All Basic Weapons from the Previous Games Return in Splatoon 3

In love with the classic Splatoon weapons? Then good news! Nintendo announced that all basic weapons from the first two Splatoon teams will be available for all those squid kids out there duking it out in the Splatlands of Splatoon 3.

All basic weapons from the previous games return in splatoon 3Since its announcement in February 2021, Nintendo has only shared small tidbits of Splatoon 3 every so often. However, it appears that the floodgates of details surrounding the game are finally open. This morning, Nintendo confirmed that all basic weapons of the first two games will return in Splatoon 3. This means that every standard weapon will once again become available in Splatoon 3. It’s not yet known what will happen with the variations on the regular arsenal. The game will also feature new weapon types, like the Stinger.

About 8 in 10 weapons that appeared in the original Splatoon returned in Splatoon 2 as well. All series that existed in the original game had the same or more variations available. There were but 2 exceptions. The sequel converted the Dual Squelcher series into the Dualie Squelchers, and the E-Liter, as well as its scoped cousin, gained the ability to store charge. We don’t yet know which version of these weapons will return. Splatoon 2 also expanded on the original arsenal. it added several new weapon classes and variations.

Although the weapons will return, some will sport brand new designs. The Splattershot has a gold-purple pallet, the Splattershot Jr. trades gray for green, and the .96 Gal features a translucent barrel. Other weapons that Nintendo has visually teased for Splatoon 3 are visible in the banner image of this article. From left to right, these are the Sploosh-O-Matic, Jet Squelcher, .52 Gal, Splattershot Pro, Aerospray, L3 Nozzlenose, and N-Zap.

A closer look at the Splattershot, the Splattershot Jr., and the .96 Gal

Nintendo specified some more of three specific weapons. The weapons will mostly operate the same, but their exact properties and attributes are not yet known. The weapons have had different subs and specials in the prior Splatoon games, and with new specials like the Triple Ink Strike and the Ink Vac becoming available in the fray, it’s likely that these attributes continue to shift around.

We won’t have to wait too long to return to our favorite weapons in Splatoon 3. Nintendo also recently announced that Splatoon 3 will hit the shelves coming September 9th.

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