The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Extended Look breakdown

In this article, we breakdown the new Extended First Look trailer for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier shown at The Game Awards 2016.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Extended Look breakdown
When Telltale announced that Clementine will no longer be the main playable character in their upcoming The Walking Dead season, I had mixed feelings. However, this new extended look at the game shows some of the backstory behind Javier and I now think that he could be an interesting character.

You can view the extended look trailer below:

'The Walking Dead: A New Frontier' Extended First Look

The main part of the extended look takes place in the past when the apocalypse is in its first days. It starts with Javier running up to his parents house where David is sitting outside.

A New Frontier: Javier is running up to his parents house
David doesn't seem overly excited to see Javier and he doesn't seem to be mourning as much as the people inside the house which could suggest that he isn't part of their direct family but related through marriage (perhaps to Javier's eldest sister). David also seems to be chilling outside without a weapon which suggests that the family don't know about the zombies yet and it is in the first few days of the apocalypse.

After being told that his grandfather is dead, Javier heads inside to see his mother where he is greeted by a slap and his mother asking where he has been. This shows that Javier might of been away for a long while and has only come back now because his grandfather was dying.

This could be Javier's brother
Sitting on the floor, we see a younger boy. From earlier promotional images, we can guess that this is the same boy who we presumed to be Javier's brother in this image:

Javier's brother?
After Javier has finished speaking to his mother, we see a little girl (who is also in the above promotional image to the left) walk out of the kitchen with a cup of juice for her grandfather. This girl could be Javier's sister or another member of his family like his cousin. She is told that her grandfather is sleeping but she states that he is awake (we all know what this means).

Javier's sister? Or cousin?
The girl then proceeds to walk down the hall and open the door to her grandfathers bedroom. During this scene, Telltale tries to build tension and fear in the viewer by adding spooky music and give the characters slow movement. However, in my opinion this fails to spark fear inside the viewer as we already know that the girl will live as we have seen her in other promotional images.

The whole family then moves into the bedroom to get the girl back. After approaching the grandfather, he attacks them, catching the group by surprise (they don't know about zombies at this time).

That moment when you realise... your fucked
The family then grabs the grandfather, trying to get him under control while Javier's mother talks to him. We then hear Javier shout out to her before the screen blacks out. When the screen fades back in, she is falling onto her chair after being bitten on the cheek.

It was nice knowing you
While the zombie is being held back, Javier and a young woman who we haven't seen in this trailer yet, run to help Javier's mother.

Another character we know nothing about? Javier's sister maybe?
This young woman is most likely going to be Javier's eldest sister who is married to David. Javier then grabs a bedpost to swing at his zombie grandfather. As he goes to attack, he hesitates which shows that he hasn't ever had to kill before and this is his first time. The trailer then shows Javier swinging the bedpost at his grandfather before the screen goes black.

Come on Javier! You can do it.
Now we get onto my favourite part of the trailer, the introduction of Clementine. After the screen goes black, we hear Javier saying that he did whatever he had to do to protect his family. The screen then fades back in and we see Clementine taking out a zombie with Javier in the background.

You taught me well Jane
This is obviously a few years into the apocalypse now so there has been a time skip from the first part of the trailer. The way that Clementine takes out the zombie is the same way that Jane taught her in The Walking Dead: Season 2 which shows that she has taken her lessons into account.

After she has taken out the zombie, we see Javier in the background and he is in handcuffs.

This shows that Clementine may of taken him captive as she has learnt not to trust anyone in this post apocalyptic world. This theory is also supported in the next part of the trailer where we see her wielding the same shotgun that Javier was seen wielding in past promotional material. This supports the fact that the heroine has put handcuffs on him to make sure that he isn't a threat to her.

I inspire to be as badass as this
The final scene in the trailer shows Clementine and Javier (who still looks restrained in cuffs) walking down a road talking. Clem talks about the people she has cared about in the past and that the same thing happened to them that happened to everyone.

Just a casual night time stroll down the road
Throughout the extended look, there seems to be no sign of baby AJ from season 2 of the game. However, we have seen the baby in other promotional material for the game and this extended look seems to take place near the start of the game which shows that AJ hasn't been killed and is still somewhere in the world. One possibility is that he has been kidnapped and Clementine is trying to find him and Javier is also trying to find someone he loves. While searching for their loved ones, the two meet and decide to work together. Another possibility could just be that AJ is sleeping back at where Clem lives and she just went out scavenging for supplies.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier will premiere on December 20th with its first two episodes available to download from that day. What did you think of this new extended look trailer and are you looking forward to the game? Feel free to let us know down in the comments.

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