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Lost Ark Virtues Guide: How to Increase Them Fast

Are you trying to increase your charisma, wisdom, courage, and kindness virtues in Lost Ark and looking for a guide? Look no further. In this complete virtues guide, we will explain all the ways to increase your virtues efficiently.

Lost Ark Virtues Guide: How to Increase Them Fast

Virtues like charisma are an essential feature in Lost Ark, and this guide includes everything about them. If you’re looking for all the methods to increase the virtues of charisma, kindness, courage, and wisdom fast, you’ve come to the right place. Players need to raise their virtue stats to progress rapport with specific NPCs. Virtues are also essential for collecting certain Mokoko seeds on various continents.

While there are many ways to increase these stats, each way only raises them by a small amount. Thus, we recommend using as many of the ways we’ll mention as possible to gain high virtues. The in-game codex (Alt+D), as well as some external websites, are going to be your best tools for tracking these ways. Let us examine all options.

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Why are Virtues Important in Lost Ark

Virtues are an essential part of Lost Ark’s horizontal progression. Players can see their stats through their character profile, at the skins & virtues tab. High virtue levels allow players to increase rapport with certain NPCs. The rapport system is a great way to make gold, progress with adventure tome, and receive other solid rewards.

For example, rapport with Nineveh requires each of your virtues to be at least 310. While that is a lot, keep in mind that Nineveh offers rewards including 1000 gold, a Stat Increase Potion, a Giant’s Heart, and an Island Soul.

Nineveh rapport rewards in Lost Ark

Nineveh rapport rewards in Lost Ark

Also, many mokoko seeds need certain virtue levels. For instance, a mokoko seed in Punika’s Tikatika Colony requires 350 wisdom to gather. Mokoko seeds offer rewards like Stat Increase Potions and Masterpieces.

Which Virtue is the Most Important in Lost Ark

The most important virtue in Lost Ark depends on each player’s priorities. For instance, focus on charisma if your goal is to get the Astray ship. This is because Blackfang, which you need to rapport to friendly first, requires 260 charisma. Other NPCs, like Calvasus, need you to focus on courage. In short, keep track of which Rapport or Mokoko seed you want to focus on, and prioritize getting enough virtues for it.


As a rule of thumb, the most important virtue needed by NPCs is charisma. Of course, eventually, players will have to level up all virtues.

How to Increase Virtues in Lost Ark

In this guide, we include a variety of ways to increase virtues in Lost Ark. Most of them focus on horizontal progression. The game requires players to explore various corners of Arkesia. All virtue increases are shared between roster characters except skins. Here are the best ways to increase your virtues quickly and efficiently.


Skins are an easy way to increase virtues immediately. Players can buy skins from the cash shop, through the rapport vendor, or unlock them via login rewards. Each skin has unique virtue boosts. Always double-check the set of stats before deciding which one to get. A new skin is a great way to increase virtues.

Keep in mind that skin bonuses are only given to the specific character that equips them.

The equipped chestpiece awards 10 charisma and 10 kindness

The equipped chestpiece awards 10 charisma and 10 kindness


Many of the quest rewards in Lost Ark include particular stat increases. These include main story quests, side quests, and special quests. To ensure you’re not missing any of those, here is a website that tracks all quests that award virtues. Each quest increases virtues, and combining them together is the key to success.

Adventure Tome

Adventure Tome, which can be accessed by the hotkey ‘N’, is a great way to gain virtue stats. Players should focus on the two subcategories of hidden stories and field bosses. Each side story and each field boss will reward a small amount of virtues upon completion. Also, completing these is easy and has no prerequisites. 

West Luterra Adventure Tome in Lost Ark

West Luterra Adventure Tome in Lost Ark

Keep in mind that these two are the easiest sections to complete within the Adventure Tome. And the rewards are well worth the effort.


Progressing the rapport system with some NPCs (Alt+N) unlocks certain rapport dialogues. One dialogue increases the NPCs’ rapport further, while the other rewards the player with a small amount of virtue stats.

Gideon rapport - The dialogue

Gideon rapport – The dialogue “Favorite Things’ awards 1 charisma point

Some NPCs (Nia, Shana, Nineveh) need high virtue stats to access these rapport dialogues, which makes the process seem like a vicious circle. Yet, other NPCs have low virtue requirements. For instance, the ones in the first continents have no requirements (Thirain, Elia, Gideon). Progressing rapport rank with some of your favorite NPCs is a great way to get a small number of virtue points.

Also, reaching Friendly on certain characters awards unique titles. These titles award virtues. Players can see the list of titles acquired through the titles menu on the Roster tab. Some characters that award titles are: Blackfang, Beatrice, Nineveh, and Calvasus. In short, the rapport system is a great way to boost your virtues.


Also, many NPCs offer virtue potions directly. These award 10 points in the equivalent virtue. For instance, reaching Trusted level on Beatrice, or Amicable on Azena awards a Charisma potion. Other NPCs award Wisdom potions, Courage potions, and Kindness potions. Here’s an in-depth list of all NPCs that award virtue potions. Use the search bar on top to look for the potion you’re interested in (e.g. search ‘charisma’ or ‘wisdom’).

Another way to get potions is through una’s tasks. After reaching maximum reputation level, some of them also provide virtue potions as reputation rewards. Players can track all potions via the in-game codex (Alt+D). Potions are the best way to increase a particular virtue stat.


Lost Ark also includes a wide variety of achievements, many of which increase the player’s virtues. Players will complete naturally most achievements while playing. For completionists interested in an outline, Maxroll includes a thorough list of all achievements that increase virtues. Another option is tracking them through the in-game achievement tab (Alt+O).

These are all the methods included in this in-depth virtues guide for Lost Ark. A combination of these methods will help you boost your virtues significantly.

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