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Guild Raid Match Guide in Lost Ark

Are you wondering how the Guild Raid Match feature works in Lost Ark and looking for a guide? This article will help you understand how to participate and get some great rewards. Raid matches can be a great source of guild contribution as well as symael bloodstones, and you can never have enough of those.

Guild Raid Match Guide in Lost Ark

In this Lost Ark Guide, we will go through the Guild Raid Match activity, explain how to participate, which one to choose, and what rewards to expect. Raid matches are the newest addition to the guild activities tab. They are a new pve guild event introduced in the May update, together with the pvp guild activity of island siege.

Guild Raid Matches can be completed once per week on each character. Similar to guardian raids, they are easy to complete, take little time, and offer great rewards. The difference is that, while guardian raids reward accessories and ability stones to upgrade your gear, guild raid matches award bloodstones and guild contribution. Of course, you can use bloodstones to buy upgrade materials through the guild shop, which are essential resources to increase your ilvl.

However, the game offers little to no explanation of how raid matches work and many players are confused. This Lost Ark guide will help you understand everything you need in order to participate in Guild Raid Matches.

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How to participate in the Guild Raid Match

Start by opening up the Guild tab (alt-u by default) from any major city. Within the guild menus, in the overview tab, there will be a raid match window. On the right side of it, there are 2 options: apply and participation vote. By selecting ‘apply’, you can enter the event immediately. By selecting ‘participation vote’, you simply mark that you’re available for the event, whenever your guildmates agree to set it up.

How to apply for guild raid match in Lost Ark

How to apply for guild raid match in Lost Ark

There are 2 main ways to complete this event: solo and with the guild. While the rewards for completing it with the guild are higher, sometimes it can be hard to find a time that suits everyone.

As for the boss fight itself, it shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes, either solo or in a guild. The boss has no major mechanics, players can respawn as many times as they want to, and they can use their normal healing potions. The fight may only get challenging if players try to solo it with their undergeared alts.

Keep in mind, however, that guild raid bosses, similar to most foes in Lost Ark, reset if nobody is nearby. Therefore, if your destroyer or berserker alt (or any of the other advanced classes that you’ve chosen) isn’t strong enough in terms of ilvl, respawning will reset the boss. In this case, bringing some friend groups along is recommended.

To make this new content even easier, guild officers can research a variety of skills and perks through the guild research tab.

Lastly, keep in mind that if you fail to complete the raid for any reason, you are free to challenge it again anytime. 


How to complete Solo

To complete this solo, select ‘Apply’ as mentioned previously, choose a raid to challenge (more info on which to choose later), select ‘Challenge’, and then ‘Enter Base’.

Then, you will join one of the guild bases in an instanced zone where you can repair, change presets, and prepare yourself for the raid. These raids are fairly easy and no preparation is needed. When you’re ready, head to the summoning stone at the end of the instanced area and interact with it to begin the raid. This will teleport you to the arena and begin the timer (there is a limited time to kill the boss).

Interact with the summoning stone to begin the Guild Raid Match in Lost Ark

Interact with the summoning stone to begin the Guild Raid Match in Lost Ark

How to complete with Guild

To complete this with the Guild, everyone who wants to join should first apply through the ‘Participation Vote’ tab. Afterwards, a guild leader/officer selects ‘Enter Base’ and invites everyone else from the top left ‘Invite’ & ‘Create Raid’ options. First, use ‘Invite’ to make sure everyone enters the preparation zone and then use ‘Create Raid’ to split everyone into parties.

How to invite players in Lost Ark Guild Raid Match

How to invite players in Lost Ark Guild Raid Match

Afterwards, simply interact with the stone to create a portal that teleports everyone to the arena and begins the raid. As for guild members, they only need to accept the raid invite that appears on the bottom of the screen to join the instance.

Which Guild Raid Match to Choose

When selecting a raid, you will notice there are quite a few options to choose from. First, there are 3 main tiers: D, C, and B. Each tier gives more bloodstones than the previous (with B giving the most). If doing them with a guild, try to select the highest tier for maximum rewards in terms of symael bloodstones. If doing them solo, it is recommended to go for the D tier, since the others are extremely hard (almost impossible) to solo. Keep in mind that all tiers reward the same guild contribution, which is 150.

All available Guild Raid Matches in Lost Ark

All available Guild Raid Matches in Lost Ark

In addition, each Tier has 3 subcategories based on the maximum number of participants: 10, 20, and 50. Each of those offers the exact same rewards in terms of bloodstones and contribution, and thus the only reason to select the 50-people one is if you have more than 20 people participating. If you’re going solo, there is no reason to choose anything except the 1-10 people category (easier than the others, same rewards).

To sum up, if you’re going solo select D tier and 1-10 people raid, which is powerful sylmael devourer Rudric (some people also recommend going for the Salt Giant instead of Rudric since despite having more HP, it’s much easier to dodge). If you’re with a guild, B tier and whichever raid can fit all the participants.

Lastly, to leave the area, simply use the song of escape.

Guild Raid Match Rewards

As for the rewards, each raid offers 150 contribution. What changes based on tier is the amount of Symael Bloodstones and the difficulty. All Tier D raids award 800 bloodstones, all tier C raids award 1200 bloodstones, and all Tier B raids award 1400 bloodstones.

Guild Raid Match Challenge Mode 

Instead of selecting Enter Base at first, players can also select ‘Challenge’. This is a competitive challenge where players need to clear the boss as fast as possible. They compete in ranks with a series of guilds that have challenged the same boss within the same week.

The guilds that reach the top of the guild rankings will receive some extra rewards in terms of symael bloodstones and guild XP. For the challenge mode, guilds should bring the maximum amount of people to ensure faster clears, as well as use Dark Grenades to boost damage. Keep in mind that achieving the top 3 spots to get the gold rewards is exceptionally hard since the competition is fierce.

Guild Raid Match completed in Lost Ark

Guild Raid Match completed in Lost Ark

And that’s all! Guild Raid Matches may seem complicated at first but this Lost Ark guide showcases how easy they actually are. Whether players choose to complete them solo or in a guild, Guild Raid Matches should become part of their weekly routine. The bloodstones and contribution rewards are too good to ignore for the extremely small amount of time that they take to complete.

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