Splatoon 3: How to Get More Conch Shells and All Shell-Out Machine Rewards

Conch Shells are a new currency that has been introduced in Splatoon 3. They work alongside the Shell-Out Machine to give players a new way to get rewards and show off their luck. Here's how you can get more Conch Shells and all the rewards you can get from the Machine.

Splatoon 3: How to Get More Conch Shells and All Shell-Out Machine RewardsSplatoon 3 has bought with it a new feature in the form of Conch Shells and the Shell-Out Machine. These are small touches that, while they do not augment gameplay at all, provide a direct path to more rewards both big and small. Inklings and Octolings will want to keep an eye out and know everything they can about these two mechanics. 

This guide will tell you everything about what both of these features are, how to get more Conch Shells and what kind of rewards you’ll be getting for your time. 

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What Are Conch Shells?

In case you don’t know, Conch Shells are one of the new currencies introduced into Splatoon 3. They are small Shell shaped object that can be earned in a few ways and will net you some unique rewards from a unique vendor if you collect enough.

One major thing to note about Conch Shells is that they are a limited time item only. Outside of Splatfests (big events held every few weeks where players choose between 3 different options on a theme), not only can you not earn Conch Shells, but any Shells in your possession will cease to be. You must spend every last Shell before the Splatfest weekend ends, or else you’ll walk away with nothing.

Despite the official Splatfest Weekend lasting only 2 days, you can still earn Conch Shells from whenever teams can be chosen. This gives you a few days to rack up a good amount of Conches to spend. But where and what do you spend them on?

Conch Shells

Conch Shells

What is the Shell-Out Machine?

The Shell-Out Machine is the source of your rewards. This unique vendor shows up in the Lobby area of the Splatlands, next to the vendor who sells you drinks and snacks. It will be shaped like a big capsule machine because… well, that’s what it is. 

When interacting with the Shell-Out Machine, you can to spend 1 Conch Shell for a single spin of the gashapon machine. Once you have spent your Shell it will pop out a nice little capsule for you to open. The prize can range from a meal ticket to a name tag to a Splat-tag or even some more higher end items.

You also have the choice to spend coins on the Shell-Out Machine. Your first spin of the day will be 5000 Gold and any subsequent spins will be 30,000 in Gold so its safe to say only do this is you’re loaded.

This machine will only be here over the duration of a Splatfest (appearing on the day you can choose teams and leaving upon results day) so you have to be quick. Stock up on a lot of Conch Shells and get spending. Additionally, the rewards appear as though they may change every Catalogue season or Splatfest.

So, how do you get more Conch Shells?

The Shell-Out Machine

The Shell-Out Machine

How to Get More Conch Shells

Currently, there is only one way of actually getting Conch Shells.

The first is by levelling up your Catalogue Level. During a Splatfest, every time you increase your Catalogue level by one, you’ll get a Conch Shell for your trouble. This is alongside the usually rewards divvied out by Harmony. You’ll receive the Shell right as you level up and there isn’t a limit.

Make sure you’ve aligned yourself with one of the Splatfest teams, first, which you can find at a stall to the left of where you spawn into the Splatlands. When you complete matches of Turf War or activities with Mr. Grizz in Salmon Run, you’ll earn EXP towards that Catalogue. When you level up, you’ll get the Conch. 

It is worth noting that the first match and the first win of the day grant increased bonus EXP. This should make levelling up the Catalogue a little bit easier, at least during the first few matches of the day.

Splatfest Stall

Splatfest Stall

What Rewards Can You Get in the Shell-Out Machine?

Now the all important question is what can you actually get out of collecting Conches? The rewards in the Shell-Out Machine have to be pretty good if you want to grind out these Conches. Fortunately, they’re likely worth your time. 

Whenever you pull on the Shell-Out Machine, there is a random chance that you can get one out of several options. These have different odds of appearing and some are far, far rarer than others. As a result, do not expect to get everything quickly – you’ll need to sink a lot of Shells to get everything.

The actual odds of the machine haven’t yet been confirmed by Nintendo. However, Twitter user @gamepedia_spla broke down the possible probabilities of these items and another user @lildevilhorns translated it from Japanese to English. 

Splatoon Gacha

Splatoon Gacha

All Rewards and Odds

Here are all of the rewards you can get from the Shell-Out Machine:

  • 22% Chance: A random set of titles for your Splat-tag. 
  • 14% Chance: A random drink meal ticket that can be exchanged at the Lobby.
  • 13% Chance: A 1.5x Gold or 1.5x EXP meal ticket item that can be exchanged at the Lobby.
  • 10% Chance: A random decoration for your Locker OR a random sticker for your Locker OR a random set of Ability Chunks.
  • 7% Chance:  A 2x Gold or 2x EXP meal ticket item that can be exchanged at the Lobby. 
  • 6% Chance: A random Banner for your Splat-tag. 
  • 4% Chance: A 5 pack of random cards for Tableturf Battles.
  • 3% Chance: A 2x Gold or 2x EXP Team meal ticket that can be exchanged at the Lobby.

The next 3 rewards are easily the rarest and the most desirable. If you get any of these, consider yourself lucky. 

At a mere 0.6% Chance you can get 10 of ALL Ability Chunks. In total, this is 150 Chunks. This will help go a long way with making the perfect piece of gear with Murch. 

At 0.3% Chance you can get the exclusive rare title combination. This is “Super Lucky” and “Lucky Duck”, both of which are limited time. This title will likely switch out each Catalogue rotation. 

Finally, at a miniscule 0.1% Chance you may be able to get the exclusive Splashtag Banner. Just like with the above title combination, this is limited time and will likely switch out with something else at some point. 

The Rare Banner

The Rare Banner

And that’s everything you need to know about Conch Shells and the Shell-Out Machine in Splatoon 3.

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