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Has Kingdom Come: Deliverance Been Fixed?

It’s no secret that the highly respected passion project that is Kingdom Come: Deliverance had its share of bugs on release. It was quickly announced that developer, Warhorse Studios, was reaching a point where keeping the lights on in the ...

Is Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 under development?

Kingdom Come Deliverance is out for more than a week, and it had a very successful launch. Maybe not for players who were annoyed by the existing but diminishing bugs, but the sale numbers are great. And the question is simple. Will we get ...

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – what’s in the new video update?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - what's in the new video update? Read the summary! Message on the t-shirt could be right or wrong (depends on your gender) but that is not the main information given in the video :-). Anna from the Q&A departm...

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – radio visit

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - radio visit. At this link you can listen to the radio of Adam Snellgrove and their short interview with the Community Manager of Warhorse Studio. Description: We are back in Warhorse studios to talk about the upc...

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