Beginning with the most widely used Abundance Light Cone, we have Post-Op Conversation. This LC can be earned by pulling on any of Star Rail’s Warp banners and, at level 80, it will give the wearer 1058 HP, 423 ATK and 330 DEF. The main effect of Post-Op Conversation is Mutual Healing which increases the wearer’s Energy Regeneration Rate by 8% (up to 16% at S5) as well as increasing Outgoing Healing when they use their Ultimate by 12%. More Energy means more Ultimates which means more buffs for the rest of the team. 

The second recommendation we’re giving is for Quid Pro Quo, perhaps the easiest Abundance Light Cone to earn F2P. You can pick this LC up from several locations, including as a lucky drop from the end of a weekly Echo of War or as a reward from the Memory of Chaos. It gives the wearer 952 HP, 423 ATK and 396 DEF alongside the Enjoy With Rapture effect. This regenerates 8 Energy (up to 16 Energy at S5) for a randomly chosen ally whose Energy is lower than 50%. This Light Cone lets you play more into Huouhuo’s Energy Recharge fantasy, giving you yet another utility tool for helping out your allies: the more Ultimate charge you can give them, the better.

Lastly, the final Light Cone we’re recommending is only going to be available during version 1.5. Hey, Over Here is a limited 4-star Abundance Light Cone which you can earn from A Foxian Tale of the Haunted: you’ll also be able to get its Superimposition materials too. As for the LC itself, it gives 952 HP, 423 ATK and 396 DEF with the ability I’m Not Afraid! This increases the wearer’s Max HP by 8% (up to 12% at S5) and also increases their Outgoing Healing by 16% for 2 turns whenever they use their Skill. This Light Cone is almost tailor-made for Huohuo, giving you a budget version of her signature LC which drastically improves her healing abilities. 

Hey, Over Here, Event LC

Hey, Over Here, Event LC

Huohuo’s Best Relic and Planar Ornament Sets

When it comes to selecting Huohuo’s Relic and Planar Ornament sets, you’ll want to select those which benefit her healing or support capabilities rather than any which would buff her damage: healing or support sets are a lot harder to come by in Star Rail when compared to damage oriented sets, making the process a bit harder. However, there is one clear winner when it comes to choosing the best Relics for your Huohuo build.

The best Relic and Planar Ornament combination for Huohuo is a hybrid set containing 2-piece Longevous Disciple and 2-piece Passerby of Wandering Cloud alongside full 2-piece Broken Keel. The Longevous Disciple set bonuses will give Huohuo 12% additional HP, whereas Wandering Cloud will give her a 10% Outgoing Healing Bonus increase. Meanwhile, Broken Keel is an Effect RES-focused Planar Ornament set, increasing the wielder’s Effect RES by 10% and then increasing all allies CRIT DMG by 10% if the wielder can reach a total of 30% Effect RES.

Path of Elixir Seekers

Path of Elixir Seekers

The primary benefits from this set are purely stat-based, with the increase in HP and Outgoing Healing boosting Huouho’s regeneration abilities dramatically. This hybrid Relic combination will make her a more potent and consistent healer with her Skill and Talent and, while it isn’t anything too flashy, it certainly gets the job done. As for the Planar Ornament bonus, it helps round out Huouho’s kit by giving her another bit of utility that the rest of the team can benefit from: what’s even better is that, once you’ve unlocked all of Huohuo’s Traces, equipping this set will give you 28% Effect RES at base, meaning that you just need one of your six Relics to roll a single bit of Effect RES for the bonus. 

However, if you want something a bit more streamlined, you can use 2-piece Fleet of the Ageless in place of Broken Keel. This Planar Ornament set increases the wearer’s Max HP by 12% and it will also increase all allies’ ATK by 8% once the wielder reaches 120 SPD. This set allows Huohuo to double down on her healing capabilities while still having a bit ofbackupp utility with the ATK boost, although it is considerably more difficult to get to 120 SPD than to get another 2% Effect RES. While both stat boosts are nice, we would still recommend Broken Keel in most situations because of how easy it is to access the additional effect and how important Effect RES is on your healer: you don’t want them getting CC’d when you need a heal, do you?

Huohuo's Best Relic Sets

Huohuo’s Best Relic Sets

Most Important Stats and Substats for Huohuo in Honkai: Star Rail

Of course, deciding on which Relic sets to use is only the first step in making a great Huohuo build, with the next steps involving the more minute details based on each Relic’s individual main and substats. Main stats give the highest amount of raw stats to a given character, making them the cornerstone of most builds. Knowing which main stays to chase is of the utmost importance and you should be on the lookout for the ones listed below:

  • Body: HP%
  • Feet: HP% or SPD
  • Planar Sphere: HP%
  • Link Rope: Energy Recharge

Aside from main stats, gathering a good crop of relevant substats is equally, if not more, important. Here are the four most important substats you should be seeking out when building Huohuo’s Relics, as well as their priority order based on how important they are to Huohuo’s overall playstyle.

  1. HP%
  2. Energy Recharge
  3. Effect RES
  4. SPD
Need A Hand?

Need A Hand?

Best Teams for Huohuo in HSR

Premium Huohuo Healer Team

Unless you’re running a shielder or damage mitigation like Gepard or Fu Xuan, practically every single team will need a competent Abundance character in Honkai Star Rail. As such, Houhou has a ton of potential compositions and teams where she can work but, if you want to maximise her potential, you’ll want to stick her in compositions alongside allies who can really benefit from her myriad of buffs and effects. Additionally, you’ll want to think about accompanying supports who can help aid Huohuo in the goals of her kit, such as having additional ATK or Energy buffer.

With that ruleset in mind, the best premium Huohuo team in HSR includes Topaz and Numby, Asta and Tingyun. 

Honestly, Huohuo works well with almost every single ATK-scaling DPS in Honkai Star Rail and you can confidently switch many of them into this team with little worry. While our focus in this team composition is going to be on Topaz, characters like Yanqing and Jing Yuan will also benefit massively from Huohuo’s Energy and ATK buffs due to their reliance on their Ultimates. As for Topaz, a more consistent Ultimate charge means that Numby enters the Windfall Bonanza state more often, massively boosting Topaz’s damage output. Aside from that, she’s just an excellent main carry who can confidently dish out tons of damage between herself and Numby over several turns, especially when high on ATK buffs from the three other team members.

Topaz and Numby

Topaz and Numby

Aside from Topaz, we have two other support units. Asta is a staple of many F2P and premium teams as a ridiculously good Harmony character. With her ability to buff both SPD and ATK for the entire team, she’s already secured a spot in most teams, as a large majority of main DPS units are very hungry for those extra stats. Additionally, her Skill serves as an excellent Break tool for Fire Weak enemies, giving you a nice source of Burn for some additional situational damage.

Lastly, we have a character who’s going to follow Huohuo in most team compositions and that’s Tingyun. Aside from being one of the best and most consistent Harmony characters in the game, Tingyun pairs exceptionally with Huohuo due to their similar Energy Regeneration buffing abilities: just like Huohuo, Tingyun’s Ultimate increases the Energy gains of a single ally dramatically while also increasing their ATK. When put alongside Huohuo, you now have two very strong supports who can massively buff your main DPS and ensure that they get their Ultimate back at a ridiculously fast pace. If you have Tingyun I would highly suggest keeping her by Huohuo’s side, no matter what main DPS or alternative supports you run. They’re just that good together.

Best Premium Huohuo Team

Best Premium Huohuo Team

Premium Huohuo Healer Team (Argenti Edition)

While it’s true that any ATK-scaling DPS is going to pair wonderfully with Huohuo, there is one standout main attacker whom she works particularly well with. The main problem is that he’s not available yet. Argenti is the limited 5-star for the second phase of version 1.5 but, as a Physical Erudition character whose entire gimmick revolves around stacking as much Ultimate charge as possible, he’s a perfect fit for Huohuo. 

This version of the premium Huohuo team includes Argenti as the main DPS, Tingyun and the choice between either Pela or Asta

Energy Regeneration Partner, Tingyun

Energy Regeneration Partner, Tingyun

So, why is Argenti so good with Huohuo? Argenti as a character is very much the Eruditon Path taken to its extremes. His main selling point is that he has two versions of his UIltimate – one at 90 Energy and an even stronger one at 180 Energy. With Huohuo (and Tingyun) by his side, Argenti will be able to regenerate Energy at a much more consistent pace, allowing him to tap into that more powerful Ultimate more often. One of Argenti’s biggest weaknesses is that he suffers a lot in fights with low enemy numbers as he cannot efficiently gain Ascend stacks to improve his CRIT Rate and Energy gains: if you have Huohuo, though, you can sidestep the Energy issue and feed Argenti full of Ultimates. They’re a near-perfect combo.

Aside from Argenti, you may want to consider subbing out Asta for the likes of Pela. What Pela brings to the table is the ability to inflict the entire enemy side of the field with a potent DEF Decrease with her Ultimate, priming them for Argenti’s own suite of room-wide attacks. When used with Tingyun and Huohuo, you have the potential to constantly have Argenti cutting down legions of enemies with low defence. However, all of the positives we previously discussed for Asta are still relevant in this team, with her ATK and SPD buffs being a super nice addition for Argenti. The choice is mainly down to personal preference. 

Best Premium Huohuo Team (Argenti Edition)

Best Premium Huohuo Team (Argenti Edition)

F2P Huohuo Team

Because of how versatile Huohuo is, you should be able to comfortably pair her with plenty of different main DPS units, including many F2P units. This does include the standard pool of 5-stars – which has characters like Yanqing and Himeko – but it also includes plenty of free 4-star options such as Dan Heng or Serval. Huohuo’s unique hybrid role allows her a lot of freedom in F2P teams, especially with her ability to consistently regenerate Ultimates. With that in mind, here is a F2P Huohuo team comprised completely of 4-star options, with a main DPS who can really benefit from everything Huohuo has to offer. 

The best F2P team for Huohuo in Honkai: Star Rail includes Qingque as our main DPS and Asta and Yukong as our support units. 

Big Time Gambler, Qingque

Big Time Gambler, Qingque

At first, Qingque may seem like an odd choice to pair with Huohuo. While she is a very strong Erudition DPS capable of high single-target and Blast damage, she needs a lot of Skill Points to efficiently cycle through her tiles. That is, of course, without mentioning her Ultimate: after Qingque uses her UItimate, she instantly gains a matching set of tiles, allowing her to immediately enter the Hidden Hand state. If you use Huohuo’s Ultimate, you can more consistently build Qingque’s Ultimate and sidestep any bad luck you may have with her Skill. The ATK bonuses from Huohuo’s Ultimate will also be a big boost, increasing QQ’s damage output significantly. 

We’ve already discussed Asta in the premium team but what about Yukong? She’s subbing in for Tingyun and, while she isn’t able to increase Energy like our shifty Foxian friend can, Yukong is a superb buffer for main DPS units. By pairing her Skill and Ultimate together, Yukong can raise the entire team’s ATK and CRIT DMG, massively improving Qingque’s damage output. The main downside to Yukong is that she’s a Skill Point glutton, requiring a massive amount of SP to consistently work. That’s alongside the strict turn order requirement of her buffs, requiring the main DPS to be close to her in SPD. However, with Huohuo’s Divine Provision doing a lot of the healing work, you’ll have access to more Skill Points, enough that Yukong and Qingque should be able to share. 

Best F2P Huohuo Team

Best F2P Huohuo Team

That was how to make the best Honkai Star Rail Huohuo build. 

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