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How to teleport and move fast in Lost Ark

Learn how to teleport and move fast around the world in Lost Ark. There are several ways to do it and not each of them is easy to find when you start the game. Make your adventure better with our travelling tips and tricks!

How to teleport and move fast in Lost Ark

When you start playing Lost Ark, you will learn very fast that you can use Triports (do not mix with Tripods which are used for combat skills). Triports are the small rectangles in a circle which you activate when getting close to them. You can know them from other games as checkpoints :-). But the more you travel and will even sail to another continent, the more you realise that travelling and getting back to the place where you want to be doesn’t have to be as fast as you would like to. Let’s give you some tips and tricks on how to make it really easy!

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Using the world map

I’ll give you a small piece of advice first. You can right click on the map to zoom out and left click to zoom in. This can save you a lot of clicking on the menu and searching what you wan to open and see.

And how to use the world map for teleportation? Open the map and find your destination and triport you wish to use. Then just click on it, pay a small fee and you’ll get there in no time. If Crystalline Aura is in effect (premium account) then it’s for free.

World map

World map

Using the overlay mini-map

When you open the mini-map on your screen using TAB then you can use the triports as well. Simply ALT click it and you will again be teleported to your destination. This is helpful if you want to move fast at your current location and don’t want to open the main map. The icon is a yellow triangle in a brown circle.

Overlay minimap

Overlay mini-map

Using songs from sheet music

The other easy way to teleport to your saved location is to use Song of Return. You can bind it in every main city at a Portal Statue. On the map it’s like the Triport but this time it’s blue as you can see in the image above. Cooldown for the song is 60 minutes. To open the Sheet music just type F2. You can even move it to your hotkey bar.

Don’t forget that you can use Song of Return even on Islands to get directly to your ship!

Sheet music

Sheet music

Using Bifrost

You can have another place to teleport every two hours. Simply open Bifrost under Adventure menu or using the icon below the minimap or just type Alt + W. At the beginning you have just one slot. If you paid for the Crystalline Aura then you can have two more slots. Cooldown for Bifrost locations is 2 hours. You can set it up very easily and quickly. Click Alt + W at the location which you wish to save and where you are standing at the very moment. Pay a small amount of silver and if needed write there some memo however it’s not needed because you will always see where the location is saved.

This way you can have nice 4 places saved which you can use to fast move around the world in Lost Ark.

    • For example you will bind yourself in Luterra Castle at the Portal statue to be able to use the Song of return.
    • Then you can have another slot using Bifrost in Vern.
    • And if you wish to focus on some daily quests and do not want to sail there every day because it’s for example on an island in the middle of nowhere then you can use those two remaining Bifrost slots. 

Using ocean liner

Ocean liner is a ship controlled by the game’s NPC. When you embark on it you will wait just for around 30 seconds and can get to any other big port in the game. The fastest way to do it is to open your world map, click on the location with the anchor. And teleport directly to the port. There you must talk to the NPC which has [Ocean Liner Embarkation] above his head (pen and paper icon on the map,) choose your location and pay a small fee. That’s it and this will save you a lot of time if you cannot use your ports at the moment and don’t want to manually sail somewhere.

Travel by ocean liner

Travel by ocean liner

Using your ship

And of course you can use your ship! The best and fastest method is similar to the ocean liner. Open your map and this time just click the big yellow button Ready to Sail at the bottom left corner. This will teleport you directly to your ship and you can immediately move out of the port wherever you wish to. Don’t forget that you can use the autosail function where you can choose 4 destinations with Alt + Left click and just watch the ship moving without taking care of it.

The best way to move around the ocean and visit islands is to use both options together. You can save a lot of minutes doing this simple process:

  1. Use the ocean liner to get to the other continent closest to your island where you need to go.
  2. And then just sail there with your ship from the harbor.
Sail with your ship

Sail with your ship



I hope that these tips will help you to enjoy Lost Ark even more. The game is great and if you want to create a guild and don’t know how everything works, feel free to take a look at our Guild Guide in Lost Ark.

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