The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Final Episode Release Date

It's been a difficult journey, but soon the survivors of The Walking Dead: New Frontier will reach the end, for better or worse. Telltale reveals release date for the season three finale of their narrative adventure game. The developers promise this episode will be the most tailored one yet.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Final Episode Release Date
Telltale has shared the release date of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Titled From the Gallows, the season three finale will release on Tuesday, May 30th. Season pass holders can expect the episode to download automatically as soon as it becomes available.

In their announcement, Telltale adds that From the Gallows will be "[their] most tailored episode yet." They promise that all your decisions and relationships built (and ended) will coalesce into a satisfying ending to the adventure game's third season. Narrative-driven adventure games sometimes have a problem of choices not really mattering as much as they let on, so hopefully From the Gallows will be an exception.

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