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June and July Roadmap Revealed in Lost Ark

Lost Ark's June and July roadmap is finally revealed and it's full of exciting stuff. New class, new Legion raid, new tower and more. The roadmap includes more than a few reasons to get excited about and we’re looking forward to the release of all these features.

June and July Roadmap Revealed in Lost Ark

Last week, Amazon’s CM Roxx announced that Amazon’s team is in Korea working closely with Smilegate to reveal June & July roadmap this week. Now, with their latest announcement, Amazon and Smilegate have finally revealed the June & July roadmap and there are a lot of things to get excited about.

From a new Legion Raid to amazing cosmetics, there’s a lot planned for the next two months. Lastly, keep in mind that the June update is expected to arrive on the 16th of June.

June Roadmap (Vykas, New Guardian, T3 Tower, Cosmetics)

With the June update, players can expect great things. First, the Legion Raid ‘Vykas’ will release on Normal and Hard difficulties (1430 and 1460ilvl respectively). Second, a new guardian raid ‘Kungelanium’ will release available at 1460ilvl.

Demon Beast Canyon Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark

Demon Beast Canyon Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark

Third, Thronespire will be released, which is the Tier 3 equivalent of Shadespire & Fatespire (50 floor tower, available at 1325ilvl). Lastly, there will be new cosmetics available for those who want to explore Arkesia in style.

July Roadmap (Arcanist, Infernal Difficulty, Abyssal Dungeons, Challenge Event)

As for July’s roadmap, the most important part is the release of a new class: the Arcanist (aka Arcana). From then, and until the end of 2022, Lost Ark will be releasing one new class every two months.

LOST ARK - How does Arcana play? [Preview]

In addition, the Valtan Legion Raid will receive a new difficulty: Infernal. In the Infernal mode (1445ilvl), players will need to complete both phases in 1 session and will include the Scale of Balance (all players will be levelled down to 1445 ilvl). This mode can be accessed even if the players have already completed Valtan this week and will reward them with titles, achievements, and stronghold cosmetics.

Valtan's Arena in Lost Ark

Valtan’s Arena in Lost Ark

Lastly, there will be an event about Abyssal Dungeons. Players will be able to challenge each Abyssal Dungeon once per week. The challenge is that all dungeons will include the Scale of Balance. This will include great rewards and will work similarly to the current ‘Challenge Guardians’ event.

All in all, there are a lot of things to get excited about in Lost Ark’s June & July roadmap. We expect the next update to be on the 16th of June, similar to the April & May updates.

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