Kingdom Come: Deliverance Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

It has been five years since Kingdom Come: Deliverance dropped in February 13, 2018. Warhorse Studios decided to celebrate the anniversary with an update meant especially for Czech and Japanese fans. They released Czech and Japanese voice-overs for the whole game that were created mostly thanks to devoted fanbases.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is five years old. The developers at Warhorse Studios reminded us of the anniversary in a trailer they released on February 13. The RPG dropped back in 2018 and met with warm reception. However, it lacked something important for Czech fans in whose country the game is set – Czech dubbing. The Kingdom Come anniversary update comprises Czech and Japanese voice-overs that a group of professional actors put together and the devs wholeheartedly supported.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance ─ 5 Years Anniversary Trailer

When Kingdom Come: Deliverance launched in 2018, it was a somewhat broken game. It had potential, yet the devs had to work hard to fix it. Still, some features of the unique RPG set in Bohemia the fans had to overcome themselves. For example, they came up with fixed saves or with third-person mode. Currently, the gamers are eagerly awaiting an official announcement of the sequel. The leader of Warhorse Studios, Daniel Vávra, has not let any detail out, but everybody knows they are working on the second installment.

Although the fans would welcome information on the sequel, gamers speaking Czech and Japanese can enjoy the Kingdom Come anniversary update. Also, players from other countries definitely can try especially the Czech voice-over as it can help them immerse even more in the life in Bohemia. Daniel Vávra did not include the Czech dubbing initially in the Kingdom Come: Deliverance as it would not be profitable. Still, he was eager to support endeavors to create it, and he did so financially.

SOURCE: Steam – 5th Anniversary of Kingdom Come Deliverance

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