Honkai: Star Rail Fu Xuan Build Guide | Fu Xuan Best Light Cone, Relics and Teams

Learn how you can make the best Fu Xuan build in Honkai Star Rail with this in-depth guide into the game's newest Quantum Preservation character, which includes a look at Fu Xuan's kit, what her best Light Cones and Relics are and even what premium and F2P teams you should run her in. Build her right and Fu Xuan can become an unkillable Quantum Goddess who works in almost any team.

Honkai Star Rail Fu Xuan Build Guide | Fu Xuan Best Light Cone, Relics and Teams

After a string of meta-defining main DPS units, Honkai: Star Rail has finally introduced a new 5-Star support unit in the form of Fu Xuan, the Master Diviner of the Xianzhou Luofu. As the game’s first new Preservation character since release, Fu Xuan had a lot of hype and potential but even her most stalwart fans likely underestimated her true power. As of release, Fu Xuan is one of the strongest units in the entire game, able to juggle high damage, insane levels of defence and even some healing as a 5-Star Quantum Preservation unit. She is absolutely a must-pull character in the same light as Silver Wolf and knowing how to best build her will set you up very nicely for HSR’s future. 

Here’s how to make the best Fu Xuan build in Honkai Star Rail, including a breakdown of Fu Xuan’s kit and Traces, her best Light Cones and Relic sets and even what her best premium and F2P teams are.

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Fu Xuan Materials

We’ll begin by discussing Fu Xuan’s Ascension materials. To take Fu Xuan all the way up to level 80 in Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll need to grab the following materials: 

  • 5x Artifex’s Module / 15x Artifex’s Cogwheel / 15x Artifex’s Gyreheart (Enemy Drops)
  • 65x Nail of the Ape (Stagnant Shadow Materials)
  • 300,000 Credits

The main set of materials that Fu Xuan needs is the Artifex series of drops. These materials only drop from the Igenium creations, a small pool of Xianzhou Luofu exclusive enemies which includes the Obedient Dracolion, the Golden Cloud Toad, the Illumination Dragonfish and the Aurumaton Gatekeeper. Your best bet for finding large quantities of this enemy type is by exploring the early portions of the Luofu, specifically the Cloudkeep and Alchemy Commission locations. Other potent ways to obtain the Artifex materials are by using the Omni-Synthesizer to exchange or transform materials, or you can hop into Worlds 5, 6 or 7 of the Simulated Universe to infinitely farm the few Igenium creations which stalk its halls.

Alongside the Artifex materials, you’ll also need to collect a bunch of Nails of the Ape. This material drops from the Shape of Abomination activity inside the Scalegorge Waterscape: this is one of the newest Stagnant Shadows introduced in Version 1.3 of Honkai Star Rail, serving as an additional source of drops for specific Quantum characters. That list includes Fu Xuan who, to reach level 80, will need to collect 65 Nail of the Ape drops, with the higher difficulties of the Stagnant Shadow awarding vastly more drops. As for what you’ll be fighting, the main boss of this Shadow is the eponymous Malefic Ape, a tricksy mini-boss who can target specific characters and is weak to Fire, Ice and Wind damage.

Lastly, it’s also worth mentioning that you should try and pick up some Preservation materials to level up Fu Xuan’s Traces. As a Preservation character, Fu Xuan will, at some point, require the Endurance of Bronze, Oath of Steel and Safeguard of Amber Preservation materials. She’ll also need several Regret of Infinite Ochema drops, which come from completing the Phantyllia Echo of War, to unlock new passives from her major Traces. 

Bravely Walking Forward

Bravely Walking Forward

Fu Xuan Kit and Abilities

Basic Attack: Novaburst

Fu Xuan’s Basic ATK is Novaburst, a simple Quantum-based attack which deals a minor amount of Quantum DMG to a single target.

While not as flashy or important as the rest of Fu Xuan’s kit, her Basic ATK is still worth mentioning because of one key aspect: instead of scaling off ATK like most other characters, the damage of Fu Xuan’s Basic ATK scales off of her Max HP. As you’ll soon see, HP is a vital stat for Fu Xuan, with the best Fu Xuan builds stacking as much HP as they can onto her. As a result, having high HP also makes her Basic ATK much more consistent and reliable.

Novaburst Basic ATK

Novaburst Basic ATK

Skill: Known by Stars, Shown by Hearts

Next on the list, we have Fu Xuan’s Skill, Known by Stars, Shown by Hearts. When cast, Fu Xuan’s Skill will activate the Matrix of Prescience, which is denoted by a large purple glyph on the floor of the battle arena. The Matrix lasts for three turns and, while it is active, it will Distribute damage taken by allies other than Fu Xuan and split it with her, lowering the overall amount of damage dealt. Additionally, all team members will gain the Knowledge effect while the Matrix is active, increasing their respective Max HP by a percentage amount of Fu Xuan’s own HP and their CRIT Rate by a significant amount. 

In terms of her overall kit, this is both the most complex and the most important ability Fu Xuan has on hand, allowing her to excel as a tanky Preservation character who can drastically buff her entire team. While the Matrix of Prescience is up, Fu Xuan is capable of Distributing 65% of the damage taken by her allies, essentially making them unkillable for the duration of the skill outside of very specific endgame fights. Without even factoring in any other part of Fu Xuan, this Skill already makes her a top-tier defensive support and one of the best Preservation characters in the game: in fact, it’s so good that, like Silver Wolf, it’s worth pulling on Fu Xuan so you can future proof teams with this ability in mind.

Not only that, the Matrix of Prescience also acts as a massive buffer for your entire team. The bonus Max HP is nice and will help a lot in keeping everyone nice and healthy but the real prize is that CRIT Rate increase. At level 10, the Knowledge will increase all party members’ CRIT Rate by 12%, a significant bump which will ensure that Fu Xuan and her team continue hitting big damage time and time again.

Known by Stars, Shown by Hearts is the main reason why Fu Xuan is so desirable and it is easily one of the strongest abilities in all of HSR.

The Matrix of Prescience

The Matrix of Prescience

Ultimate: Woes of Many Morphed to One

Woes of Many Morphed to One is Fu Xuan’s Ultimate and it is your main source of damage with her. When cast, Fu Xuan’s Ultimate deals Quantum DMG to all targets on the field and increases her Talent trigger count by one.

We’ll talk more about Fu Xuan’s Talent in a moment but, just on a pure damage level, this Ultimate is really respectable. While it isn’t going to be hitting the same numbers as Blade, Dan Heng IL or even Jing Yuan, it’s a substantial chunk of reliable Quantum DMG which comes in regular intervals and backs up Fu Xuan’s already stacked kit. With her Ultimate, Fu Xuan is a great asset in terms of both offence and defence, making her a superb pick for almost any team composition in the game. 

Woes of Many Morphed to One

Woes of Many Morphed to One

Talent: Bleak Breeds Bliss

Fu Xuan’s next ability is her Talent, Bleak Breeds Bliss. Firstly, this Talent applies the Misfortune Avoidance effect to the entire team, making allies take up to 22% less DMG for free. Secondly, and most importantly, whenever Fu Xuan falls below 50% of her Max HP, she triggers HP Restore to instantly heal up to 95% of the HP she is currently missing. This effect does not come into play if Fu Xuan suffers a killing blow and uses up one trigger count per usage, which can only be earned back by using her Ultimate. 

One potential downside of Fu Xuan’s amazing Skill has to do with her Distributing the damage taken by her allies: she may be decreasing the overall damage dealt to the team but, eventually, she’ll simply run out of HP without a healer. Well, fortunately, her Talent completely circumnavigated this problem by giving her a powerful self-heal on top of everything else she already has. Not only does this Talent passively make everyone take less DMG from everything at all times, but it also gives Fu Xuan the ability to bounce back from devastating hits in the same way that Luocha can. 

This Talent is the other side of the coin to Fu Xuan’s Skill and, together, they form the backbone of her strength and viability. If you can consistently get her Ultimate, Fu Xuan can, legitimately, become unkillable, able to stop her allies from taking any damage while healing off any substantial harm dealt to herself. And that’s without a healer. Simply put, this Talent is incredible and becomes insane thanks to the rest of Fu Xuan’s bonkers kit. 

Bleak Breeds Bliss

Bleak Breeds Bliss

Technique: Of Fortune Comes Fate

Last but certainly not least is Of Fortune Comes Fate, Fu Xuan’s Technique. When activated in the overworld, Fu Xuan consumes 1 Technique Point to give all team members a Barrier which lasts for 20 seconds. This Barrier blocks all enemy attacks, meaning that you won’t enter battle when attacked. If you manage to enter battle by attacking an enemy with the Barrier still active, Fu Xuan will automatically activate the Matrix of Prescience at the start of the start, which lasts for 2 turns.

This is one of the only Defence Techniques in the game and, just like everything else Fu Xuan does, it is incredible. Being able to start any battle with a free Matrix is always going to be good, but the fact that you cannot be sent into battle unwillingly while the Barrier is active is a nice cherry on top. Using this Technique in conjunction with other Enhancement style Techniques is going to work wonders in areas like the Simulated Universe or Hall of Memory. 

Of Fortune Comes Fate

Of Fortune Comes Fate

Fu Xuan Traces

With Fu Xuan’s main kit out of the way, we can now discuss her Traces. In general, Fu Xuan’s Traces centre on making her damage output higher and more consistent, her Ultimate easier to earn and her Matrix much stronger at resisting and protecting her allies. Starting with Fu Xuan’s stat-boosting Traces, you can get the following additional stats added to Fu Xuan by collecting all of the minor Traces in her Trace tree: 

  • 18.7% CRIT Rate
  • 18% HP
  • 10% Effect RES
Fu Xuan's Traces

Fu Xuan’s Traces

Fu Xuan’s first major Trace is Taiyi, the Macrocosmic, which unlocks at Character Ascension 2. When the Matrix of Prescience is active, Fu Xuan will regenerate 20 extra Energy whenever she uses Skill to reapply the Matrix. While you won’t be using her Skill consecutively too often, having an incentive in the form of a faster Ultimate charge is a nice way of rewarding those who manage to keep it in mind.

The next major Trace is her Ascension 4 Trace, Dunjia, the Metamystic. When Fu Xuan uses her Ultimate, she heals all other allies by an amount equal to 5% of her Max HP plus 133. Alongside her ability to make her entire team untouchable, this Trace makes Fu Xuan turn into a mini-healer alongside her potent tanky capabilities. With this Trace, Fu Xuan becomes a nearly unstoppable monster capable of high damage, incredible defence and even some healing thrown in for good measure.

Finally, there’s Fu Xuan’s Ascension 6 Trace, Liuren, the Sexagenary. If a target applies a Crowd Control debuff to an ally while the Matrix of Prescience is active, all allies will resist all Crowd Control debuffs applied by the enemy target during the current action. This effect can only occur once per Matrix of Presience activation and will become available again once Fu Xuan uses her Skill again. This Trace simply adds another layer to her kit, giving her the ability to shake off debuffs essentially at will for her entire team. Truly, Fu Xuan is a machine. 

In the Palm of Her Hand

In the Palm of Her Hand

Fu Xuan Trace Priority

  1. Known by Stars, Shown by Hearts (Skill)
  2. Bleak Breed Bliss (Talent)
  3. Woes of Many Morphed to One (Ultimate)
  4. Novaburst (Basic ATK)

The number one priority for Fu Xuan’s Traces is her Skill, Known by Stars, Shown by Hearts. While increasing the Skill level doesn’t increase the amount of damage you Distribute (as it is capped at 65%) it does increase the amount of extra HP and CRIT Rate you give to your allies. Fu Xuan is included in that bonus, by the way, so boosting the HP and CRIT Rate will not only make your allies stronger and tankier, but it will directly increase Fu Xuan’s own damage output and survivability as well.

After her Skill, Fu Xuan can either focus on her Talent or her Ultimate. Out of the two, we recommend focusing mainly on her Talent as it’s the main thing which allows her to become truly unkillable, even in places like the new Swarm levels of the Simulated Universe or the high end of the Hall of Memory. Meanwhile, her Ultimate is used for a lot of different things and, as Fu Xuan’s main source of damage, you’ll want to keep it as high as possible to ensure that you’re able to use her to the fullest. 

Honestly, the only reason why her Basic ATK ranks so low is because the other three abilities are simply astounding in their own right. With the correct amount of HP, Fu Xuan can deal some really nice damage with her Novaburst but the potential damage increase means nothing compared to the ability to tank or heal better: in fact, raising Fu Xuan’s Skill level already increases your damage output by making CRIT Rate for the entire team higher, allowing for more consistent critical hits. In short, don’t neglect Fu Xuan’s Basic ATK but definitely don’t prioritise it over her other Traces

Omniscia Spares None

Omniscia Spares None

Fu Xuan Eidolons

Next, we’ll go over all six of Fu Xuan’s Eidolons. To obtain more of a unit’s Eidolons in Honkai: Star Rail, you need to pull multiple copies of that character through Warping. For Fu Xuan, you’ll need to get lucky enough to get her multiple times while her Character Event Warp Forseen, Foreknown, Foretold” is still active. 

  1. Dominus Pacis: The Knowledge effect increases CRIT DMG by 30%.
  2. Optimus Felix: If any team member is struck by a killing blow while Matrix of Prescience is active, all allies who were struck by a killing blow during this action will not be knocked down, and 70% of their Max HP is immediately restored. This effect can trigger 1 time per battle.
  3. Apex Nexus: Skill Lv. +2 and Talent Lv. +2.
  4. Fortuna Stellaris: When other allies under the Matrix of Prescience are attacked, Fu Xuan regenerates 5 Energy.
  5. Arbiter Primus: Ultimate Lv. +2 and Basic ATK Lv. +1.
  6. Omnia Vita: Once Matrix of Prescience is activated, it will keep a tally of the total HP lost by all team members in the current battle. Fu Xuan’s Ultimate DMG will increase by 200% of this tally of HP loss. This tally is capped at 120% of Fu Xuan’s Max HP and the tally value will reset and re-accumulate after Fu Xuan’s Ultimate is used.
Bear Witness

Bear Witness

Fu Xuan Best Light Cones

Best in Slot: She Already Shut Her Eyes

Without question, Fu Xuan’s best in slot Light Cones is her signature LC, She Already Shut Her Eyes (Path of Preservation). This Light Cone is currently only available through the Light Cone Event Warp while Fu Xuan’s own banner – “Forseen, Foreknown, Foretold” – is still active. In terms of its viability, this Light Cone was built from the ground up with Fu Xuan in mind, meaning that it drastically improves every single part of her main kit, allowing her to hit harder, tank better and even heal more.

At level 80, She Already Shut Her Eyes gives the wielder 1270 HP, 423 ATK and 529 DEF. The main effect of this Light Cone is Visioscape, an ability which has several powerful effects. Firstly, this increases the wielder’s Max HP by 24% while also increasing their Energy Recharge Rate by 12%. Secondly, when the wearer’s HP is reduced, all allies’ DMG increases by 9% for 2 turns. Finally, at the start of every wave, this restores HP to all allies by an amount equal to 80% of their respective lost HP.

As a Light Cone, She Already Shut Her Eyes already acts like a mini-Fu Xuan, allowing any Preservation character to become the same type of triple threat that she is. When equipped with Fu Xuan herself, though, it just skyrockets her potential: the extra HP and Energy Recharge will improve her damage output significantly whereas the extra DMG boost upon hit simply adds another arrow to her already stacked quiver. The final bit of the Visioscape even gives her an additional source of healing on top of the methods she already natively has, which just furthers her ability to make her entire team untouchable.

When viewed on its own, this Light Cone is already insane and the best Preservation LC in the entirety of Honkai: Star RailWhen viewed alongside Fu Xuan, it becomes a must-pull item for anyone who wants their undying Goddess to become even better. If you love Fu Xuan and want to see her potential expand, I highly recommend spending the Jade to get this Light Cone for her.

She Already Shut Her Eyes

She Already Shut Her Eyes

Replacement Fu Xuan Light Cones

She Already Shut Her Eyes is clearly the best Light Cone for Fu Xuan but that doesn’t mean that all Trailblazers will be able to get their hands on it. Whether you’re flat-out broken from pulling on Fu Xuan or are saving your precious Jade for the upcoming Jingliu, there are a bunch of reasons why you may not be able to get a copy of this LC. Well, fear not, as there are plenty of replacement options just waiting to be united with your Fu Xuan. 

Before we begin, just a quick word. All of the recommendations we’re going to give here are 4-Star in rarity (with one big exception) but that doesn’t mean that we don’t recommend the other 5-Star Preservation Light Cones. Lower rarity LCs are much easier for the average player to get ahold of but, if you happen to have a copy of Moment of Victory laying around, don’t be afraid to give it a spin on Fu Xuan to see whether or not you like it. 

If you aren’t able to get your hands on She Already Shut Her Eyes, the replacement options for Fu Xuan’s Light Cone include Day One of My New Life, Landau’s Choice and Texture of Memories.

Day One of My New Life

Day One of My New Life

Day One of My New Life is a Preservation Light Cone you can acquire from getting lucky while Warping. At level 80, this Light Cone provides 952 HP, 370 ATK and 463 DEF along with the skill At This Very Moment. This increases the wearer’s DEF by 16% and it also increases the All-Type RES of all allies by 8% when entering battle. While it won’t directly contribute to her damage like an HP bonus will, giving Fu Xuan extra DEF will let her serve her main role as tank more effectively, as will the extra type RES, making this a good Light Cone for hammering down Fu Xuan’s core ideals and identity.

Next, we have the other LC you can get from Warping, Landau’s Choice. At level 80, this gives 952 HP, 423 ATK and 396 DEF. The ability on this Light Cone is called Time Fleets Away and it makes the wearer more likely to be attacked by enemies while also decreasing the DMG they take by 16%. Once again, this Light Cone allows you to double down on Fu Xuan’s defender fantasy, drawing attention away from your weaker allies while making her stronger and tankier in the process.

Finally, we have Texture of Memories, the only 5-star recommendation on this list. Unlike other 5-Stars which need to be acquired from Warping, Texture of Memory is a Preservation LC you can get from the Simulated Universe shop for 8 Herta Bonds. At level 80, you’ll get 1058 HP, 423 ATK and 529 DEF from equipping this LC. You’ll also get access to the Treasure skill which increases the wearer’s Effect RES by 8%. It also grants the wearer a Shield equal to 16% of their Max HP if they’re attacked without a Shield active: if they do happen to have a Shield up, they simply receive 12% less damage. Fu Xuan is one of the few Preservation who doesn’t rely on Shields so this Light Cone gives her some additional utility and survivability which may help her in longer, more drawn-out encounters.  

Landau's Choice

Landau’s Choice

Fu Xuan Best Relics and Planar Ornaments

In terms of building characters in Honkai Star Rail, Relic and Planar Ornament selection stands alongside Light Cone choice as the main way each player can differentiate their version of each character. Your choice to run one kind of Relic set may make your unit stronger at the cost of having their Ultimate less, something another player may wish to prioritise. For Fu Xuan, there are a few main choices you can decide to run and, while there is one clear frontrunner in terms of efficiency and potency, it gives players a good amount of flexibility when it comes to making the best Fu Xuan build.

As for what the best Relic set-up for Fu Xuan actually is, we recommend running a full 4-piece Longevous Disciple Relic set alongside the 2-piece Fleet of the Ageless Planar Ornament set for Fu Xuan. Longevous’ 4-piece bonus will increase the wielder’s Max HP by 12% and increase their CRIT Rate by 8% whenever they are hit or consume their own HP. Meanwhile, Fleet of the Ageless simply increases Max HP by another 12% while also increasing all allies’ ATK by 8% if you’re able to reach 120 SPD on the wielder. 

Path of Elixirs Seekers

Path of Elixirs Seekers

For Fu Xuan, the 24% extra Max HP is a godsent which improves a large swathe of her kit. More HP means more damage on her Basic ATKs and Ultimate; more HP means giving her allies more security via the Knowledge buff; more HP means more healing from her Talent. While simple, this straightforward stat buff is extremely effective and a great way to easily improve Fu Xuan’s viability. In a similar vein, the CRIT Rate increase whenever she gets hits means that you can focus purely on CRIT DMG and HP when building Fu Xuan’s artefacts, especially because she also gets over 18% additional CRIT Rate from her Traces. 

However, if a jack-of-all-trades Fu Xuan build isn’t as exciting or stable as a pure tanking build for her, you can switch out 4-piece Longevous Disciple for just the 2-piece bonus and run it with 2-piece Guard of Wuthering Snow. This simply reduces all DMG taken by 8%, allowing Fu Xuan to really excel in terms of defensive support. I would argue that, by going all in on defence, you lose out on what makes Fu Xuan so special but it is certainly an option which some players may want to pick for their Fu Xuan build in HSR. 

Elixir Seekers and Fleet of the Ageless

Elixir Seekers and Fleet of the Ageless

Most Important Stats and Substats for Fu Xuan

To make sure that your Fu Xuan is as effective and unkillable as possible, you’ll need to ensure that all of your Relics are up to snuff. As such, here are the main stat bonuses you should be looking for on all of Fu Xuan’s Relics:

  • Body: CRIT DMG or HP%
  • Feet: HP%
  • Planar Sphere: Quantum DMG Bonus or HP%
  • Link Rope: HP%

Aside from the main stats, here are the substats you’ll be looking to get for Fu Xuan’s Relics:

  1. HP
  3. Effect RES
  4. DEF
The Master Diviner

The Master Diviner

Best Teams for Fu Xuan in HSR

Premium Fu Xuan Team

The best premium team for Fu Xuan is one where she gets to utilise all aspects of her kit to the fullest. Between her consistently good damage to her tanking capabilities to her healing potential, you want to be able to make full use of everything Fu Xuan has to offer. Fortunately, several characters and compositions can make this a reality, creating a cohesive and strong team for Fu Xuan to lead.

With this in mind, the recommended premium team for Fu Xuan in HSR includes Blade, Bronya and Silver Wolf. 

Fu Xuan Premium Team

Fu Xuan Premium Team

Starting with our main DPS, we have Blade. As a unit on his own, Blade is one of the strongest main DPS in the whole game, especially in scenarios against multiple enemies. Aside from just being incredibly strong, though, Blade works insanely well with Fu Xuan, almost as well as he works with Luocha. Fu Xuan’s Matrix can ensure that Blade continues to take damage to build his Talent stacks while still providing a strong damage resistance: the fact that this team lacks a healer won’t even be an obstacle as Blade can heal himself using his Talent. Fu Xuan and Blade are an incredibly good combo and one you should test out if you’re lucky enough to have both units.

After Blade, we have Silver Wolf, another best-in-slot character, this time for the Nihiltity Path. Honestly, not much needs to be said about Silver Wolf seeing as she often makes it into most premium team compositions thanks to her flexible kit which allows any character to shine. Her ability to debuff enemies with a myriad of different effects is always going to prove useful, but her Weakness Implant is the main draw of SW. Fortunately, this team composition in particular makes her Skill even better as it limits the potential elements down to only two, either Quantum or Wind: if you implant a Quantum Weakness, Fu Xuan gets to shine whereas Blade gets to show off if you implant a Wind Weakness. Win-win no matter what. 

Finally, we have Bronya, yet another superb support character. She’s on the opposite end of the spectrum as Silver Wolf, buffing her allies rather than tearing down her enemies. In particular, her Skill’s ability to Advance Forward characters is going to be very useful for Blade, allowing him to quickly gain Talent stacks and rip through the enemy lines. Meanwhile, her Ultimate increases ATK alongside CRIT DMG, benefiting the entire team. Bronya is very good and she fits in very well in this premium Fu Xuan team.

Blade, Tool of Destruction

Blade, Tool of Destruction

Premium Mono-Quantum Fu Xuan Team

Alongside the standard premium team we’re recommending, Fu Xuan also fits perfectly into a second, more specialized premium team comp: in fact, this second team may be even better and more effective than the first, depending on who you’re running in it. This team is comprised entirely of Quantum characters – something only made possible in Version 1.3 of Honkai: Star Rail – and it is an incredible team which covers every niche and role you need.

For this mono-Quatum set-up for Fu Xuan, you’ll be running her with Silver Wolf, Lynx and either Seele or Qingque.

Fu Xuan Mono Quantum Team

Fu Xuan Mono Quantum Team

Silver Wolf’s role in this team is exactly the same as it is in the first premium team only, like Fu Xuan, she actually ends up being more efficient in this team. That’s largely down to the choice of element: with 4 Quantum characters in one team, Silver Wolf’s Weakness Implant will always be Quantum, ensuring that your chosen damage dealer can work at their maximum effectiveness.

Speaking of, you have two choices to make in terms of a main Quantum DPS. First up is the ever-reliable Seele who, after nearly 6 months, remains one of the strongest Hunt characters in the entire game. With her Skill, Seele can easily cleave through low-tier enemies in no time flat, whereas her Ultimate paired with SW’s guaranteed Quantum Weakness can ensure that any big boss won’t be around for long. In comparison, Qingque relies a lot more on luck but her potential to hit crazy-high numbers on multiple targets may make her a more attractive pick for some Trailblazers. At the end of the day, they both work excellently in this team alongside Fu Xuan so pick your poison.

Lastly, we have Lynx. Honestly, as an Abundance character, Lynx can sometimes feel a bit redundant in this team thanks to Fu Xuan’s overwhelming superiority: in most situations, your allies won’t get low enough to even need a heal from Lynx. With that said, her Skill’s ability to direct attention towards Destruction or Preservation characters can prove very useful in turning attention away from your squishier debuffer or DPS and towards your unkillable Preservation machine. Additionally, Lynx can strip debuffs from the entire team with her Ultimate and her damage output for an Abundance character is fairly decent.

Silver Wolf, The Best Debuffer in HSR

Silver Wolf, The Best Debuffer in HSR

F2P Fu Xuan Team

Lastly, let’s go over the best free-to-play team for Fu Xuan in Honkai Star Rail. While you likely won’t be able to hit the crazy high heights of the premium teams – who can rely on their wicked strong main DPS and debuffers to put in a lot in the offensive department – this team still allows Fu Xuan to shine as one of the best Preservation characters in the whole game. She’ll be keeping your squishy buffers alive who, in turn, will enable your DPS (and Fu Xuan) to deal some really nice damage, allowing this team to survive in even the harshest endgame battles.

The best F2P team for Fu Xuan in HSR includes Qingque, Yukong and Natasha.

Fu Xuan F2P Team

Fu Xuan F2P Team

Qingque returns once more as the F2P Quantum DPS. Everything we said in the mono-Quantum section applies here. While she does require a bit more luck and patience than most other DPS, Qingque’s unique playstyle and potential for wicked high damage make her a blast to play, especially in a team alongside other powerhouses like Yukong and Fu Xuan. One thing to keep in mind with QQ is that she’ll need a lot of Skill Points to work most effectively, something you must keep in mind when designing teams around her: fortunately, Fu Xuan and Natasha won’t be using their Skills often, allowing our DPS to hog most of the SP. 

Next up we have Yukong, a relatively new member of the F2P roster but one whose impact is massive. She’s an incredible Imaginary Harmony support and she’ll be the primary source of damage bonuses for the team. One of the main reasons why Yukong is chosen over someone like Asta is because her buff can heighten something other than ATK: if you use her Ultimate while the Rising Bowstrings buff is still active, Yukong will raise the CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG of the entire team. This allows Fu Xuan to continue benefitting where she otherwise couldn’t, as an ATK bonus would do nothing for her considering that every damaging move she has scales off of HP.

Finally, we have the ever-reliable F2P healer Natasha. Like the other healers in any Fu Xuan team, Natasha is mainly here for convenience and security’s sake as Fu Xuan’s mix of healing and the Matrix of Prescience will likely keep most teams alive on their own. When you do need that short sharp burst of instant healing, though, Natasha will be waiting with her trusty Grenade Launcher and Ultimate. Aside from healing, Natasha can still contribute as a Physical unit capable of building up an excess amount of Skill Points each round (something you’ll need a lot of between Qingque and Yukong’s constant Skill usage). 

Quantum AoE DPS, Qingque

Quantum AoE DPS, Qingque

That was how to make the best Fu Xuan build in Honkai: Star Rail

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