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How to Make Gold In Lost Ark

Are you struggling to make gold in Lost Ark? This guide will help you gather enough currency to hone, buy gear, or simply progress in the game. There are many gold farming methods in Lost Ark, but most of them reward only small amounts of currency. Thus, it is important to try and do as many as possible.

How to Make Gold in Lost Ark

Gold is one of the most essential currencies in Lost Ark. It is required for crafting and honing gear, buying anything on the marketplace (from gear and engravings to crafting materials), or even purchasing convenience and styling items via blue crystals. In short, gold is tied to Lost Ark’s both horizontal and vertical progression. However, the game has made it challenging to earn gold since most sources offer limited amounts and are time-gated.

For players hoping to make bank, it is essential to try and complete as many of these activities as possible. Nevertheless, for those who do not have the time to complete all of them, there are some that should be prioritized due to their increased rewards. Here are all the ways to make gold in Lost Ark, listed based on how often they can be completed: daily, weekly, or anytime with no limit.

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How to Make Gold In Lost Ark Daily

Dailies are easy ways of earning a solid amount of gold with minimal effort. In addition, some of these activities can be repeated on alt characters, thus allowing for some extra gold.

Adventure Islands

Adventure Islands are a daily activity that can be done easily and offers great rewards. The rewards depend on the island and vary among silver, card packs, pirate coins, and gold. The rule of thumb is that adventure islands that reward gold appear every 2 or 3 days. For the month of August, a Reddit user has posted the full list of adventure islands that reward gold.

As for the amount of gold earned, it depends on the character’s tier and contribution. A tier 3 character with maximum contribution earns 750 gold. Considering this takes a maximum of 10 minutes, gold adventure islands are one of the best ways for making gold.

Asura adventure island with gold rewards in Lost Ark

Asura adventure island with gold rewards in Lost Ark

Chaos Dungeons (Repeatable on alts)

After beating the boss in the 2nd room of the chaos dungeon, there is a small chance that the next portal will be red or gold instead of the usual blue. The red portal includes a challenging boss fight while the gold has a chest that players can hit. Both portals reward players with around 200 gold. While this is RNG dependent, the more alts a player has, the more attempts they have at getting a portal. Lastly, unfortunately, the rested bonuses do not apply to the gold/red portals. This is why most players recommend doing chaos dungeons daily on as many alts as possible.


Certain NPCs offer gold rewards for increasing their reputation level. Since daily songs and emotes take only a few minutes, being consistent on those can yield some solid rewards. For example, Shana gives 2700 gold for reaching reputation level Trusted. To find other NPCs that award gold, check Rapport Progression (Alt+N by default), and then details on every character. The best continent overall for making gold in Lost Ark via Rapport is Punika.

The 5 main characters of Punika's storyline, some of the best options for Rapport

The 5 main characters of Punika’s storyline, some of the best options for Rapport

Chaos Gates

Lastly, every 2 or 3 days, there is the daily activity of Chaos Gates. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete and the rewards are Rift Fragments and an auction for a legendary map. Money earned from the legendary map auction depends on market prices. While now they are on the lower end of things (50-70 gold for tier3 gates), they will go higher when the price of shard pouches increases.

In addition, some chaos gates have a significantly small chance of dropping Relic tier, 1-person maps. Players with extreme luck can be obtain these maps from the Feiton Chaos Gate for tier 2 materials, as well as the South Vern Chaos Gate for tier 3 materials. As for the rewards, a user posted on Reddit a video of them getting 11.000 gold and some upgrade materials from only 1 map.

Chaos Gate preview in Lost Ark

Chaos Gate preview in Lost Ark

How to Make Gold In Lost Ark Weekly

Weeklies include more challenging activities that take time and commitment to complete but are the most rewarding in the game. The amount of gold players can earn from weeklies is highly dependent on their item level; a higher item level equals more gold.

Una’s Tokens

Una’s tokens are one of the best ways of making gold in Lost Ark. They can be earned on a weekly basis resetting every Thursday and progress by completing daily and weekly missions on any character (main or alt). It is important to note that the number of Una’s tokens earned depends on the player’s ilevel; higher ilevel equals more tokens, which equals more gold. For instance, at 1304 ilevel, players can earn up to 705 tokens per week, which increase to 1040 at 1370 ilevel, and 1595 at 1415 ilevel.

Abyss Dungeons, Abyss Raids, and Legion Raids (Repeatable on alts)

Abyss Dungeons, Abyss Raids, and Legion Raids are the most challenging and most rewarding content in Lost Ark. Players can complete these once per week on each character and receive substantial gold rewards. For instance, Aira’s Occulus and Oreha Preveza offer 600 and 900 gold respectively on Normal mode. These can be repeated on alts with 1340 ilevel for a solid weekly income. Also, the Argos Abyss Raid offers 2700 gold for clearing it up to P3. While this is the most challenging content in the game at the moment, the rewards speak for themselves.

Also, if players have already crafted the respective raid’s gear, they can consider not opening the final chest. This will allow them to make some extra gold.

LOST ARK Argos Phase 3 mechanics Guide (SHORT VERSION)


Another way to make some extra money is by bussing Abyss Raids and Legion Raids. In short, bussing means joining the raid with a small group of over-geared players and carrying other players through it. This is especially common in Argos, while some players also do it in the Valtan and Vykas Legion Raids.

Each of the carried players pays a certain fee to the bus drivers (aka the ones that carry them). If you are over-geared and extremely comfortable with a raid’s mechanics, this is a great way to make some extra money.

As for the more careful players, bussing is not against Lost Ark’s Terms of Service. Even though there was a recent misunderstanding, Amazon confirms again that bussing is fully safe, but players should be a bit careful not to receive huge amounts of gold that may have originated from RMT (Real-Money-Trading)

How to Make Gold In Lost Ark Anytime

These activities are less time-efficient compared to daily and weekly ones but can be progressed anytime for some additional gold income.

Auction House

Selling anything in the auction house can be a solid source of income. The prices depend on the current state of the game and players who keep an eye on the market constantly can make a considerable profit. For instance, with the May update arriving soon, players are trying to hit 1415/1445 ilevel, which is the requirement for Normal/Hard Valtan Raid.

This causes the prices of honing materials to increase, especially Great Honor Leapstones. In addition, the May update will include new Relic-tier accessories and ability stones. Since these are going to be the new BiS (best in slot), and their supply will be limited at first, their prices will be insanely high. Keep a close eye on the stats of those accessories and sell any good ones for a hefty amount of gold.

Adventure Tome Collectibles

Some players make gold in Lost Ark by farming and selling Adventure Tome Collectibles. By killing as many elites and normal mobs as possible on a specific continent, players have a chance to get this continent’s collectibles (e.g. killing mobs on South Vern, gives South Vern collectibles). Players can see the market prices and which continent is the most rewarding to farm, and try to make some profit by farming there.


Masterpieces are a great way to make solid amounts of gold only through horizontal progression. Players can collect them via rapport, Una’s reputation, or buy them at specific merchants. These offer a variety of great rewards. In regard to gold, there are a total of 5 gold chests included in the masterpiece rewards starting from 3.000 up to 20.000 gold.

Masterpiece collectibles in Lost Ark

Masterpiece collectibles in Lost Ark


Crafting in the Stronghold Workshop can also provide a small, yet consistent, gold income. Choosing what to craft highly depends on the market prices. Since these are extremely volatile, players should research beforehand to compare crafting and selling prices. For now, some materials worth crafting include Awakening potions, Dark Grenades, and Basic Oreha Fusion Material (Fishing).

Life Skills

While life skills (mining, fishing, excavating, etc.) aren’t as efficient as one would hope, they can help players make some bank, especially when combined with crafting. For instance, players can do fishing or excavating to gather the materials needed for crafting Basic Oreha Fusion Materials, or they can do gathering to craft HP potions. Another option is selling the life skill materials directly on the market without crafting them which leads to a smaller, but easier profit.

In short, there is a variety of methods for making gold in Lost Ark. Since most of those are time-gated, consistency is more important than spending a lot of time in the game. Log in, do adventure island if there is a gold reward, progress on the weekly Una tokens, and do Abyss content on alts. Even with playing a few hours per week, players can make solid amounts of gold. If you find yourself wanting to play more, go for any of the remaining methods.


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