Kingdom Come: Deliverance – video update 8

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - video update 8.

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What's in the new video update? 

1. $2.000.000 reached!

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It means that you will be able to hear better actors for both voiceovers and performance capture! Next stretch goal $2.100.000 will hopefully bring illustrated Historical codex for every interesting place.

2. Alpha release date

Is set to October 22nd and hopefully not later. The delay is because of motion capture of NPCs. But the alpha will be just a small part of the game. Just to taste what is coming in months to come. Don't expect the real game. It is just for testing, analysing what computers it is running without problems, where are some bugs etc. So just one village and few npcs. No combat, no horseriding.

It will be distributed by Steam and is PC only. However you can get it even if you have selected PS or Xbox version earlier.

2. Motion capture

The devs have a great black cave for capturing motions of all possilbe activities and items. The stage is just across the hall of animators officies which helps in cooperating of the whole staff. And inside are 36 cameras which follow the small markers put on anything you can imagine.

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3. Facial animations

There are big improvements with 3D scans of heads and also speech animations.

4. Graphics & Design

New animals on the stage! Also grass, nature, even graphics of buildings, paitings on the walls, everything is more detailed now and improved.

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5. Backers & Everything else…

Saint Esther – the highest backer visited the offices and here face was transformed into 3D to build her the promised statue in the game. 

Gameswelt made a very extensive video coverage of their visit too. Plus another Russian magazine made their way to the Czech offices.

6. Combat

Pretty well progressed and most of the issues from the past are solved. So the next step is to make the proper gameplay and you will love the video of sword fight :-).

7. New music, new teaser

No words can describe it. Just watch it in the end. You will ADORE it.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Video Update #8

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