Honkai: Star Rail | How to Unlock the Triple Authentication Room

Learn how to unlock the Triple Authentication Door in Honkai: Star Rail with this quick and easy guide. The Triple Authentication door can be found aboard the Herta Space Station and it is protecting some pretty sweet rewards, including a 4-Star Light Cone. In this guide, we'll discuss how to find all three pieces of Authentication as well as what you'll find inside the room once you unlock it.

Honkai: Star Rail | How to Unlock the Triple Authentication Room

Honkai: Star Rail is a game chockful of mysteries and secrets to unearth and one that many players will likely find early on is the Triple Authentication Door. This special door can be found aboard the Herta Space Station, the first location you visit in the game, and acts as a barrier between you and some sweet loot. Getting this door is well worth it, too, as you’ll not only get an achievement and a high rarity chest but also a precious 4-Star Light Cone for Path of Erudition character. So, how do you actually get this thing open? 

Here’s how to open the Triple Authentication Room in Honkai: Star Rail

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Where is the Triple Authentication Room?

The Triple Authentication Room can be found aboard the Herta Space Station. Specifically, you need to head to the Base Zone area of the Space Station. This is the area you first explore during the prologue with Kafka and Silver Wolf, with a few new areas opening up afterwards.

It is worth noting that you need to have completed Arlan’s quest chain The Road to Revival before the door becomes intractable. This is a small series of missions involving helping out scientists around the Space Station and it will become available as soon as you go to leave Herta Space Station for the first time. Simply follow the quest (and all subsequent quests) until you’ve completed them all.


Once you’re done there, head to the Base Zone. The closest Space Anchor is in the Monitoring Room, an area you visit during Arlan’s mission. Head back towards the main area of the Base Zone from the Monitoring Room and you should see the Triple Authentication Room to your left, marked by the distinctive orange data pad.

Now you can go about the process of actually opening it.

How to Unlock the Door

To unlock the door, you’ll need to find 3 different key cards from around the Space Station. Each one has a different level of clearance and you will need to find all 3 before the door will open. 

The three keys can be found in: 

  • The Master Control Zone
  • The Storage Zone
  • The Base Zone

Each key has a different method of acquisition, either requiring you to complete a puzzle, engage in combat or just interact with a specific NPC. 

Open Sesame!

Open Sesame!

Level 1 Authentication

The first level of Authentication can be found in the Master Control Zone. The hint given to you by the datapad instructs you to find a strange man in an afro, who seemingly found the key card before you. 

Head over to the Master Control Zone via the Central Passage Space Anchor. Right after spawning in, look forward and you should see a man in red simply titled “Man with Afro”. He will be standing a little way down the main hall and isn’t to be confused with the World Currency vendor Wen Shiqi. 

All you need to do to get this key card is interact with the Man 5 times. Each time you interact with him, the discussion will grow steadily stranger and stranger over time, including such highlights as how to join the Afro Hair Association. Upon talking to him for the fifth time, he’ll ask you to leave him alone and give you the Corporate Acces Authentication card as a bribe. 

First Authentication Key

First Authentication Key

Level 2 Authentication

The next level of Authentication can be found in the Storage Zone. This area is full of various enemies and monsters, but also a lot of locked doors and secret rooms. The clue for this room talks about it being hidden in an elevator room with Wubbaboo elevators.

Teleport to the Outside the Control Centre Star Anchor to begin. Immediately after teleporting, you should see a locked door right next to the Star Anchor, which you should be able to unlock. Inside a room with a few enemies, the most important detail is the various platforms and switches scattered around the room. Activating each device will cause several platforms of alternating colours to either spawn or disappear.

Your objective here is to simply make it to the other side. This will involve activating the switches in a certain order so you can cross from one part of the room to the other and back again: 

  1. The first switch is down the slope to the left as soon as you enter the room. This will spawn the blue bridges. 
  2. Continue on the new path until you reach a circular platform with the next data pad. This will spawn the red bridges again and unlock a new path.
  3. Cross the newly formed red bridge and then go across a different grey bridge to find the final switch. This will, once again, spawn the blue bridges and give you a direct path to the room on the other side.

Make your way over to the room and the Thousand Stars Access Authentication key will be a glowing orange spark outside the room. There’s also a chest inside the room itself, so don’t forget to pick that up. 

Second Authentication Key

Second Authentication Key

Level 3 Authentication

Surprisingly, you’ll likely already have the 3rd Authentication card. You can obtain this in the Base Zone area, the same location as the Triple Authentication Door. The clue given is that the card is within 300 meters of the door and that it has an Anti-Matter Legion monster. 

This Legion enemy is the Blaze Out of Space boss enemy in the Monitoring Room just north of the Authentication Door. This is a level 13 Fire adjacent enemy with weaknesses to Physical, Ice and Quantum damage. You have to fight it as part of the Road to Revival quest for your pessimistic scientist friend.

Slay this enemy and the [BLANK] Access Authentication Card is yours.

The Monitoring Room

The Monitoring Room

Opening the Door

Once all three pieces of Authentication have been located, return to the door. You can slot in all three pieces and it should pop open. Be ready for a scrap, though, as two high-level enemies will be waiting inside that you’ll need to clear out before advancing. 

After you deal with them, you can poke around the room for your rewards. The most important things to note are a series of notes and books around the room, including a letter from Asta, that will give you the achievement Seventeen’s Map, and a large high rarity chest at the back of the room.

The chest will give you the 4-Star Light Cone The Seriousness of Breakfast. This Light Cone is most effective on Path of Erudition characters: it provides a static 12% DMG boost to the wielder, while also increasing their ATK by 8% for every defeated enemy you fell. It should be noted that you will get additional copies of this Light Cone by completing the main story scenario, so consider Superimposing it to enhance its effects.

And that was how to open the Triple Authentication Door in Honkai Star Rail

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