Will TWD: A New Frontier still release in November?

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier was announced by Telltale to release in November, but will they stick to this release date?

Will The Walking Dead: A New Frontier still release in November?
Early in September, Telltale announced that The Walking Dead: A New Frontier will release in November.
Over 1 month on and well into November we have heard nothing on game from Telltale.

If Telltale were going to release the game in November, we would of heard more news about it now and maybe even have gotten a launch trailer to build up hype.

Also, Amazon and other online retailers originally had the game as a November 15th release date but they have removed this release date and added a placeholder date in December 2017 instead. Obviously, the game won't release that late, but surely the major online retailers that sell video games would have gotten release dates from Telltale by now if the game was to release in November?

Because of this, it is highly unlikely that the third season of Telltale's The Walking Dead will release in November. You can view the first trailer for the game below:

The Walking Dead Season 3 Game Trailer - Teen Clem and Javier (E3 2016)

Do you think the game will stick to its release date of November? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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    It better! I didn’t build all this hype just to wait longer!

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      Yeah, I have been waiting for this game for over 2 years. However, I don’t want them to release the game unfinished as that would be disapointing


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