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Valtan Phase 2 Complete Guide in Lost Ark

Valtan is the first Legion Raid in Lost Ark split into 2 phases and this complete guide will help players learn the core mechanics in Phase 2. Players will need to collaborate perfectly to complete this phase, which truly is a test of skill and patience.

Valtan Phase 2 Complete Guide in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, Valtan Phase 2 is significantly more challenging compared to Phase 1 and this complete guide will help players clear it. To successfully clear Phase 2, each player will need to understand and master the mechanics. Even one small mistake can easily lead to a raid wipe.

The Phase 2 parts in this guide are listed based on the arena layout and the boss’ form. Whenever a part of the arena is destroyed, or the boss changes form, a new part begins. Lastly, keep in mind that the rewards are worth the extra effort. The Valtan Legion Raid rewards players with a significant amount of gold, relic accessories, and materials needed to craft relic gear. If you haven’t yet started out with the Valtan Raid then you may want to start with our phase 1 guide.

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Preparation for Valtan Phase 2

It is essential to be properly prepared for Valtan Phase 2 in order to succeed. First of all, be prepared to retry a lot of times. The raid requires perfect coordination and only practice makes perfect. Therefore, at least for the first clear, have 2-4 hours available minimum (for many groups, it took up to 8 hours often split among multiple sessions). Also, similar to Phase 1, the required ilevel for Normal Mode is 1415 and for Hard Mode 1445.


There are some essential items in this raid and since many retries will be needed, it is recommended to bring a lot of each item.

  1. HP potion (purple on the first few tries just to be safe, then change to blue)
  2. Destruction Bombs (for Part 1 – 7 players should bring those)
  3. Corrosive Bomb (for Part 1 – the remaining 1 player should bring this – usually the party leader)
  4. Time Stop Potion (to avoid specific mechanics like pizza & parry)
  5. Flame Grenade (optional – to free petrified allies)
  6. Dark Grenade (optional – if the party is lacking damage, one or two players should bring these)


The sidereals are explained in our Phase 1 Complete Guide and are the exact same: Thirain, Wei, and Balthorr. In Phase 2, it is recommended to use Balthor twice at 128 and 15 HP, and Thirain once during the Ghost Phase.

Valtan Phase 2 Part 1 Guide (150 – 120 HP)

In Part 1, players are placed in a walled-off arena and Valtan has 2 armour stacks. Players will need to break his armour stacks, avoid the AOE explosion attack, and protect themselves from the last wipe mechanic.

Armour Break

To break his armour stacks, players need to make Valtan charge into a pillar and then use Destruction Bombs and Weak Point skills. Immediately after joining the arena, Valtan does a spin attack and then prepares for a charge. Everyone should position at the same pillar (usually the one at 3 o’clock) and dodge away when Valtan charges.

After the charge, Valtan gets briefly stunned. During the stun, the party leader uses a Corrosive Bomb, and then everyone uses Destruction Bombs and weak point skills. There are multiple pillars around the arena, so keep repeating until both armour stacks are removed. It is essential to remove the armour stacks before reaching 128 HP.

AOE explosion

In between his charges, Valtan will jump off the arena and each player will be targeted by continuous explosions. Everyone should spread out to avoid the initial small explosions, and then dodge to the far sides of the arena to avoid the final huge AOE. Only the far sides where Valtan has destroyed the pillars are safe. If players are unable to reach the edge, Time Stop Potion will protect them from the final huge AOE.

Wipe mechanic (128 HP)

Blue orbs on top of the pillar & on the minimap. Source: https://www.twitch.tv/hisashiburijanai

Blue orbs on top of the pillar & on the minimap.

When reaching 128 HP, Valtan will attack the ground twice. The first attack is dodgeable but the second isn’t and is a wipe mechanic. In order to survive, each player will need to pick up one blue orb during the armour break part. These orbs are located around the map, on top of pillars that Valtan must first destroy.

There is a total of 4 pillars with 2 orbs each. Make Valtan charge into them and have each player pick up an orb before reaching 128 HP. Lastly, after picking up the orbs, it is essential to dodge the first attack in order to survive the second one during the wipe mechanic.


Alternative Way with Balthorr

Destroying all 4 pillars with orbs and having each player pick up one orb requires coordination and can be challenging to complete. In this Lost Ark guide for Valtan Phase 2, we recommend avoiding this wipe mechanic by using the Balthorr sidereal at the right time, while completely ignoring the orbs. Use Balthor after the last AOE explosion, when Valtan is around 130 HP. Balthorr sidereal takes 5 seconds to charge and lasts for 30 seconds, which is more than enough time if used at 130 HP. This way, players won’t have to dodge either of the two attacks.

After surviving the wipe mechanic, keep damaging Valtan until he reaches 120HP. Then, a cutscene occurs, the arena walls get destroyed, and we move to Part 2. However, before examining the specific mechanics that occur in Part 2, there are certain random patterns that will start happening from now until the end of the raid. These can be extremely dangerous and players should keep them in mind.

Valtan Phase 2 Guide: Dangerous Random Patterns

After destroying the arena, and for the whole remaining fight (120 – 0 HP), Valtan can randomly do some very dangerous mechanics.

4 Orbs & Counter

One of the orbs that generates explosions & must be picked up. Source: https://www.twitch.tv/hisashiburijanai

One of the orbs that generates explosions & must be picked up.

4 green orbs will spawn at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions which will constantly emit explosions. 4 players should pick up 1 orb each in order to avoid the mechanic. Some teams send 6 players, with the extra 2 serving as backup to avoid any mistakes regarding picking up orbs. The remaining 4 (or 2) players, must be ready to counter Valtan to succeed in this mechanic.

Shield & Stagger Check

Valtan prepares a strong attack and a yellow stagger bar appears below him. Players must first damage the boss to break his invisible shield, and then use stagger skills to succeed in the stagger check and avoid the wipe mechanic. Compared to the stagger check in Phase 1, this is significantly easier. If players fail the stagger, the damage can still be avoided by using a Time Stop Potion.

3 Counter Attacks

Valtan smashes his axe to the ground 3 times consecutively. All 3 can be countered. However, whenever someone counters Valtan, they will be silenced and have an AOE debuff that will silence anyone around them. It is recommended, for the first two counters, that only one player goes near Valtan for the counter. This way, only one player will get silenced afterwards.

For the third counter, everyone who isn’t silenced must prepare to counter. This is because if players fail the first or second counter, everyone takes damage (about half HP). If players fail the third counter, it’s a wipe. Therefore, it is essential to hit the third counter, while missing the first or second ones isn’t a major setback.


Players petrified by Valtan in Lost Ark. Source: https://www.twitch.tv/hisashiburijanai

Players petrified by Valtan in Lost Ark.

Valtan randomly petrifies 4 players. The remaining 4 must hit the petrified players to break them free. DPS doesn’t matter here, only the sheer number of attacks, which is why Flame Grenades are recommended. The more players the team fails to free, the more damage they will take afterwards. Failing to free all 4 players will result in a wipe.


Valtan stands still and prepares to swing his axe for about 5 seconds. In that timeframe, players must not use any stagger skills (preferably don’t hit the boss at all), while also positioning themselves at the back right side of Valtan. If players fail to do either of those, Valtan does a big swing. While this doesn’t do as much damage, it can easily knock players off the arena. Especially during the final phases, where the arena is very small, this attack can result in a wipe.

To understand exactly where to stand, a Reddit user has shown the exact position based on Valtan’s front and back attack indicators. If unsure, players can avoid the swing with a Time Stop Potion. The exact position is also explained in the following video.

Valtan Phase 2 Part 2 Guide (120 – 88 HP)

Going back to the normal mechanics, right after surviving the wipe mechanics (by taking the blue orbs or by using Balthorr), Part 2 begins. After a cutscene, Valtan destroys the outer pillars of the arena. The first major mechanic occurs at 110 HP.

Pizza mechanic (110 HP)

At 110 HP, Valtan jumps to the middle of the arena and spawns 4 pillars at the far edge corners of the arena (2, 5, 7, and 11 o’clock positions). Then, Valtan targets one random player with a red pizza marker while the remaining arena is targeted with a yellow marker. The player targeted by the red pizza must stay away from everyone else, and slightly wiggle left and right until the red pizza stops moving. When the red pizza stops moving, the targeted player should run away from the red zone and hide behind a pillar in the yellow zone.

Valtan charging red pizza with no yellow zone. Source: https://www.twitch.tv/hisashiburijanai

Valtan charging red pizza with no yellow zone.

Everyone who isn’t targeted by the red pizza should be in the yellow zone behind a pillar. Anyone who is unable to reach a pillar for cover in the yellow zone can use a Time Stop Potion. Keep in mind that being in the red zone will always kill the player, regardless if they are behind a pillar or using a Time Stop Potion.

After this mechanic, Valtan will do the same pattern again immediately. However, this time there will be no yellow zone. Players are safe anywhere, as long as they aren’t in the red zone.

AOE Explosion

Valtan disappears from the arena similar to Part 1 and targets each player with a wave of explosions. After a few seconds, Valtan jumps back into the arena on a random spot (check minimap to see where), does a small AOE attack on the spot where he lands and then a huge AOE on the entire arena. The only safe spot for the last AOE is next to Valtan.

From then on, keep DPSing Valtan and avoid his normal attack until 88 HP.

Valtan Phase 2 Part 3 Guide (88 – 30 HP)

After reaching 88 HP, Valtan chooses randomly either the right (3 o’clock) or left (9 o’clock) side of the arena and destroys it. Players must position themselves on the opposite side to avoid falling off (check minimap to see early which side is being destroyed). With half of the arena now missing, players should try to position themselves on the non-destroyed side for the remainder of this fight to avoid getting knocked off.


After destroying half of the arena, all players must hide behind pillars to avoid the yellow attack. Then, Valtan does the red pizza mechanic focused on 1 player, with no yellow zone.

Similar to the previous part, the targeted player should wiggle until the pizza stops moving and then dodge to the other side of the arena. However, keep in mind that any pillars hit by the red pizza will explode immediately. Afterwards, any pillars that weren’t hit will also explode. Players should position themselves on the outer side of the arena to avoid the explosions.

Red pizza with no yellow zone with the pillars being close to Valtan. Source: https://www.twitch.tv/hisashiburijanai

Red pizza with no yellow zone with the pillars being close to Valtan.

Counter Attack (65 HP)

Valtan jumps to the middle of the arena and causes an explosion on each player’s feet. After the explosion, the main mechanic begins indicated by a cutscene with Valtan saying “These fools… I’ll crush you all”. This part requires timing, skill, and some luck.

While there are different options for this part, in this Valtan Phase 2 guide in Lost Ark, we recommend trying to pre-fire the first counter.

Players should all gather in the non-destroyed part of the arena (if Valtan destroyed the left side, everyone should gather on the right side, exactly at 3 o’clock, and if he destroyed the right side, gather at 9′ o clock). Count exactly 3 seconds from when the cutscene ends, and each player should use their counter skill. Since this attack has an extremely small window to counter it and will barely be visible, pre-firing it is essential.

Players must pre-fire the counter by counting 3 seconds after the cutscene. All 8 players must try to counter since, if the counter fails, Valtan grabs everyone in his path and eventually leads to a wipe. While Valtan does 6 attacks that can be countered in this phase (countering any of them is enough to succeed in this mechanic), the extremely small window makes it very hard to counter them. Therefore, timing the counter on the first one is the easiest way to do this mechanic.

Valtan Phase 2 Part 4 Guide (30 – 15 HP)

At 30 HP, Valtan destroys the other half of the arena (if he destroyed the right side at 88 HP, now he destroys the left side). When he does that, players must position at the farthest edge of the arena to avoid Valtan’s spin attack. Since players can’t fall from the arena by walking out, it is recommended to stand literally on the edge.

Red area is the safe zone during Valtan's spin attack in Lost Ark. Source: https://www.twitch.tv/hisashiburijanai

Red area is the safe zone during Valtan’s spin attack in Lost Ark.

Pizza (30 HP)

Valtan spawns four pillars and does a yellow AOE attack. Everyone should hide behind a pillar. Then, Valtan targets one player with a red pizza with the safe spot being the remaining arena. Any pillars hit by the red pizza will explode immediately, while the others will explode shortly after.

The player who is targeted by the red pizza should try to make the red pizza hit 2 pillars, thus causing these 2 pillars to explode immediately. Shortly after, when the remaining 2 pillars explode, the location of the first two pillars will be the safe zone (making the red pizza hit 2 pillars at first allows for a bigger safe zone).

Red pizza on the smaller arena. When the pillar gets destroyed, immediately dodge towards it. Source: https://www.twitch.tv/hisashiburijanai

Red pizza on the smaller arena. When the pillar gets destroyed, immediately dodge towards it.

Knockback (Parry Attack)

Valtan’s patterns remain the same as before. However, since the arena is extremely small, players can very easily die from knockback attacks. This is the case in both Part 4 & 5, especially for the previously mentioned parry attack. As mentioned in the Parry section, stand in the right position, avoid damaging Valtan, and use Time Stop Potion if unsure. Also, try to dodge all of Valtan’s attacks since even the slightest knockback can lead to death.

Rage Pattern (15 HP)

At 15 HP, Valtan does one final combo of attacks. First, he attacks in front of him, behind, left, and then right. Second, he creates small explosions twice targeted at every player; keep moving around to avoid this without going too close to teammates. Third, Valtan smashes in front of him (thus dodge away) and then does a huge AOE with the only safe zone being in front of him (thus dodge towards him). Lastly, he summons 3 pillars and players must hide behind them to avoid the yellow AOE. These pillars explode afterwards, so keep note of which side has no pillar and go there.

Each of these attacks can easily knock players off. Since it can be hard to dodge each of them, in this Lost Ark guide for Valtan Phase 2 we recommend using Balthorr here, to avoid losing any players before the last part. Specifically, use Balthorr when Valtan reaches 16 HP or when the first combo of attacks begins (these are the easiest to dodge).

Valtan Phase 2 Part 5 Guide (Ghost Phase 40 – 0 HP)

When Valtan reaches 15 HP, he disappears and Ghost Valtan takes his place. The arena is the same as before (thus any knockback can be lethal), Ghost Valtan has 40 HP, is stationary in the middle and uses the same attack patterns. He usually starts with a spin attack that can easily knock off players, so keep your distance at first. While this is similar to the previous phase, there are 2 main things to notice.

Counter Attack

Valtan starts the fight with 4 armour stacks (6 if on Hard Mode) that reduce damage taken. Ghosts spawn at the edges of the arena and perform charge attacks that can be countered. If players successfully counter the ghosts, they gain a buff which, after attacking Ghost Valtan, will remove one of his armour stacks. Failing to counter the ghosts around the arena will cause them to a random attack which can knock off players.

One of the ghosts getting countered during the Ghost Valtan Phase in Lost Ark. Source: https://www.twitch.tv/hisashiburijanai

One of the ghosts getting countered during the Ghost Valtan Phase in Lost Ark.

However, there is one major benefit in this phase. While players have just used Balthorr, and their sidereal is empty, counterattacks on ghosts generate a big amount of sidereal gauge. After a few counters on these ghosts, the sidereal will be available again, allowing players to use Thirain to deal damage equal to 10 HP bars and close up the fight sooner. Keep in mind that Thirain should only be used after removing all of Ghost Valtan’s armour stacks for maximum damage.


Valtan attempts a grab attack in front of him, rotates 180° and does a breath attack behind him. Getting hit by either of those will lead to getting knocked off the arena. However, these attacks are fairly slow, can be dodged, and give players an opportunity to deal free damage while valtan is locked in the animation.

Valtan defeated in Lost Ark

Valtan defeated in Lost Ark

This is the end of Valtan Phase 2 complete guide in Lost Ark. By now you should be aware of Valtan’s patterns and are ready to tackle the most challenging fight in the game. In case you need a tl;dr version, a Reddit user has posted a handy cheat sheet. However, don’t expect to perform flawlessly on your first run. Only practice makes perfect and Valtan will test your skills and patience to the maximum. Good luck!

Images for this guide were used with permission from hisashiburijanai on Twitch.

Videos in this article are from stoopz and from ATK on YouTube.

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