Team Gear Wins First Official Splatoon 3 Splatfest

The winner for Splatoon 3's first official Splatfest has been revealed. After a several day contest, Team Gear has beaten out Team Grub and Team Fun to secure their win. Here's how everything breaks down, who won what and what rewards you get for participating.

Team Gear Wins First Official Splatoon 3 SplatfestThe winner of the first official Splatfest for Splatoon 3 has been confirmed after 2 days of the contest. 

Team Gear has come out on top over Teams Fun and Grub in the first Splatfest to grace the game since launch. The theme was ‘What would you bring to a deserted island?’. Team Gear was confirmed to be the winner both in-game and on the official Nintendo Twitter account.

The breakdown of points goes as follows:

  • The team that collected the most Conch Shells was Team Fun (36.11%).
  • The team that had the highest number of votes was Team Gear (58.28%).
  • Team Gear had the highest total of Clout gained in Normal Splatfest Battles (35.29%).
  • Meanwhile, Team Fun had the highest total of Clout gained in Pro Splatfest Battles (36.37%).

Overall, this meant that Team Gear just eked out a victory with 25 points to Team Fun’s 20. Unfortunately, Team Grub was unable to score any points at all. Shiver, Frye and Big Man have a few words to say to commemorate the event and the outcome when you log in to Splatoon 3 after the Splatfest.

As a reward for your efforts in the Splatfest, you should receive a number of Super Sea Snails which correlates to your ending Splatfest Rank. These can be used at Murch to either reroll your gear for new abilities or to raise an item Star Power. 

Super Sea Snail Reward

Super Sea Snail Reward

In case you don’t know anything about Splatfests, they are events that have been in all of the Splatoon games. The game will ask you to pick between one of three options related to a theme. When the actual Splatfest event is on, teams battle it out in online play to secure the most points so that their chosen team may win.

This is only the first Splatfest for Splatoon 3 and there are likely to be many more after this. Splatoon 3 is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch now.

SOURCE: Splatoon 3 in Game Announcements About the 1st Official Splatfest + Official Nintendo of America Twitter Post

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