A New Frontier’s third episode now has a release date

Telltale have announced that the third episode for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier will debut in late March.

A New Frontier's third episode now has a release date
Telltale have announced that the third episode of their new series, 'The Walking Dead: A New Frontier', will debut in March. However, they did not state an exact date for the release. They also announced that the season pass disk will come to retail on the 28th February in North American and the 3rd March in Europe.

If you are yet to pick up the first two episodes of the series, I gave them a 7.7/10 in my review. The game follows the story of Javier as he tries to keep his family safe in a zombie infested apocalyptic world. In the third episode of the game, I would like Telltale to make the episode longer as the first two episodes were too short, clocking in at around an hour each. It would also be nice if Telltale could spend more time exploring what Clementine has been up to since the end of Season 2.

What do you want from the third episode of A New Frontier? Feel free to let us know down in the comments.

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