The Walking Dead: A New Frontier new screenshots released

Telltale have shown new screenshots on twitter for their upcoming game The Walking Dead: A New Frontier.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier new screenshots released
New screenshots have been shared on Twitter by Telltale for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier which releases on December 20th. You can view the recent launch trailer here.

You can view the new screenshots below:

Squad roll out
The above image shows Clementine, Javier, Javier's older sister and an unknown woman walking next to an abandoned school bus. No details have been released yet on who the woman is in the background but she could be another survivor who wants to take down the New Frontier.

The above screenshot shows Clementine facing a shotgun at Javier. This likely takes place not long after the two meet before Clem trusts him. This screenshot also supports an early theory that Clementine takes Javier prisoner in handcuffs (based on the extended first look trailer) as she has learnt not to trust people she doesn't know.

The above screenshot shows a hard of walkers moving through a field. This herd could pose a threat to the group in the game.

The above screenshot features Javier and Clementine at what looks to be the airport (there is a plane wreck in the background). The airport has been shown in lots of promotional material in the past and is likely a significant location in the game.

The above image show Clementine and another unnamed woman held up inside a makeshift shelter. It is likely that they are hiding out from hostiles and not in a friendly base as Clem is holding her pistol out in-front of her. We don't know who the woman is yet.

Javier is also not featured in this screenshot which could suggest that this is one of the parts of the game where we play as Clementine instead of Javier.

This screenshot shows Javier and Clementine digging a grave. This is likely the same grace featured in previous promotional material. The fact that both the characters look sad suggests that the person who died was close to both of them. This means that Javier and Clementine must have been together for at least a couple of months at this time.

The above screenshot shows Javier, Clementine and other members of their group holding up Jesus as gunpoint. This is likely the first time we see Jesus in the game and so the group don't know him. Because of this, they hold him at gunpoint in-case he is hostile.

The above screenshot shows more walkers next to a bridge.

After seeing these screenshots and previous promotional material, it looks like Telltale have implemented massive graphical improvements to their engine and this game looks a lot prettier than the other entries in the series.

Are you looking forward to playing The Walking Dead: A New Frontier? Feel free to let us know down in the comments.

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