Splatoon 3 Fresh Season New Weapons + Overview

Splatoon 3's third season kicks off soon with a ton of fresh content! Want to find out everything that is included in this update, including the new Expansion Pass Wave 1? Then check out this overview which covers everything coming to the game.

Splatoon 3 Fresh Season New Weapons + OverviewSplatoon 3‘s 3rd season kicks off soon and includes tons of new additions and old ones too! Here we have compiled an overview of everything that is coming in the Fresh Season update. Which will start on March 1st. This content packed update also includes the first wave of the Expansion Pass as well! Make sure to make good use of the table of contents found below to take you straight to what you want to see. 

Compared to the Chill Season this one brings so much content for all players, this includes: new weapons, gear, specials, maps and modes, it also brings some quality of life updates. If you want the most comprehensive look at everything this is your place to go! 

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The Kraken Royal, Super Chump and New Roller

The Kraken Royal, Super Chump and New Roller

2 New Specials and 12 New Weapons

Brand new kits and specials make their debut purchasable from Ammo Knights for a single Sheldon License if you are high enough leveled. (Please note that once the Season releases we will update each kit with what level you need to be). There will also be patch notes that buff and nerf specials, subs and weapons depending on what Nintendo wants so look out for those when the update drops. As long as they nerf the Splash-o-matic or Crab Tank and fix the Brella class this will be a solid update! 

First let’s cover the two new specials being added then the new weapons!


  • Kraken Royal: A reworked version of the Kraken special from Splatoon 1. This special allows players to transform into an invincible Kraken for a short period of time, by jumping you do a spin which does over half the opponents health. You can also now utilize both Squid Rolls and Squid Surges to move around much more effectively. 
  • Super Chump: This brand new special fires a volley of explosive bombs that make fake Super-Jump landing spots before landing. This is perfect for when your entire team is down and you want to stop enemies camping your teammates Super-Jumps. If enemies shoot the Chumps they will explode quicker otherwise they work very similarly to the Suction Bomb sub weapon.


  • .96 Gal Deco: Splash Wall + Kraken Royal
  • N-Zap ’83: Autobomb + Super Chump
  • Neo Splash-o-matic: Suction + Triple Inkstrike 
  • Neo Sploosh-o-matic: Squid Beacon + Killer Wail 5.1
  • L-3 Nozzlenose D: Burst Bomb + Ultra Stamp
  • Custom Jet Squelcher: Toxic Mist + Ink Storm
  • Krak-On Splat Roller: Squid Beakon + Kraken Royal
  • Tri-Slosher Nouveau: Fizzy Bomb + Tacticooler
  • Z + F Splat Charger: Splash Wall + Triple Inkstrike
  • Z + F Splatterscope: Splash Wall + Triple Inkstrike
  • Rapid Blaster Deco: Torpedo + Ink Jet
  • Clash Blaster Neo: Curling Bomb + Super Chump
The Ruins of Um'ami

The Ruins of Um’ami

New Maps

  • Um’ami Ruins: A brand new map set in some ancient ruins littered with priceless artifacts. Has a very open layout with little heights so weapons such as Chargers may be very good here. The amount of walls and cover allows any weapon to excel here.
  • Manta Maria: Cruising back from Splatoon 2, this ship has lots of heights and corridors all opening up in the middle where a mast rests. Make sure to make good use of these bunkers found around the mast, losing these may end up feeling like the ship is sinking…
Returning Gear Galore

Returning Gear Galore

Fresh Season Catalogue

A new season means a new catalogue and down below we have attached the video look through it. Some of the highlights are new gear such as many Croc inspired shoes, lots of complete sets of gear, Splatoon 1 winning emotes and some titles such as “Collab-Loving” – “Entrepreneur”.

Make sure to grind your Season 2 Catalogue before the 1st of March to get all its exclusive rewards before the new one drops! Some of the items in the Catalogues are obtainable through the shops after that Catalogue ends so do not worry if you cannot complete your current one.

Splatoon 2's Grizzco Gear Returns

Splatoon 2’s Grizzco Gear Returns

Big Salmon Run Updates

Salmon Run is getting tons of new additions mainly focused on adding more reason to play it as well as more variety in how you play it. Here are all the new things coming to Salmon Run-

  • New King Salmonid: To mix the Xtra Wave gimmick up a new King Salmonid is being added, the Horrorboros, this flying king will first appear in the March Big Run and then later rotate in and out with the Cohozuna in regular Grizzco rotations
  • Eggstra Work Mode: This mode is a new event in which a set work shift will occur and during its duration players can compete in teams to get the most amount of Golden Eggs they can across a marathon of 5 waves, they will then be ranked on a global leader board and rewards are given to those in the top 5%, 20% and 50%
  • New Rewards: these new rewards include the Splatoon 2 Salmon Run Slopsuit and new colour variants of it to change your Grizzco uniform and a range of Grizzco gear from Splatoon 2, note that all these will still need to be bought with King Salmonid Scales
  • March Big Run: From March 3rd to March 5th there will be a Big Run taking place on Inkblot Art Academy, this will also feature the Horrorboros for the first time and will give the player a reward of a Horrorboros figure depending on where they rank globally
Vibe To Your Favourite Tunes!

Vibe To Your Favourite Tunes!

Miscellaneous Additions

Some more general features are being added so we will quickly list them here-

  • New Gear + Returning Gear: New gear includes some Crocs, hoodies and the new brand collaboration from Zekko and Firefin called Z + F which mainly uses blues and oranges.
  • New Locker Decorations: These new locker decorations are mainly focused on after school aesthetic and also feature a lot of things that reference Splatoon 1 and Inkopolis Plaza.
  • 23 New Tableturf Battle Cards: New cards of the new weapons, specials and new shop keepers found in Inkopolis Plaza.
  • Tableturf Battle Online: You can now play Tableturf Battle Online and locally with friends, if you want to brush up on those deck skills check out our Tableturf Guide.
  • Jukebox: While waiting in the lobby you can interact with a fancy jukebox to pay it 100 cash to play any song from the game!
  • Shop Update: Shops will now stock upto 9 items at once allowing you to splurge your money on even more cool gear.
  • Lobby Pools: These allow players to connect with each other by using a Keyword chosen by one player, this allows you to join others who aren’t on your friends list which is very handy for streamers or tournaments. 
  • Splatfest Team Win Announcements: Whilst in the lobby during a splatfest if a team now wins a 10x, 100x or 333x battle these will be announced through a Anarchy Splatcast notification in the corner of your screen.
Return Back to the Roots

Return Back to the Roots

Expansion Pass Wave 1: Inkopolis 

This update also includes the first wave of the paid DLC Expansion Pass, this brings back the hub world from Splatoon 1 on the Wii U Inkopolis Plaza back and allows the player to switch their main hub area between Inkopolis and Splatsvile. 

This means that you also get a whole new set of shopkeepers which consist of returning favourites (such as Annie & Moe, the hat specialists and Jelonzo, the shirt fanatic) and new ones such as the Timmy & Tommy of the Splatoon world, Shelly & Donny and the deep fried shoe lover Fred Crumbs. These shops will sell the same daily gear as Splatsvile which is a shame but this does mean no matter which you choose as your home base you won’t be missing out on anything! 

Callie & Marie also make their return to celebrate Splatfests! This means that those old tunes you used to love from the Splatoon 1 days are coming back too. Inkopolis will be available to you as of 02/28 and plenty more is hiding within Inkopolis… but we will leave that up to you to explore for yourself! All I hope for is Squid Beatz or Jump returning…

This huge update has gotten many excited for Splatoon 3‘s future. The amount of content is alot to keep players busy. How do you feel? Make sure to discuss what your thoughts are down bellow!

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