Telltale Trailer Showcases Upcoming Games

Brand new upcoming games! Telltale Games have released a new summer update via twitter and youtube regarding the releases of all new titles such as the Walking Dead, Batman, and the Wolf Among Us 2. Get ready and prepare for some awesome looking new games.

Telltale Trailer Showcases Upcoming Games
Telltale Games have released their 'Summer Update 2017' (can be watched below) which announced the upcoming seasons of Telltale Games series. With the success of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier and the Michonne Series a fourth series of the Walking Dead has been announced. It will be the final instalment of Clementine's story. Head of Creative Communications Job Stauffer says "It was hearing from the fans all the way through season one and hearing that response that drove us to make that decision to play as her in this fourth and final season."

In addition, Wolf Among Us 2 has been announced and will debut in early 2018. Batman: The Enemy Within which officially launches on the 8th of August 2017 – which sees The Riddler as the antagonist – is the first game showcased in the trailer/update. The voice of Bruce Wayne, Troy Baker, who also voiced Joel from the immensely popular Last of Us, talks about the game saying "With season one we had the challenge of finding out how far we could take Batman before bending it – we found out we can bend it pretty far." Moreover, the game does not focus solely on playing as Batman, but a lot of gameplay is focused around Bruce Wayne (Batman out of costume) and his emotions when not being Batman.

The video does not however talk about a Game of Thrones second instalment, but a second season to the series was announced some time ago. With a hot line-up planned by Telltale Games it will definitely be interesting to see whether they can live up to the high expectations of their previously released games. The
Telltale Games summer update can be watched below:

Telltale Games: Summer 2017 Update

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