Kingdom Come: Deliverance – alpha videos are here!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - alpha videos are here!

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Yes, it is here. Pre-alpha version is out and many backers are playing and some of them even showing and commenting the game. Wonderful! 

And for majority of them the game is simply gorgeous in details, graphics and everything they saw.

Of course there are many visual bugs (violet water, coloured items in houses, floating spoon in the air etc.). But still you can easily see what is preparing for you for the release and how magnificently the devs are taking care of the music, villages, surroundings, nature and all that make game perfect. We can only hope that it will be like this in the final release and without bugs. However right now from what we can see there is a big chance that the KCD will hit us hard. And that's great.

Let's watch it for yourself.

Commented gameplay:

Another gameplay without comments:

Another one commented:

And another:

Last one:

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