Is Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 under development?

Kingdom Come Deliverance is out for more than a week, and it had a very successful launch. Maybe not for players who were annoyed by the existing but diminishing bugs, but the sale numbers are great. And the question is simple. Will we get Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 or another Kingdom Come? What do we know so far? What has revealed Daniel Vávra in the Czech TV interview?

Should we expect Kingdom Come Deliverance 2?

Let’s start with some figures. On February 14, Daniel Vávra, the man in charge of the whole development, said on Czech TV ČT24 (the main news channel in the Czech Republic) that the sales are around 500 000 copies. At that time, SteamSpy showed less than 200 000 copies sold.

But what is not so well-known and shared is the information provided by Daniel that if the game will sell more than 1 000 000 copies, it will be a success even internally. This means that the game should be enough profitable for everyone, including its investor. And now, a week after, SteamSpy shows 420 000 copies, meaning we can safely assume that if the sales on SteamSpy have doubled, the overall sales number has surpassed the goal.

Daniel Vávra from Warhorse Studios on CT24 television

However, Daniel was asked about the next game and if the Warhorse Studios is working on it. The answer was a little bit shady and very clear at the same time. By Daniel’s words, the development of the entire engine took a lot of effort and money, so it is not possible just to move on and leave the engine behind. However, the studio would not start working on another game until they see that KCD is successful enough. The company wants to prove that the whole concept is viable, and this is already done, isn’t it?

Should we expect Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2?

Another important part of the interview was a question if we should expect KCD2 or another game based on its universe. Daniel answered that the game engine is complete, and he cannot promise that the next game would be again KCD. The studio can easily prepare a science-fiction game or something else. As an example, take Assassins Creed. It is easy to get through different timelines in the game with the engine and gameplay remaining the same.

In my opinion, if Kingdom Come: Deliverance is so successful, it would be a sin not to make another part. I have not finished the game yet, therefore, I don’t know the ending. But preparing another game from the Medieval age would be the most logical step. Who knows, maybe the setting will be changed to Space, and a great Mass Effect-like universe would emerge; we will enjoy flights over the alien planets and slaughter of green monsters. That would be also great and, probably, much easier to accomplish since nobody would be able to say that this is not how something looked like in the 15th century, that there are missing black people or that the scene and historical facts are not correct. Games about future are easier to create since nobody can blame you for errors.

To summarize my rant and based on the aforementioned interview and sales figures, yes, it is very unlikely that Warhorse Studios will not make another game. And yes, most probably it will be set in the universe of Kingdom Come. Nothing is written in the stone, so expect the unexpected. In my opinion, in 3 to 4 years, we will be again riding a horse, or another vehicle, in their game, and that is the most important information for all of us.

Now it’s time to get back into Kingdom Come: Deliverance and avenge my family!


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    Kingdom Come Deliverance has no ending, your parents have not been avenged and you haven’t recovered your sword. It has to have a second part.

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    We need KCD2 because the story was never finished. Henry still havn’t gotten revenge, and he still haven’t gotten his sword. It would be great to see a greater part of Bohemia, and maybe even Prague itself, I for one would like to see Henry go to university, but we simply need a squeal

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      We know that the squeal will take us to Trosky Castle a very spectacular medieval castle on a mountaintop that is today sadly just a ruin. It lies to the North east of Prague and far to the north of Skarlit, so we might get to see the university.
      I for one would love to see a real city like Prague in the game

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    I enjoyed the game the cliff hanger ending is kinda saying yes we will make a part two that fallows directly after you and sir hons ride on but it would be even better if the skills you chose to learn during the first game will still be yours and the choices you made would still play a roll expecially who Henrey bedde

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    KCD -best realistic medieval

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    Praise be to Christ for your post brother. This game was so engaging. The ending leaves it perfectly open to use the same engine and continue to develop the story. The historical time they chose has enough events going on that I think we could see a lot come from it. I would pay double if they did a prequel as Sigismund and his campaign in Hungary. Warhorse developed a fantastic remove kebab engine and it needs to get used. References to God every interaction was great, and the lac of POC and POZ made it a gem. Since (((they))) wan’t to see some color, a true #based development team would put them getting kicked out of our homelands. Deus Vult!

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    Maybe you should finish the game before spewing BS. The game is unfinished. And if they don’t make a sequel to finish the game then they have ripped off hundreds of thousands of people and need to be sued

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    Too bad you won’t be avenging anyone due to the cliffhanger ending.

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      That ending was so disappointing. It was bad or anything it just makes me wish that a 2nd one was already out playing on from that point where it finished.


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