Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Beta in Q1 2016

Newest video update #12 of Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been released. This video will presents us some changes in the game and informs us that the beta version of the game will be available in Q1 of 2015!

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Warhorse studio introduces many new features like the Dynamic weather changes, Total Illumination System and the improved 3D face scanning technologies (including over 30 different expressions and emotion). The scriptwriters are finishing over 2500 pages of the screenplay and for now is in the game more than 70 quests. Also adding the first cutscenes using motion capture of real actors and completely new voices started. 

Kingdom Come is now including 25 hours of voiceovers and around 4 hours of symphonic music recorded in Prague concert hall – Rudolfinum. Another great news for fans is that developers are working on dog companion!

And what can we expect in Spring and the upcoming beta version? Introduction to the story, core mechanics, enlarging of the current game map, the first important key battle/siege, weapon type – Sword and Shield, etc.

More information about the beta will be published in January 2016.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Video Update #12: Crime system and more

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