Honkai: Star Rail | Luminflux Pyxis Day 3 Puzzle Guide

Want to learn how to complete all the Luminflux Pyxis puzzles on Day 3 in Honkai: Star Rail? This quick and easy guide will show you how to complete each of the 3 Luminflux Pyxis puzzles, along with clear illustrations depicting how each puzzle works. This puzzle awards a lot of Stellar Jade so all Trailblazers will want to try their hand at it.

Honkai: Star Rail | Luminflux Pyxis Day 3 Puzzle Guide

If you explore enough of Honkai: Star Rail‘s beautiful planets, you’ll come across quite an array of oddities. Whether it’s sentient robot birds who each represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins or a mysterious locked door that you need verification to enter, there are many puzzles and activities to unearth. Many of these awards Stellar Jade, the currency needed to perform Warps and obtain new characters and Light Cones. Some of these puzzles even span over multiple days, asking you to return and complete more on the following day for extra Stellar Jade and additional rewards.

One of these daily activities is the Luminflux Pyxis puzzles. This set of challenges is a remixed version of a set of puzzles Trailblazer completed during the Xianzhou Luofu main story while they visited the Artisanship Commission. You must position several emitters that correctly shoot beams of light so that they every nearby lantern with a single shot. It can be pretty tricky, but the difficulty massively ramps up on the final day. Luminflux Pyxis Day 3 is extremely tough and will leave many scratching their heads. Fortunately, we’re here to remedy that. 

Here’s how to complete all the day 3 Luminflux Pyxis puzzles in Honkai: Star Rail.

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What is Luminflux Pyxis? 

If you haven’t started the Luminflux Pyxis puzzles and want to know how it works, you need to have completed a good deal of the Xianzhou Luofu storyline in Honkai: Star Rail. After cleaning out the Artisanship Commission, you can return to this area to meet with Master Gongshu, the Artisan you met during the events of the story. He can be found on the north side of the Artisanship Commission.

Upon speaking to him, he will reveal that he’s testing out the device used to route out the Abundance using beams of concentrated light. In this effort, he hopes that you can aid him in testing the device. This will begin the Luminflux Pyxis mini secret quest chain.

Each day after first speaking to Master Gongshu you will have 3 puzzles to complete in HSR. Each one will award a chest that contains at least 5 Stellar Jade, with the final puzzle on each day awarding far more. Once you’ve completed three puzzles, you must wait for the next day until you can attempt the next set. There are 3 days in total, adding up to 9 Luminflux Pyxis challenges in total. 

Luminflux Pyxis Day 3

Puzzle 1

The first puzzle for day 3 has 4 Lanterns that must be popped. This, and all future puzzles, will also include the rail mechanic introduced on day 2 (where certain light emitters can be moved across a rail to get to a different position). To complete this puzzle:

  1. Move the receiver node on the railing directly to the left of the starting point to the top of the rail. Direct the light from this node straight up towards the Lantern above it.
  2. Direct the light of the node now being hit by the starting light straight up as well, catching two Lanterns in the process.
  3. Move the node closest to the stairs so it is pointing to the bottom-left node. This will destroy one more Lantern.
  4. Finally, direct the bottom-left node to point right towards the first receiver node you moved.

Once all these pieces are in place, return to the start and fire the beam. This will complete the first Luminflux Pyxis puzzle for Day 3 in Honkai: Star Rail. For your troubles, you’ll get a Basic Treasure Chest.

Day 3, Puzzle 1 Solution

Puzzle 2

The second puzzle for Day 3 has 5 Lanterns that must be popped. To complete this puzzle: 

  1. Move the receiver node on the first railing to the right of the starting point to the top of the rail. Then point the light right. 
  2. Follow the path of the starting node. When you reach the emitter on the rail to the right of the screen, move it towards the starting emitter before pointing the light towards the top left.
  3. Move the receiver node on the rail directly above the starting point into the top left corner. After doing this, point the light facing right. 
  4. Follow this path to find another receiver node on a rail. Move this one so it is at the top of the rail with the light pointing towards the bottom right.

Return to the start, shoot the light and you should net yourself the next chest. This time, you’ll get a Bountiful Chest with a 4-Star Relic and 20 Stellar Jade.

Day 3, Puzzle 2 Solution

Day 3, Puzzle 2 Solution

Puzzle 3

The final Luminflux Pyxis puzzle for day 3 is easily the most difficult. You have to pop 7 Lanterns this time, with almost every single emitter being on a railing. To complete this last puzzle: 

  1. Make sure the node on the rail above the starting point is directly above the starting point. After moving it, point the light from this receiver node to the right.
  2. Move the node on the far right to the top of its railing so it is hit by the light from the first node. Then, point it towards the top left. 
  3. Follow this light and make sure the node on the railing at the very top is being hit by it. Once that’s done, point this node straight down.
  4. The next receiver node is to the right of the starting point and it should intercept the light from the third node you moved. Have the light from this one go left.
  5. The node on the bottom left should be moved up the railing so it is the path of the light from the previous node. Then point it straight up towards the last node.
  6. Finally, move the receiver node at the top left into the left side of the railing. Direct the light towards the bottom right to finish off.

Should everything go as planned, you can hit the starting trigger and all 7 Lanterns will pop. This will finish off all the Luminflux Pyxis puzzles, earning you a Precious Treasure Chest containing 2 4-Star Relics, plenty of resources and 30 Stellar Jade.

Day 3, Puzzle 3 Solution

Day 3, Puzzle 3 Solution

That was how to complete all the Day 3 Luminflux Pyxis puzzles in Honkai: Star Rail

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