Kingdom Come: Deliverance – what’s in the new video update?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - what's in the new video update? Read the summary!

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Message on the t-shirt could be right or wrong (depends on your gender) but that is not the main information given in the video :-).

Anna from the Q&A department

is the the right person to talk about the bug hunting, what was corrected, what must be caught and killed, what new features are going to be in the next Alpha and more.

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New Alpha phase should be launched on December 17th.

Pray everyday for the smooth development or there could be few weeks of delay… 

What can you expect from the new version?

  1. Map will come to your dirty hands

  2. Torches to walk in the night

  3. Possibility to skip time from day to night and vice versa

  4. New quest (Dan is writing it right now)

  5. New minigame should be the biggest feature

problems with the planning system in the development

It's surprising but Dan admits that the studio has problems with planning. Therefore a "scrum master" was invited to the offices to re-plan the whole game, all of it's features and how to work during the development. You can see how their wall look right now (full of tasks and user stories) and people are taking the stickers to work on them. As Dan says, let's hope it will improve the Warhorse Studios' processes.

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Motion capture

is another big thing that was changed. The set up of the "cave" was remade and new possibility of seeing the movement projections in real time in FPS and 3D on the wall was implemented.

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Many concepts arts 

are being done right now. Designers have a huge map with areas which they try to fill with content, buildings and graphics in general. And it's going well!

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Czech Game Developers Session and other workshops

Dan's lecture from GDS 2014 will be soon released on Youtube. He presented there their own design tool how to write and design non-linear dialogues and directly export them into the game.The GDS 2014 was this year very successful and for example Martin Mastný the developer of Novus Inceptio (one man show of sci-fi sandbox online game) presented his game at the event too. Dan also visited Polish Zjazd Twórców Kumputerowych which is something similar to Czech GDC.

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And the last interesting visit was at Nordic eCommerce Summit which you can already find on Youtube or below.

Dan Vávra, Warhorse Studios - Nordic eCommerce Summit 2014

The story overview

is finally finished because so far they had only the concept and now the polished version is ready and all the stories, characters and events are done and the implementation should go smoothly from now on. Dan talks in detail how the dialogues and characters are functioning and it's really very complicated even with their complex tool.

the console version of the game is running

even just with low FPS. Newly we saw an announcement on Twitter that the current version is around 17 FPS.

no new Stretch goals? 

Simply the studio doesn't know what to put there and they have so much work to do that the new goal must be chosen very carefully. 

Dan and others thought about 3rd person view added to the game and made a poll on the forum. However the results were not very clear therefore it won't be done right now. The final decision was made and there will be no stretch goals for now. But if something interesting or achievable will arise then it will be announced.

Don't forget to watch the end of the video or you'll miss the Mortal Vavra game! 🙂

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Video Update #9 - Alchemy Minigame

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