Honkai: Star Rail | Simulated Universe World 6 Guide (Easy F2P Clear)

Learn how to easily beat World 6 of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail using a completely free-to-play method in this guide. World 6 is the final part of the Simulated Universe and has one of the toughest bosses in the game, Cocolio. With the F2P method suggested in this guide, you can consistently beat her without any special limited characters or Light Cones.

Honkai: Star Rail | Simulated Universe World 6 Guide (Easy F2P Clear)As one of Honkai: Star Rail‘s pinnacle pieces of endgame content, the Simulated Universe is both a great way to test out teams and compositions as well as challenge you with interesting fights. On one hand, you have the fun and interesting modifiers imposed by the Path and rouge-lite systems the game mode has. Then, on the other, there are tough-as-nails boss encounters which can prove to be near insurmountable at first glance. This balance of factors is what makes SU so good, and a must-play activity in HSR. One such example of this difficulty is Simulated Universe World 6.

World 6 is the final world in the Simulated Universe, as of Version 1.0. As such, it is also full of some of the toughest enemies, all of whom seek to keep you from your Stellar Jade. The meanest of all these enemies is Cocolia, the Supreme Guardian of Belobog, who will team up with her daughter Bronya to stop you in your tracks. Luckily for you, there’s a great method for overcoming World 6 that’s completely free-to-play and only uses starter characters and Light Cones. 

Here’s your guide to World 6 of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail. If you want to see guides for World 4 and World 5 of the Simulated Universe, you can find both of them here.

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Animated Short: A Flash | Honkai: Star Rail

World 6 Overview

As the final World in the Simulated Universe, World 6 asks you to be very prepared before you go in. You’ll need to have completed all of the other Worlds in Honkai: Star Rail before you can even think about attempting it. The recommended level for World 6 is Level 65. 

The enemies that you’ll be battling in World 6 consist of those found all over Star Rail. From regular Fragmentum monsters to Belobog robots to the Mara-Struck of the Luofu, the kind of foes you’ll fight are completely random so it’s hard to predict what you’ll be going up against. Fortunately, though, there is a very large amount of Fire weakness in World 6, including almost all of the Elites. 

Facing the Supreme Guardian

Facing the Supreme Guardian

With regards to the Planar Ornament sets for World 6, we have Belobog of the Architects (DEF set) and Inert Salsotto (CRIT Rate set). These can be obtained from the Immersion Devices after you defeat each of the Elite enemies. For 40 Trailblaze Power, you can assortment of random Relics from these two sets. 

Lastly, like all other Simulated Worlds, World 6 has a total of 13 floors. 7 are dedicated to combat or event encounters, while 3 others (floors 4, 8 and 13) are relegated to Elite enemies and Boss fights. The final 4 floors (floors 5, 9 and 12) are all Respite spots where you can recover health, revive downed allies or buy upgrades and Curios from Herta. 

World 6 Elites

World 6 Elites


The final hurdle between you and your World 6 completion is going to be Cocolia (Complet). This fight is going to be a rematch against the Echo of Cocolia, not the Cocolia: Mother of Deception variant available as an Echo of War. She still has some tricks up her sleeve though: tricks that may end up making you pull out your hair. 

The recommended level of World 6 Cocolia is Level 65. She deals Ice DMG with basically all of her attacks while being weak to Fire, Lightning and Quantum DMG. In terms of resistance, Cocolia is completely immune to all forms of Freeze and has very high Ice resistance, along with being immune to Entanglement. 

Cocolia has a core set of moves she’ll use for the entire fight, with some abilities and attacks changing between phases:

  • Chill of Bone-Piercing Coagulation: Deals Ice DMG to a single target.
  • Punishment of Endless Winter: Deals massive Ice DMG to all targets.
  • Hoarfrost of Eternal Isolation: Deals Ice DMG to a single target, with a 100% chance to Freeze the target.
  • Reverberating Ice: Deals Ice DMG to Frozen targets and units adjacent to the target. This removes the Frozen state.
Cocolia Breakdown

Cocolia Breakdown

Something that Cocolia will do for the entire fight is spawning in two Ice Edges to aid her. These entities are considered additional opponents with their position in the attack order. Each round, they will send out a powerful Ice shockwave until they’re destroyed. While the damage isn’t anything scary on its own, pairing it with Cocolia’s ability to burst down a single target can lead to some hairy situations if these Ice Edges are left unchecked. 

Another annoyance is that, upon entering her second phase, Cocolia will summon Bronya to help her. This is along with the Ice Edges, meaning that you’ll now have 4 targets to fight instead of just one. It doesn’t help that Bronya is very irritating: she has a very similar kit to how she works as a playable character, with her primary role being accelerating Cocolia’s next action. When paired with Cocolia’s charged move, Wrath of Winterland Saints, Bronya can allow her to instantly get off this high-damage move to the entire party. Oh, and she cures Cocolio of any debuffs too. 

If that wasn’t all, you’ll also have to constantly be worrying about Freeze. A lot of Cocolia’s attacks have the potential to inflict a Freeze upon one of your party members, which can lead to some devastating consequences. If she Freezes your healer or your shielder, that leaves your squishy DPS wide open: you cannot use Natasha’s Ult, Gepard’s Ult, or anything, you simply have to watch as she tears apart your team. What’s worse is that Cocolia even gains a DMG buff if any of your team is Frozen.

No matter which way you slice it, Cocolia is a tough way to end the Simulated Universe. Don’t lose hope as there is a very consistent way to beat her using only F2P elements in Star Rail

Cocolia (Complete)

Cocolia (Complete)

Team Composition

For World 6, you’ll want all of your characters to be at a decent level with some pretty alright Relics to back them up. Depending on how lucky you are with Warps, some of the following recommendations can be switched around: for example, this is one of the few major fights where Himeko’s AoE Fire focus has a massive impact and she can shine here as a strong Erudition character. That being said, the following team is completely F2P and can consistently beat Cocolia on several runs of World 6. 

The F2P team we recommend for World 6 in Honkai: Star Rail is: 

  • Asta (Harmony) + Past and Future
  • Serval (Erudition) + The Seriousness of Breakfast
  • Trailblazer (Preservation) + We Are Wildfire
  • Natasha (Abundance) + Quid Pro Quo

If you’ve read our Simulated Universe World 4 guide, this team and the strategy for them may seem pretty familiar. This set-up is built heavily around dealing as much damage over time (also called DoT) as possible, letting us tear down everything in our way with the power of patience and debuffs. It is incredibly strong and something you’ll want to try for yourself. 

World 6 Team Comp

World 6 Team Comp


Despite being a Harmony character, Asta gets a surprising amount of work in World 6 as an offensive unit. She can provide an easy source of Burn for additional DoT and Nihility Path damage, she buffs SPD and ATK by a massive amount for the whole team, and she can easily Weakness Break the many Fire enemies World 6 has on offer. Honestly, Asta is an incredibly strong unit here and shouldn’t be undersold.

Her main form of utility will be through her ability to trigger Burn. Her first Trace, Sparks, has a chance of applying Burn to any enemy hit by Asta’s Normal Attack. This already makes Asta a top-tier pick, but what’s even better is her consistency. With her Skill, Asta can confidently break most Fire toughness bars in only a turn or two and having instant DoT application on command, without needing a Skill Point, is invaluable. 

That isn’t even to mention her Talent. As a Path of Harmony character, Asta is focused heavily on buffing and she does an excellent job of that as well. With her Ultimate she can buff SPD, allowing your faster characters (so Serval and herself) more chances to attack against slower targets. Meanwhile, her Talent is a great ATK buff, especially considering that she’ll likely be dealing damage very often thanks to the abundance of Fire Weak enemies in World 6. 

The biggest downside for Asta is that she is very fragile. One or two hits from even low-level enemies can lay her out flat. You need to be on top of it with your taunts and heals in case she goes down. Aside from that, Asta is a great asset to your team and one you won’t regret using. 

Asta, the Harmony

Asta, the Harmony


Next up is the team’s primary DPS, Serval. Like Asta, Serval pairs perfectly with the Path of Nihility, being both an excellent source of DoT via Shock and someone who synergises well with a lot of the skills and abilities given by the Nihility Path. Alongside that, her normal Skill and Ultimate DMG are quite good, giving her multiple sources of damage. Her Shock potential, though, is what allows her to shine.

Serval’s Skill, Lightning Flash, is guaranteed to cause Shock on up to three enemies. Like with Asta’s Normal Attack, having access to an instant DoT is essential for making the Nihility Path work the best it can. As such, the fact that Serval can apply this Shock to multiple targets at once is just fantastic. If that wasn’t all, her Talent will increase the damage dealt to Shocked enemies and her Ultimate will significantly increase the duration of Shock. In terms of DoT, Serval is in the running for the best debuffer in the game.

It helps that Serval is a good match for Cocolia, quite fittingly. Cocolia, as well as one of her Ice Edges, are weak to Lightning. If you pile on Serval, Asta and even the Fire damage of the Trailblazer, you can pretty confidently rip down Cocolia’s toughness bar in no time flat. Making sure she cannot act or get off her charged attacks is a must for staying alive.

Another thing Sevral shares with Asta is that she, unfortunately, is also quite frail. She can take more of a punch than our resident astrologer, but not much more. Keep her alive and keep her fighting, though, and Serval will take you very far in Honkai: Star Rail World 6.

Serval, the Erudition

Serval, the Erudition

Preservation Trailblazer (Fire MC)

With our damage dealers out of the way, let’s discuss our defensive units. First up is the Fire Trailblazer, also known as the Path of Preservation Trailblazer. As one of Star Rail’s only Preservation units, the Trailblazer is capable of controlling enemy aggro to a very high degree of success. They stand head and shoulders above as one of the best tanks to use for World 6, especially for how they can deal with annoying aspects of Cocolia and her boss fight. 

While the Trailblazer cannot produce shields as strong as other Preservation characters, they create them more consistently. Whether it’s their Normal Attack, Skill, or Ultimate, you name it and it will give a shield. When paired with their taunting potential, the Trailblazer work as an excellent punching bag that also dishes out good damage.

The strengths of the Trailblazer come into full effect with Cocolia. They can deal Weakness Break damage to every enemy and they can make themselves the target of Cocolia’s wrath. Making them the target of instant Freeze and other harmful effects is far better than having your squishy DPS taken out of the fight. Using their Skill to defend, give shields and taunt Cocolia should be the primary role of the Trailblazer.

If you manage to keep Cocolia’s attention, you’ll easily coast to a win for Simulated Universe World 6. 

Trailblazer, the Preservation


Last up is our team’s healer, Natasha. Like most teams in the endgame of Honkai: Star Rail, having a competent healer (or any healer, for that matter) will drastically increase your chances of survival. It helps that Natasha is an excellent unit and support character, one who is very skilled at keeping your entire team alive while being able to cleanse on the side. As the only healer most players have access to, very little needs to be said about how good Natasha is.

Aside from healing, Natasha also works as a great Skill Point generator. If you get lucky with Blessings and Natasha’s healing isn’t needed as urgently, she can take a backseat. All three of the others are very Skill hungry so having Natasha ready to regen some of those points is of great value. 

She can even help chip in during the Cocolia fight. While the Supreme Guardian herself isn’t weak to Physical, Bronya is. The sooner you get her off the field the better, so having Natasha for just that little bit of extra Weakness Break damage is very appreciated. Her overall damage won’t be very high, but she does have the potential to add to the DoT train with Bleed should she happen to Break an enemy. 

Natasha heals, keeps everyone alive and is an extremely versatile unit. There’s not much more to be said, really: remember to bring Nat to World 6 if you want a greatly enhanced chance at success.

Natasha, the Abundance

Natasha, the Abundance

Path and Blessing Recommendations

Path of Nihility

The Aeon known as IX overlooks the Path of Nihility, the Path which, in the Simulated Universe, enhances DoT effects. With the right characters and team composition, Nihility has the potential to be one of the strongest and most entertaining ways to play the SU: watching as enemies just fall to the waist side as they’re overloaded with over 10k damage from Shock, Burn and Wind Shear is incredibly satisfying. While it does need a bit more leg work than other Paths, Nihility is worth the effort, especially in World 6.

The debuffs covered by Nihility include Bleed (Physical), Burn (Fire), Shock (Lighting) and Wind Shear (Wind). The easiest way to apply these effects is to Weakness Break enemies with the associated element. However, as discussed above, our World 6 team is capable of instantly applying both Shock and Burn to targets. When paired with some of the stronger Nihility Blessings, these DoT effects can do everything from restoring energy to weakening the defences to healing your entire team and so much more.

IX, Aeon of Nihility

IX, Aeon of Nihility

Some of the most important Nihility Blessings for World 6 aren’t even damage-related. Instead, you’ll want to be on the lookout for Blessings related to utility. Before Sunrise and Offerings of Deceptions pair very well together. The first keeps your team fed with energy and the second will heal them, letting you focus on damage. Similarly, any Blessing which enhances Weakness Break efficiency (such as Night Beyond Pyre) will be very useful in keeping Cocolia, and other Elites, locked down.

In terms of increasing the potency of your DoTs, Nihility has you covered there, too. Hell is Other People is great for crowd control, letting you quickly spread DoTs from one target to another (something very useful with Cocolia’s Ice Edges), while Twilight of Existence lets you keep the uptime on Dots very high. Similarly, any Blessing which grants Suspicion stacks is a great way to increase your damage potential. Each Suspicion stack will increase the damage dealt by all DoTs on a target. 

Next, let’s talk about the Path Resonance. The Nihility Path Resonance will instantly apply as many DoTs as possible to the opposing side. Once triggered, all enemies have a chance of being affected by any of the 4 DoT effects. Theoretically, this can result in an enemy coming away with up to 10 DoTs on them, completely crippling them.

Nihility Path Resonance

Nihility Path Resonance

There is a way to make the Resonance even better, which will drastically increase your ability to effectively fight Cocolia. After picking up six Blessings of Nihility, you will be given the option to choose a Resonance Formation Blessing, something which will enhance your Resonance with an additional effect. A second Formation can be picked up at ten Blessings earned and a third at fourteen Blessings. For Nihility, all three are excellent choices but two stand out in particular. 

Resonance Formation: The Doubtful Fourfold Root is rather simple in what it does. This Blessing guarantees that every DoT from the Resonance will hit, applying even more stacks than normal. The more DoTs you have, the higher damage you deal, and the quicker you get through fights, simple. The other good choice is Resonance Formation: Suffering and Sunshine which makes your Resonance apply the Confusion and Devoid debuffs. Confusion triggers on Weakness Break, instantly causing all DoTs on the afflicted target to go off for lower than normal potency, whereas Devoid lowers the target’s toughness regeneration (meaning that they won’t get a full toughness bar when recovering from Break). 

With both of these Resonance Formations, you can turn your Resonance into an instant ticking time bomb. Serval and Asta are adept at breaking shields, meaning that you will be gaining a constant stream of DoT damage. This will also trigger any Blessings you have, meaning more energy regen or healing on top of additional damage. Devoid also lets you chew through large boss toughness bars at blistering speeds, making it a top-tier pick for Cocolia.

Path Resonance Blessings

Path Resonance Blessings

Other Paths

While you aim to collect as many Nihility Blessings as possible, you likely won’t get that lucky. Other Blessings from other Paths will appear quite frequently. As such, knowing which Paths to avoid and which to take is important to know. For World 6, there are three good Paths to select from: the Hunt, the Destruction and the Preservation.

Picking Hunt Blessings will increase your overall damage potential. Hunt Blessings give additional CRIT along with some SPD buffs. While DoT is our primary source of damage, additional damage output will never be a bad thing. More SPD, in particular, may even let you get additional turns to Weakness Break foes more efficiently.

On the other hand, Destruction and Preservation Blessings provide more defence. Preservation will increase things related to shields (which you will be getting often thanks to the Fire Trailblazer) and even provide things like additional damage, damage reduction or stats like CRIT while under the effects of a shield. Meanwhile, Destruction Blessings work to increase your survivability at low health. As we’ve mentioned, Asta and Serval are prone to falling near death’s door, so giving them a bit more survivability with Destruction Blessings will save your run more often than not. 

The Hunt, the Destruction and the Preservation

The Hunt, the Destruction and the Preservation

How to Beat World 6

To beat Simulated Universe World 6 in Honkai: Star Rail, select the Path of Nihility. From here, prioritise collecting as many Nihility Blessings until you have at least two of the Resonance Formation Blessings. These Blessings will greatly enhance the potency of your Resonance, letting you strip toughness bars with ease and deal absurd levels of damage. You can certainly beat World 6 without both Resonance Formations but just relying on Serval and Asta will make the fight much harder (especially if they get caught in the crossfire of an unlucky Freeze or attack from Bronya). 

You need at least 10 Nihility Blessings to get both Resonance Formations, with finding 6 Blessings being the bare minimum. As such, you should try and take twice as many combat floors as event floors. There are 9 chances to get the Blessings you need via combat. Of course, you likely won’t get 9 Nihility Blessings right off the bat. Making sure you have as many chances as possible at Blessings is the best way to proceed. Event floors are useful but very random, whereas combat floors are guaranteed to give you at least one Blessing.

For regular combat, as you make your way through World 6, try and make use of your Path Resonance as often as you can. With help from Asta’s Burn and Serval’s Shock, you should completely erase low-level targets without breaking a sweat. Then, when it comes to Elites, the sheer amount of DoT will make the fights far easier: that’s a good thing, too, as you don’t want fights lasting a long time. The more time passes, the more chances the bosses have of targeting Serval or Asta.

In short: spam your Resonance, cast as many DoTs as possible and pick up all the Nihility Blessings you can. Eventually, you will reach the fabled floor 13 of World 6 where Cocolia is waiting.

Ready to Fight

Ready to Fight

Cocolia Boss Fight

Cocolia is the final thing stopping you from conquering the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail. She isn’t going to go down easy and you’ll have to put up quite the fight to beat her. We recommend popping Trailblazer’s Technique before the fight for extra DEF. Then use Asta or Serval’s Technique to start the encounter.

As soon as the battle begins, get ready to use the Nihility Resonance once Cocolia has summoned her Ice Edge. This will catch both her and the Edge in the attack, causing them both to be afflicted with heavy amounts of DoT that will shred their health. Getting the Ice Edge off the field as soon as possible is easy enough, but it is important to do so your units aren’t caught by stray Ice blasts (it also forces Cocolia into wasting a turn to summon more later in the fight). Whenever Cocolia summons another array of Ice Edges, pop another Resonance to repeat the cycle and deal them with quickly. 

In terms of using your Skills, Serval and Asta will use theirs to whittle down Cocolia’s toughness bar. Meanwhile, Natasha can step in to heal or cleanse any allies who get Frozen, while the Trailblazer needs to use their Skill to taunt. If all goes well, Cocolia will focus entirely on the tank and avoid the DPS, letting them get away with Weakness Breaking her over and over without the fear of getting Frozen. 

Bronya Chips In

Bronya Chips In

The real issues come with phase 2. This is where Bronya joins the battle and she must become your number one enemy until she falls. She is going to be a constant annoyance who can deal considerably high damage. She’ll also be constantly advancing Cocolia’s turn, letting her get off her strongest attacks without needing to wait. This will also cleanse her of all of your Nihility debuffs. Fortunately, she is very susceptible to DoT so use the Path Resonance as soon as phase 2 begins to help burst her down. 

Finally, in phase 3, Cocolia steps her Freeze game up massively. Cocolia will cast her instant Freeze move every round, while your team is bombarded with Ice blasts that can Freeze multiple people. Natasha’s cleanse will be vital here for not only keeping characters alive but also letting them continue doing their jobs. This last stretch is a battle of attrition. You need to survive Cocolia’s worst while trying to constantly break her. Don’t let your concentration slip in regard to healing and taunting, either. 

Taunt Cocolio, avoid being Frozen, Weakness Break as often as you can and, eventually, she will fall. Congratulations! You’ve completed World 6, and the entirety of the base Simulated Universe. This will give you the third Herta Ediolon, Stellar Jade and 2 Herta Bonds.

World 6 Complete!

World 6 Complete!

That was how to beat World 6 of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail

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